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Travel Kits Products

Bad Breath Travels With You.

When you're on the road bad breath has the upper hand. Your routines are out of whack and eating out every meal leads to some less than stellar choices. If you feel like you’ve already tried every mint, gum, and burning alcohol-based mouthwash to cure your bad breath, here’s a little secret about why these oral care products don’t work: they make your mouth a bacterial graveyard which can leave your breath even worse!

A big contibutor to bad breath is your tongue, which is why we've included an Oolitt® Elite Tongue Cleaner. Gently scraping the nooks and crannies that can hide halitosis is a big part of busting bad breath. We've also included BrushPicks so you can remove any stubborn between-the-teeth particles or plaque before they outshine your smile.

Not to worry, we've done the research and our Travel Kits are ready to eliminate bad breath at the source.

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