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Pro Formula Fresh Mint Mouthwash | Cosmetic Formula | Fluoride Free
Doris Ziegler - Middletown, PA / Customer since 2006 (Middletown, PA)
Pro-Formula Fresh Mint Mouthwash with Oxygene & Zinc

After enjoying all your products for many years, my last gallon of Fresh Mint Mouthwash is not to my liking. It burns my mouth (temporarily). I was wondering if it was the Zinc in it that causes that. I went away this weekend and used my small traveling bottle and really enjoyed that. I wanted to call you, but when I saw this chance for a review, I am taking it.

Awesome Product

Love this product. Have purchased before and will again in the future.

Awesome Product

Puppy loves getting her teeth brushed. Finger brushes so much easier to use than kids toothbrush. Will purchase again in the future.



Cavity Fighting System | With Fluoride
Barbara Eversman RDH (Fairfax, VA)


Since the eighties

Been using Oxyfresh since the mouthwash was in a little sealed cup. Will continue using until I die or Oxyfresh no longer available. Heaven help us.

Great stuff

Been using the dog dental additive for years. Works great!

No Joke

It actually works. No gimmicks. Personally, it's the best on the market.

Best mouthwash.

Excellent product and service

This mouthwash has some sting to it, I'm assuming it's the Zinc since have never before had that problem. I prefer the one with no Zinc that I've always used in past.

Pro Relief Dental Gel Soothing Formula | Fluoride Free
Martha Holloway (Corpus Christi, TX)
Oxyfresh Dental Gel

We use the Gel in our office for patients with oral surgery or mouth sores and we personally use it also for everything. I have used it on by granddaughter when she was a baby for mouth and diaper rash! We love it


It works!!!


Vibe Chocolate protein powder is my absolute fav! It’s not gritty at all and Kees me full for hours. I’ve enjoyed it with water, coconut milk, and almond milk. Also makes a great smoothie in the blender with ice and a banana added. The vanilla flavor is good as well but I prefer the chocolate.


Love the mouthwash ❤️

I like the flavor of the Fresh Mint better at the moment but I am just getting used to the ProFormula. It isn't that I dislike it - It is just a bit different after I have used the Fresh Mint for the last close to 40 years!!

New Oxyfresh User - Ultimate Fresh Breath System | Fluoride Free

I really like all the Oxyfresh products I recently purchased and am very glad I tried them. I love the Lemon-Mint toothpaste and mouthwash as they really make my teeth and mouth feel fresh and clean. The tongue scraper I'll have to get accustomed to as I've not used one before.

Post-Surgical Care System | Fluoride Free

I purchased the Post-Surgical Care kit for my husband (age 73) in preparation for the extensive and complicated surgery he was scheduled to undergo for extraction of a full bony impacted wisdom tooth and 3 other teeth. The kit arrived arrived very timely along with the other items I purchased as a new Oxyfresh user. He is very satified with the refreshing mouthwash, the soothing pro-relief gel, and he especially appreciates the post-surgical ultra-soft tooth brush. All products are helping his mouth and gums heal as he goes through the recovery process.

Unscented Face and Body Wash | Ultra Gentle | Fragrance Free
Jeannine Blanchard - Victorville, CA / Customer since 2001 (Hesperia, CA)
Body Wash

I would like the scented Vanilla back !!!

Fresh Breath -v- ProFormula

ProFormula which was sent in error is good but left a "sweet" taste in my mouth. I prefer the Fresh Breath Fresh Mint mouthwash I have used for years which leaves a clean, fresh, neutral aftertaste. I appreciate Oxyfresh's professional service and their concern for customers is excellent.

awesome stuff

I ordered this and it arrived much, much sooner than anticipated. I had a sample tube but needed a full size following oral surgery. It helps alleviate the tenderness from dentures!

Motion Joint Supplement | Gluten Free, Non-GMO
Rhonda Wellnitz (Pahrump, NV)
Knee pain

I have had knee pain since November. Finally saw a doctor three who ago who ordered physical therapy. They were supposed to call me to start the physical therapy and I haven’t heard from yet. In the meantime I started taking Motion Sunday before last, and either the knees issue is resolving on its own or the Motion is helping. Probably a combo of the two. I am going to keep taking the Motion and hope I get some relief Friday all the inflammation I feel.

The Best

I've used Lemon Mint mouthwash(& toothpaste)20 years and anytime I try another, it confirms: "Why try the rest, when you've had the best?"! Immediate results and lasts from morning til nite. It is like a breath safety net, can go out with confidence that you are fresh as a daisy (or mint)! BTW, the best thing I did recently was to be forced to order the gallon size with pump. I keep it on the counter, and can pump a wee bit into a cup midday with no rigamorole. Everyone is different, but it's been even more convenient and I think cost-saving for me.

Amazing mouthwash

I have struggled with finding a good mild-flavored, non-mint mouthwash for years that actually works. This is the best hands down. It works amazingly -- very grateful my dentist introduced me to it.

Just started a few weeks ago.

I wanted a supplement that would make me feel better. I have been recovering from Long Haulers and since I started taking Vitality I have been getting my energy back.

Every time I go to use my discount it have expired so not so happy

Product is good

Let's see your smile!

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