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Using this for decades!

I put this in cat & dog water bowls daily. One Vet said he'd never seen a cat her age with teeth in such good condition. I used to sell some Oxyfresh @ shows. Worth the investment, please bring on more coupons Oxyfresh for your loyal customers! I also use the pet ear cleaner & oral gel. I use lemon formula for myself if I need to freshen up with mouth rinse on a long day. Once I was diagnosed with Gingivitis but never again after Oxyfresh.

Please keep!

Please don’t discontinue selling this soap. It’s amazing. No smell, gentle and the best soap….been using it over 30 years! Same with your gel, that stuff has magical powers and if people knew how well it worked on burns, the world would be a better place!! Please keep the soap and gel! Have you seen the ratings?!

GAG !!!!

The wood is soooo thick that when I brush my teeth with it it makes me gag. Can't use it : ( One star because I like the bristles but not the thick bamboo handle

This is really a great product it works so well I have told others about this how good it really works

Why discontinue a beloved product?

Why no notice of discontinuing cleansing gel? I spoke to company few months ago & set up auto delivery & no one mentioned it would be discontinued. I’ve been using for well over 30 years , what alternative do you offer?
I’d mentioned not being able to buy product on Amazon & again no mention of product being discontinued

Consistent reviews mention using product for decades, why discontinue without any prior notice.


I’m a very big advocate of all things Oxyfresh… ii fill in (hygienist) in offices everywhere in OKC area and never fail to take my Oxyfresh products and recommend them with handwritten name, products website and MANY patients follow thru with the orders.
I have noticed the toothpaste seems to be getting more thin and actually ‘runny’ now… and patients have brought it to my attention as well. It has come to the point that it is ‘messy’. I wish you would reconsider the makeup of the consistency as some patients have actually tried to get off of it because of that issue. I’m sure I’m not the only one that has noticed this issue.

Thank you for the attention to this problem.
Judith E Smith RDH

The best ! two cats one dog !

Who wouldn't do the best for our dear furry children ?!!!

Love this mouthwash!

I was looking for relief from dry mouth and this did the trick! I’m a person who loves lots of mintiness so I used all the popular brands but the lemon mint and purity of ingredients of Oxyfresh are the best I’ve ever tried!

Good stuff!

I LOVE this stuff! I have a shake for breakfast, just add it to almond milk. I'm never hungry in the morning, but I always enjoy my shake! PLEASE don't discontinue!

Why why why

Why did you discontinue this?

I have been using this shower gel for myself and all my children for over 40 years.

I have never found anything comparable.

You have rave reviews and you still discontinued it?


My cats don’t seem to mind this product. It’s tasteless which is good. The finger brush is too bulky to get their molars so I had to get a different toothbrush. I like the product!

Wonderful and safe
Thank you ☮️🙏

Pro Relief Dental Gel

This product gave me immediate relief. It was amazing! This is how you spell relief!

Fresh Breath

This is super easy to use and has really helped freshen our kitties breath! Thank you

Premium Pet Dental Water Additive | Easiest Way to Eliminate Dog and Cat Bad Breath
Rena Bailey - Marietta, GA / Customer since 2007 (Marietta, GA)
Best available!

I currently have 3 cats(ages 18, 15 and 5), one dog (5 years) and "heaven only knows how many" foster kittens. They all think they are Mom's favorite! They have all been brought up on Oxyfresh for over 20 years and I have not had to pay for a single teeth cleaning or extraction in all that time. My pets have come from barns to shelters to hoarding situations and everything in between. They have all adapted to the Dental Additive quite easily. My vet has even commented on how good their teeth look. I order it by the gallon which lasts about 18 months.


I have been using oxyfresh after it was recommended by my dentist 15 years ago…pretty, good, huh?!

Why discontinue a product with all 5 star reviews?!

I have been using this product since I was 16 years old and have never found a comparable product that doesn't irritate my severe eczema and give me hives. I am so disappointed in Oxyfresh for discontinuing this product. I used to buy their dog mouthwash and toothpaste but I will be boycotting them until they bring this product back. I am now back to using daily corticosteroids and also had to recently start taking a daily immunosuppressant which I will have to take for the rest of my life. All because of the massive flare ups I have using other soaps. The discontinuation of this product has quite literally ruined my life. Thanks Oxyfresh...

Cavity Protection Mouthwash | For Sensitive Teeth With Fluoride
B Maurneen Ozmore - Decatur, GA / Customer since 1985 (Stone Mountain, GA)

Mint flavored was substituted. Have not used it yet.


I had used the water additive with no results than had dental work done on her
tried again with the water additive and spray so far not working, oh well

MIND® Nootropic | Vegan, Gluten Free, Non-GMO
Eugene Backlund (Johnson City, TN)

It helps me to stay focused during my stressful workday.

Great improvement in gum health

Originally bought Lemon Mint mouthwash from my Dentist for burning mouth syndrome. Used daily. Was AMAZED during next cleaning that pocket numbers had greatly improved.


Love the products. Shipping very pricy to Canada. With exchange, products cost me $80.00

Post oral surgery rinse

I had briefly been using a prescribed oral disinfectant which had serious side effects. Dentist provided Oxyfresh as an alternative. Oxyfresh seems to work well and my surgery healing has gone well.
I recommend Oxygresh as a naturalpathic alternative to otc products.

It works

I have a 12 year old corgi/chihuahua. His teeth were getting pretty bad. I didn’t want to take him to the vet because of intestinal problems and age. I was very skeptical 🤨 of this. I had tried other “so called tartar removers” but was always disappointed in the results. But as his teeth were really getting bad, I had no choice. So I purchased the tooth paste and mouth was for myself and the fur baby products. To say I’m shocked is an understatement!! After four days of treating their water, I checked (Baby Bears) teeth.
WOW 🤩!!! I am so mad I didn’t take before pictures!
Most of his teeth were covered front to back in brown tartar. Mind you I tried everything I could find that wouldn’t poison him.
When I gently pulled up his lips to check his teeth, I was shocked. White teeth and most of the tartar was gone! And as an added bonus, tummy troubles went away, and he started to play and run around with the other fur babies!
Thank you!
I’ve been studying up on chlorine Dioxide for the past two years. But had not tried it. I’m amazed! Ohh and the Tooth paste and mouth wash… AMAZING!

It stinks!

It stinks so much that I can't get into my bathroom. Didn't expect this. Impossible to use.

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