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Dental gel

I have loved your aloe based dental gel for decades. This is a worthy successor.

I really like the bamboo toothbrush. It’s soft on the gums. It would be nice if Oxyfresh included a cover for the travel toothbrush. I am pleased with the travel kit, however, I would like to see the pro relief gel in a travel size added to the kit. Also, consider selling the red toothbrush for post surgical care as a single item. As of now, it’s only available with the post surgical kit.

Love this toothpaste

Like the taste of the lemon mint toothpaste and it keeps my breath fresh.


My dog kept getting wax build up and this worked right away.

Ordered this product many times!

I have been using this product in my pet's water daily for quite awhile now. My kitties and dog do not have bad breath so I think it works. My Lhasa, now deceased, had major gum issues that this product slowed down, but was not able to overcome. I will be using this product for a long time as I do think it helps and is a LOT easier than trying to brush their teeth.

Love it

Taste is amazing and one of the few ways I am getting good nutrition in my 5 yr old. I am hoping it stays.. I blend it with fresh cows milk and frozen fruit with cinnamon and a little honey and vanilla.. my boys do great w it.

Mild in flavor, easy to use

Will find out how effective it is as protection against cavities after using for next 3 months

Strawberry Vibe Limited Edition Vegan Protein Powder | Sugar Free
Jenifer Morrow - Harrison, ID / Customer since 2018 (Coeur d'Alene, ID)

I was super excited when I saw that there was a sugar free Vibe option to fit into my health journey
However it needs a bit more work as it is chalky and does not really taste good on its own. I am able to compensate for that with a yummy collagen and vitamin powder to add to it.

Love it

Excellent products! Have been using over 20 years

VIBE Vegan Protein Powder | Non-GMO, Gluten Free
Zygmont Jankowski (Houston, TX)
Good Vibes 😎

Great to have a Zero sugar product.

Love it!

Perfect for traveling and for introducing this excellent product to family and friends.

Vitality Vitamin Capsule | Gluten Free, Non-GMO
Ian Achterkirch - Houston, TX / Customer since 2016 (Houston, TX)
Great way to start the day

Been having my shake pretty much daily for the last few years. The taste is pretty good and the health benefits and energy has been great. Lost about 15Lbs too when I first went on it and have kept it off

Wonderful product!!

The Unscented Face and Body Wash is smooth and silky on my skin. My skin feels nourished and clean each time I use it.

Still working with it to improve dental conditions.

It is so helpful to have a dental product that the ferrets will tolerate so cleaning teeth is not a torturous process for either of us.


I have been using this for for years, it’s great. I have sensitive skin and this is the best. I have been using it as my shower gel for close to 20 years.
Please bring back the one liter size. It is much more convenient in the shower.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

I try to avoid sulfates that pose a risk of irritation in products I use frequently, such as toothpaste that I use daily, sometimes 3X a day.

Not for me

I really wanted this product to work for me, but it changes the way things taste to me. I originally ordered the mouthwash with Zinc and it left an after taste and changed how things tasted. I reached out to the company and was informed it was possibly the zinc and to try one of the zinc free products. The zinc free isn't as bad, but things definitely taste different...

Love the chocolate and vanilla Vibe but didn’t like the taste of the strawberry.

25 Year Fan

Been using this product for 25 years…trouble free! I rest my case!

Pro Formula Fresh Mint Mouthwash | Cosmetic Formula | Fluoride Free
Patrick Cartwright (Hilton Head Island, SC)
Slight mint taste

This mouth wash is very refreshing with a slight mint taste that does not last long.

The only body wash

Oxyfresh is the only body wash I use. No perfume. No residue clinging after rinsing. I am refreshed. I have used Oxyfresh for 2 decades!

Great Bunny-Safe Cleaner

I was gifted this cleaner to test out in my bunny room and was legitimately impressed with its effectiveness. I have been cleaning the hard surfaces and bunny litter boxes in their room with it and it really cuts through the dirt! The best part is that it is completely odorless which is great since bunnies can be very sensitive to smell. I will definitely come back for more of this cleaner in the future!



I love the Strawberry

good product

Great product for homes with pets.

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