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Prefer the vanilla

Dog Breath Relief. finally!!

I never thought there was a remedy for dog breath, but I was so wrong! Oxyfresh is so easy to use. I add a cap full to my pups water and let the sweet breath begin. It is really that simple. There are no harmful ingredients. My pups don’t even know I put anything in the water. I am so thankful for this product.

Cavity Protection Toothpaste | For Sensitive Teeth With Fluoride

Love Your Products

The only toothpaste I will use! This is the only toothpaste that doesn’t cause a bad taste in my mouth. Fresh & clean. Love the mouth wash and additive to dogs water for fresh breath too!

At first my cat didn't want to drink the water that I put that additive in it. Now he drinks the water ,at times.

wayne;s thoughts

The best wash mouth I have ever used.!

VIBE Vegan Protein Powder | Non-GMO, Gluten Free
Kathy Henry (Oklahoma City, OK)
Helps with feeling full

I have used it a week..I was amazed at how it satisfied and I felt full for 5 hours with no shaky feeling. I'm one who needs 3 meals a day or I tend to experience low blood sugar symptoms. The taste is great and it left me satisfied. It was truly like I had eaten a full meal. My goal is to cut the craving for sugar. The protein in it helps that and keeps me full. A few pounds off would be nice too I'm glad I found this product on the internet!


I've been using this for about 20 years. I'm allergic to fluoride and this stuff has worked great. Little expensive but in my position. Well worth it..

Premium Pet Dental Water Additive | Easiest Way to Eliminate Dog and Cat Bad Breath

Pro Formula Fresh Mint Mouthwash | Cosmetic Formula | Fluoride Free

Pump For 16oz
Kathy Burt (Fort Myers, FL)
Excellent quality for this pump

This makes it so easy to get the product out of the bottle. good quality and works great.

Best Toothpaste Ever

The only problem with your toothpaste is, it’s addictive. Once you used this product as well as the mouthwash you will be spoiled by clean teeth and fresh breath forever. My dog ( Pearly) is addictive to her doggie toothpaste and water additive as well. We’re fans in case you couldn’t tell. M

Love this protein powder and it's doctor recommended

Best for routine daily or weekly non irritating ear cleaner

I have used other cleaners & they are very irritating to our dogs ears. Our dog hates them. I started using Oxyfresh & it does not irritate our dogs ears. She stays very still when I put the liquid in her ears.

Oxyfresh Water Additive

We recommend this product to all of our clients, especially post dentals.

Good stuff

Wife loves it


Teeth and gums feel clean and refreshed afterwards.

Faulty tube lid due to changed packaging

My latest order brought to the attention that the tube in shorter, and initially, I thought that it's smaller or less content. A closer observation revealed that the lid/ tube cap has been changed, hence why the tube looks shorter. I have tried opening/closing numerous tubes from the latest order and noticed that for all, both actions are quite difficult to do. Since the tube is shorter now, it made it difficult to have a good grip/hold without having to squeeze the tube, which inevitably will cause the gel to come out (it wasn't the case when I tried, since the tube was sealed). Once the lid is open, closing it, is not just snapping into place, as it used to do with the previous packaging, now it needs pressure on the lid and be pushed down to be firmly closed, so again the risk for the gel to squirt out of the tube. Please keep in mind that I have no disability, nor manual dexterity issues, but I'm very mindful of it, since my clients are mostly from the senior group age, and can present with numerous limitations when using this product. I can understand that you want to be more sustainable in your packaging, but unfortunately, this change will not pay off. Looking forward to your thoughts. Regards, Angela M.

Fresh Breath Fresh Mint Mouthwash | Mild Formula | Fluoride Free

Still have not received this item yet 12/29/22

Oxyfresh Rocks

Excellent toothpaste. I like lemon mint

Packaging was terrible

Not sure about the product yet, still haven’t used. We ordered the kit and the bags literally fell apart in the box.

Great product!

My cat was diagnosed with stomatitis when she was 4 months old. The veterinarian recommended that I add the Oxyfresh dental care additive to her water, to fight plaque buildup and reduce inflammation on her gums. That was 10 years ago, and my cat is doing SO well on this product! She still has most of her teeth (there was concern that she would lose her teeth if the stomatitis got worse) and continues to thrive. I HIGHLY recommend this product!


I was skeptical at first. Most unflavored/unscented products have some sort of flavor/scent. This one truly has no flavor. It leaves my mouth clean and refreshed. I actually look forward to using it. I look forward to using it long-term to see the difference it makes. I can already tell my mouth is cleaner when using it.

Cavity Protection Toothpaste | For Sensitive Teeth With Fluoride

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