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Pet Dental Gel Toothpaste
Marie Pressman (Trenton, NJ)

This stuff is great for pets and humans.

Pro Relief Dental Gel Soothing Formula
Barbara A. Dunne (Holyoke, MA)
Great product !

My dentist recommended the basic Oxyfresh which I used and then saw this on website as well. Is a bit more freshening and I feel I am taking good care of my teeth:)

Pet Dental Water Additive
Josh Voluck (Wayne, PA)
Received on time!

Great responsiveness and timely delivery

Pro Relief Dental Gel Soothing Formula
Shirley Matson (Miami, FL)
Best ever

I’ve used this for 25 or more years. I worked in a dental office and when we would extract teeth and put in a denture we would put it inside the denture and have them leave it in until we saw them the next day. The healing was amazing. If I get a sore I use it immediately. Best thing since sliced bread.

Pet Shampoo
Marie Pressman (Trenton, NJ)

Love the shampoo. My dog has allergies and scratches alot. This shampoo has helped with
the scratching.

Cavity Protection Fluoride Mouthwash
Holly Hibbit (Barrie, ON)
Oxyfresh Rocks

I love the Oxyfresh toothpaste with mint. I would highly recommend this for everyone. The mouthwash is new to me so I will get back to you about that later.

Pet Dental Water Additive
Mordecai Brown (Helena, AL)
Works like a charm!

I'm actually surprised by how well it seems to be doing for my dog so far. Some additives/sprays I've tried have made my dog itch for some reason, but not this one! Her breath has also gone down in smelling bad which is a good sign for when I don't have time to brush my dog's teeth as well. Will definitely continue buying from here!

Pet Dental Water Additive
Marie Pressman (Trenton, NJ)

Love your products for pets and humans.

Great to sooth pregnancy gums

I work as an RDA at a holistic dentist and in our office we give this out post extraction and for patients who need to promote healing. As I am now pregnant, Iv experienced gum irritation and swelling (as many pregnant women do) and have noticed that this works wonders to sooth the gums during pregnancy! Iv recommended it to every one of my birthclub moms who ask for advice for their oral soreness and everyone has LOVED it! This product has been a blessing to my pregnancy gums! 100% recommend.

Pro Relief Dental Gel Soothing Formula
Robert Barton Jr - Silverdale, WA / Customer since 2003 (Silverdale, WA)
Trying Dental Gel

I just received my first order, and have been using this product for a couple of days. I like it so far! I'll keep using it and see how it goes.

Ultimate Fresh Breath System
JDLV (Las Vegas, NV)
Love the freshness!

Out dogs have always loved this in their water and we love their lower teeth cleaning bills. The toothpaste and mouthwash for me, is so fresh and chemical free. You can actually taste the freshness!

Heavenly Face and Body Wash
Ann Cousins (Boston, MA)

Does remarkable job of cleaning my skin without making it tight or inflamed.

Pet Dental Breath Spray
Diane Jones (Woodstock, IL)

Dog's didn't like the spray sound, but love the taste

Pet Dental Water Additive
K Todd (Seattle, WA)
It’s helped all of our dogs!

My sister and I have 6 dogs. We both use OxyFresh Water Additive and feel that it has made a great difference in the condition of our dogs teeth. Dental cost is much lower. Thank you!

Oxyfresh with Zinc saves the day!

I eat a lot of onions/garlic for health reasons but of course they make my breathe stink! Fortunately, there is OxyFresh with Zinc to help calm all that down. Funny but true.

Fresh Breath Lemon Mint Mouthwash
Catherine MacDonald (Edmonton, AB)

Very mild but effective

Cavity Protection Fluoride Toothpaste
Debra WL (Columbus, OH)
Cavity Protection is the ONLY toothpaste for me!!

I have been using this toothpaste for years, now. My dentist is always extremely pleased with my teeth and gums. Therefore, I am, as well. YIPPPEEE! I also highly recommend the zinc mouthwash, as well. The two together are amazing!

Maximum Fresh Breath Lemon Mint Toothpaste
Catherine MacDonald (Edmonton, AB)
The best

Would never use another brand

Fresh Breath Lemon Mint Mouthwash
Pamela (Wake Forest, NC)
Recommended by my dentist

My dentist uses Oxyfresh in her practice and that's how I learned about it. Have been using it ever since. It works, it's refreshing, and I like being able to get away from those harsh grocery store brands.

Pro Formula Cosmetic Toothpaste
Elizabeth Maldonado - Lewisville, TX / Customer since 2010 (Lewisville, TX)
Quality product

I have been using this product for years and have always had good results with my dentist visit!

Vibe Protein Shake
Ted Campbell (Chicago, IL)
Great, and convenient

I've been using this product for 6 years and love it. It provides the energy that I need, and tastes great. I am always dissappointed when my portion for breakfast or lunch is gone.

Pet Ear Cleaner
Charles Gardner (Watsonville, CA)
Works great so far

Our little Yorky had one ear with black stuff in it. After applying the Oxyfresh as directed it seems to be gone and there’s no more odor in that ear. I went to apply it again today and see if there’s any more black residue in that ear. So far so good!

Pro Relief Dental Gel Soothing Formula
Louise Brown (Calgary, AB)
Excellent service

My order came more quickly than expected and the product is excellent.

Pro Formula Cosmetic Toothpaste

Excellent service

Great bowl

it's a sample review

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