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Good stuff!

I’ve been using this mouthwash for 2 weeks now. Mouth feels clean and fresh. Will be buying more


Skiddish Jack Russell mix. He loves it! Tasted it, no flavor as advertised. Strange but good so far! Five days...

Oxyfresh fresh dental

This is the 3rd purchase & it works great. My dog cannot tell the difference when he drinks his water. Usually it takes a week to notice the difference. But the best product by far.

Strawberry Vibe Limited Edition Vegan Protein Powder | Sugar Free
Ted Campbell - Springfield, IL / Customer since 2015 (Springfield, IL)
Strawberry Vibe, Love the flavor and no sugar.

I really like the flavor and that it's sugar-free. I've been buying this flavor ever since it came out. I actually mix the strawberry and chocolate to get a strawberry/chocolate flavor.

Fresh and Clean

Oxyfresh is exactly right for me.

Toothpaste for sensitive teeth

I love both of the sensitive toothpastes I am using now. Seem to help quite a bit.

Mouth wash

I have used two of the Oxyfresh mouthwash and love them both. Now need rice for sensitive teeth. This works

Super relif

I love this, helps alot

Pump For 16oz
Gayle M., Aiea, HI (‘Aiea, HI)
16 oz pump

It’s good that it’s packed separately. No leakage during shipping.

Outdoor Adventure Water Bowl
Susan - Newhall, CA / Customer since 2009 (Valencia, CA)

A little small but will work for picking up puppies on 8/22 and traveling 650 miles to home.

Premium Pet Dental Water Additive | Easiest Way to Eliminate Dog and Cat Bad Breath
Susan - Newhall, CA / Customer since 2009 (Valencia, CA)

Haven't used yet. We are getting puppies 8/22/22 and are being prepared. Used on our prior dogs and liked the way it kept their breath fresh.

Outdoor Adventure Water Bowl
David Bowen (Boardman, OR)
Keep puppy hydrated on long walks

Bowl works great, easy to pack and the dog loves that refreshing drink on our walks.

Easy to use dental product

Have used Oxyfresh for two years now. No bad doggie breath!

Pro Formula ravel Kit

I used to be able to purchase the Pro Formula Travel Size Toothpaste and Travel Size Mouthwash separately from the Travel Kit. I can't really use the toothbrush and Tongue Cleaner as I have All-On-Sevens and need to use Waterpik and Sonic Cleaners. I love the Pro Formula Fresh Breath Toothpaste and Mouthwash; but I don't need the rest of the kit; thus the 3-stars instead of 5 stars.


Excellent product! This has always been my go to body wash. Non can compare.
I have recommended it to many friends and family but most recently to a friend of a friend who just became a grandma. Her grandchild has eczema; and since this was good for my daughter when she was a child, she is now 40, I know it will help. I will miss the Heavenly scent and so will my son. Funny how I didn’t think a guy would miss the mild scent but he does like it. I have a few bottles of Heavenly left and I will save them for him and my daughter.

I didn't like it at all. I would like to return it. I am sticking with the chocolate & vanilla. Please advise me what to do regarding the return.

Dog water additive

Wow great breath once again. Teeth are getting whiter too. I love this stuff. I just wish it didn't arrive with the top dented in a crushed box where about half of it spilled out.

Nothing compares

I have been a user for many years. Always feel clean and fresh. It even helps keep the shower fresh smelling.

Cavity Protection Toothpaste | For Sensitive Teeth With Fluoride
Joan W - Myrtle Point, OR / Customer since 1990's (Washougal, WA)

Oh, thank you...I've always wondered how to spell "ehhhh".
You've enhanced my spelling abilities.

As for effective dental care...we've been with you since the late '80s, or whenever it is you started.
My dentist in SoCal recommended it and the entire family uses Oxyfresh since...great stuff.

Totally satisfied

Even though I was brushing with Colgate, flossing, and gargling with a standard mouthwash, my wife saw my breath still stunk. So I bought your Oxyfresh system, and after the very first day my wife said my breath was much better. Thank you, Oxyfresh. I can kiss my wife again.

Outdoor Adventure Water Bowl
Larry Brown (Mesa, AZ)

Clyde loves it!!!

I have used this for years and like it . It is the only thing I use in the shower but why is it not available in the liter size anymore?

Works and Is Convenient! No mixing!

We've been adding this product into our dog's elevated water bowl every morning for years. Our vet has noticed a difference in better mouth hygiene and we "smelled" the doggie breath go away! When I saw our cat then drinking water out of our dog's water bowl, I thought hmmmm... so I added it to our cat's water bowl too (our cat now drinks out of both water bowls). We are happy all our furries are experiencing better health because of Oxyfresh.

Dental Hygienist highly recommend Oxyfresh using/recommending for at least 20 years.

Oxyfresh is amazing with morning breath, elder breath, sick breath, all kinds of breath. It is the ONLY mouth wash that actually works and is safe.
Bad Breath isolates the masses and sadly most don't know they have bad breath. Caring Dental Offices use it AND sell it. Bad Breath has many origins but only Oxyfresh can ELIMINATE it for a few hours AND more depending its source. Oxyfresh gives that extra needed bit of confidence. I use the Oxyfresh Lemon Mint with Oxygene and Zinc.

Love, Love, Love it!

This is the best flavor of the three! I hope you continue to offer it in the future but in the same size as the others...

Let's see your smile!

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