World's Best Fresh.

Inspired by nature and science and motivated to make a difference. We bring a better kind of fresh to the world – one smile, one pet and one home at a time.

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Aren't you ...

No, we're not the laundry booster.

Oxyfresh started the way all great things start: we had an idea. An idea to do dental care differently ... better. That was 1984. Since then, our bangs may have gotten smaller, but our passion is going strong!

Fast forward to 2022, we've made the Inc 5000 List for fastest growing companies in America for the last two years.

It's because everything we do is for the generations of families who trust us and we've grown to offer a full line of innovative dental, pet, home and nutrition product solutions.

only one oxyfresh

We do healthy smiles better.

A smile can change the world and we knew it was time to think differently about dental care. We pioneered the alcohol-free dental movement with our unique formulas and took smiles to the next level.

Dentists and hygienists quickly fell in love with our toothpastes and mouthwashes, and the rest is history.

there's a connection

Healthy teeth, happy pets.

They may say it’s treats, but it’s really dental care that keeps pets happiest and healthiest. That’s why we created a line of safe, non-toxic dental products, just for pets. We use the same effective ingredients that shine in our human formula, but without the flavors and Xylitol.

a clean you can trust

We freshen more than breath.

You should expect the best when it comes to your home and personal care. That's why we created an entire line focused on removing stubborn odors without using toxic chemicals and fragrances. Because cleaning shouldn't make you feel dirty.

What really makes us sparkle

The Oxyfresh difference.

Meet Oxygene®

It's our brilliant, proprietary, game-changing ingredient that seems like magic, but it's really just great science. Learn more.

Honest Fans

Nothing else really matters if your fans don't love the product. We've created formulas you can trust to produce incredible results.

Earth Friendly

We're FSC certified, fully recyclable & non-toxic – we love hugging trees and sustainability efforts. Learn more.

Real People

In our small lakeside home of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, we love to work hard, play hard and give you our best.

We're a happy bunch.

Our close-knit crew loves to play in the Great Outdoors, serve our community, and give some pretty epic belly rubs. (Um, just to clarify, the belly rubs are for any of the 11 dogs, 4 cats and 1 snake that may be in the office on any given day.)

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Richard & Kimmy Brooke

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Chief Operating Officer

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Brian Harder

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Nicole Auten

our simple promise

Everything we do is for you.

You should feel the love in every product you use. No gimmicks. No trends. Just simple formulas created by a caring team.

Our core values:


Healthier smiles, fresher homes, and wagging tails ... our passion for changing lives is what motivates us to give our best, every single day.


In a trust fall exercise, we’d catch you every time! We're focused on doing the right thing for our customers, partners, and each other.


Those little cartoon gears in our heads are always spinning as we develop the latest products using cutting-edge eco-friendly ingredients.


The average adult laughs 17 times a day ... guess we're not so average! Teams that laugh together stay together, and that's certainly true for us.

Ahhhh, the pacific northwest

This is our home.

Smiling at people as we walk by, holding doors open, and taking time to smell the roses (and the crisp mountain air). It’s just how we do things here in the Pacific Northwest. We’ve been part of this friendly, nature-loving community since 1984 ... and we can’t imagine calling any other place home.

let's grow together

Known far and wide

We can only stretch our arms so far, but you get the point! Our loyal pet and dental partners have helped us grow to over 26 countries around the world.

safe. simple. trusted since 1984.

Transform how you experience fresh.

At Oxyfresh, we create eco-friendly, cruelty-free formulas blended with the best of science and nature. Because you should never have to compromise for fresh and clean.

“Building one of the fastest-growing companies in America in any year is a remarkable achievement. Building one in the crisis we’ve lived through is just plain amazing. This kind of accomplishment comes with hard work, smart pivots, great leadership, and the help of a whole lot of people.”

Let's see your smile!

Of course the pets are the cutest! Follow us on the gram @Oxyfresh