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Carageenan is an inflammatory agent they give to rats in the lab to get them inflamed then test anti-inflammatory drugs on them. It also causes stomach cancer over time.

Hello Jeannine,
Thank you for your review and for letting us know your concerns. We work closely with dentists to develop our dental products to ensure they are safe and non-toxic. The Chondrus Crispus (carrageenan) we utilize is a natural edible red seaweed found in the Northern Atlantic and is food grade, not degraded carrageenan which is not food grade. All of our products are safe, non-toxic, and made in the U.S.A. with only the highest quality ingredients. We are also Leaping Bunny certified, which means we don't conduct any product testing on animals. To ensure our pet care is safe for your sidekick, we only use PETA-approved testing facilities. I hope this addresses your concerns. If you have any other questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We are always happy to help.
-Hannah, Customer Support Assistant

très satisfait. J'aime ce dentifrice.

Pro Formula Zinc Dental System | Fluoride Free
raquel confesor (Redwood City, CA)
great product

it's amazing that it leaves your mouth feeling fresh for hours!

Healthy Matters

This is the best toothpaste ever! Cleans very well. Lasts long, and no more cavities. My dentist compliments how clean my mouth is every visit.

The best

Love everything about this toothpaste. I use this and the fresh breath mouthwash and feel confident.


We love this product! Our 4 inside cats absolutely love it and it's helped them so much! We highly recommend this product

Chocolate is my favorite

I tried both the Vibe Chocolate and Vanilla. I thought the chocolate was very good and kept me full. I blended it with ice and water. I split the drink to use as an afternoon and then an evening snack. Really helped my evening sugar cravings! Also, the split calorie content worked well that way with my food diary app. I wasn’t that crazy about the Vanilla flavor. I’ll definitely buy the chocolate again!

Really helps with sensitive areas and mouth sores

I love the gel, mouthwash. I use it especially when my gums are sensitive or I have developed a sore place in my gum.

Just what the Doctor ordered

Our patients count on Oxyfresh's Dental Gel for the relief of sore spot pain to get them through till we can see them. They have reported - instant relief. thank you

I strongly recommend this product for all having one tooth pulled or especially like me all of then removed from oral surgery. It soothes the mouth and protects your surgery site.

Vitality Vitamin Capsule | Gluten Free, Non-GMO
Carla Shover (Highlands Ranch, CO)
Changed my life

This product changed my life 13 years ago and I'm still on it to this day. I will always buy this!
It gave me the energy to do Kickboxing, and I lost over 60 lbs. I was hitting the snooze button 10 times and not getting up. now I wake up before the alarm and am ready to go! I've had fingernails for the past 13 years, I don't bite them off any more.

Sensitivity gone..

I've been using Oxyfesh toothpaste going on about 25 years now.. I had a lot of tooth sensitivity on my top teeth.. Prior to using Oxyfresh I had had two gum graphings to help with sensitivity to my top teeth.. To this day I have never used any other toothpaste than Oxyfresh.. I make sure I don't run out by buying two or three at a time.. I have used all of the varieties of toothpaste they offer, but this is my preferred one..😀

Great Product

I really like the Cavity Protection Toothpaste and Mouth Wash. I wish they were available in travel sizes.

Best shake ever!

I started the IF eating and replace my supper with a shake three to four times a week.. I mix one scoop, a cup of fair life chocolate milk, seven ice cubes and a teaspoon of peppermint extract... Yummy...

Water additive for dogs

Have used for many years and vets checks always going no putting them under for expensive periodontal cleanings for years. It really works.

Great product

I have been using the Pet deordorizer spray for several years and I am very happy with this product. It is a great product because it cleans and deodorizes cat vomit from floors and carpets. It is also great for those unexpected fur balls throw up and don't forget it works well on litter boxes too. Thanks Oxyfresh for a great product.

Fresh breath

After I use the product my mouth feels clean and fresh. No complaints from others re bad breath.

Love it

It works so well… it removes the tongue goo better than any other tongue scraper that I’ve used but does not hurt or tear up my tongue surface. Awesome product.

Cavity Fighting System | With Fluoride
Debra k weed (Edmond, OK)
Wonderful product no burn rinse and the toothpaste has a nice taste too !

Great Product

Good, but…..

Ordered one & had it sent to a friend. Then ordered another for me. I’ve been using it for years. I was introduced to it originally by my dentist’s office. The toothpaste itself is good, but now that you’re providing toothpaste for pets, your website has gone to the dogs (literally). At first I had trouble finding the dental products for humans. It’s in another area. My friend hasn’t said anything about it, I wonder if she looked it up online and thought I sent her dog toothpaste! Then it came in a box that said “Bark, Woof, Meow”. Kinda makes a human afraid to use it! I think you should consider changing your website & when you send out the human kind, the box shouldn’t say Bark, Woof, Meow. Such a turnoff! Geez 🙄

best mouthwash on the market

I have been using this product for 20 years. When I am out of town and occasionally forget to take my travel size bottle of it along with me, my mouth reminds me why it is the best soon thereafter. It tastes great, does not burn your mouth at all, and consistently gives me 12 hours of fresh breath no matter what I eat or drink. I will us it as long as I am alive and it is available.


We have been using Oxyfresh products for more than 20 years! All of the products are spectacular. We especially like the toothpaste. It keeps our mouths fresh and dental bill low

good product

I feel this product works and makes my mouth feel better. I've been using it for some time.

Best thing ever!

This has helped my dogs smelly breath so much!! Super easy to use without having to brush their teeth every night! I definitely recommend this product!

Really works

Good product really woks

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