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Love this toothpaste!

I'm excited about this dog toothpaste! Our dog, Stormy, loves it, and it's made a huge difference in brushing her teeth. The instant fresh breath effect is truly remarkable! It's so easy to use; I just rub it on her gums and teeth with a finger brush. The fact that it's flavor-free is a big plus, especially for picky pets like Stormy, who usually hates strong flavors.

We noticed an improvement in her gum health after just a week. This toothpaste is a must-have for any pet owner looking for a simple and effective solution for their pet's dental care. Highly recommended!

I Loved it it didn’t smell bad and cleaned up Sissy’s ears!

My favorite toothpaste-EVER. It has a pleasant taste and not too strong. It doesn’t make me feel like gagging- like some toothpaste. It does a great job cleaning my teeth and gums. I’ve been using it for 7 years and don’t plan on changing. The only tooth paste I like using. I love it.

works for us

i have two dogs that do not like their teeth brushed. it's hard enough to get their mouths open but the spray is so much easier. thank you

Absolutely amazing

I was shocked with how this product turned out!! With ace being such a big boy he makes some pretty big messes. He tracks in muddy foot prints and and knocks drinks over because he’s the height of the table! However this stain and Oder remover did just the job on getting those kinds of stains out!

Mint toothpaste

Previous toothpaste was a lemon and it was a clear paste, not runny. This one is a mint, white and very runny. I am not sure I like it???
I may have switch!!!

Dental Pet Water Additive available in Retail store ?

Is your product 'Oxyfresh Premium Pet Dental Care Solution Pet Water Additive' available in any retail store in bay area north California?

Yes! Walmart sells our 8oz bottle in the cat section. You can get it at any walmart unless they are out of stock.

Purchased wrong one I needed the one for dogs .

Hi Melinda,

I just looked at your last two recent orders and you ordered out Pet Water Additive. That is for all of our furry family members. Did you receive something else? Please let me know what was shipped to you.

Amanda, Oxyfresh Customer Support

We have been using our Oxyfresh Pet Stain & Odor Remover for over a month now and it has become our go to cleaner around our home. We have tried countless brands and although some work they all have one thing in common, they don't deodorize they mask the scent with a chemically floral aroma. However, Oxyfresh is different it actually deodorizes and it does not leave an obnoxious smell afterwards. It cleans carpet really well, and does not leave any stains. We even used it on the rug shown in the photo and you can't even tell there was an oopsie on there. I have even used it to wipe down our wood floor to prevent any scent and it does not leave a film or any residue.

I highly recommend this product especially as someone that suffers from migraines and fragrances can be a big trigger.

Yay! Thanks for the 5 star review! Im so happy you are loving the product.

Stain & odor remover

This is by far the best stain & odor remover ever!! With two golden retrievers things get messy! We’ve used this on white carpet and have had the carpet come out brand new! So easy to use and very effective!

Awesome!! Thanks for sharing.

Literally works like magic

Removed a coconut oil stain from my pups bedding. Highly recommend

Another success story for the books! Amazing!

Absolutely MAGIC!

We absolutely love Oxyfresh! After getting a puppy, it’s been a lifesaver. Any accidents were cleaned up with no residual smell or stain, and it even cleaned up messes from our walls and floors!

Awesome! Or shall I say, PAWsome!! Enjoy your new puppy!


The stain remover is amazing! No odd residue, no odd smells & it actually removes stains it’s a must for any home that has carpet or for doggy stains on couches etc.

We are so very glad to hear. Thank YOU for your business!

Not just a dental gel!

I am a general dentist. I've been using and recommending Oxyfresh products for years. I do oral surgery frequently, and when I extract teeth, the patient is given a gauze pad to bite on to stop bleeding. I always place a good amount of the Pro Relief Dental Gel on the gauze before inserting the pad. My patients heal faster with very rare complications. It's a great product for that! And, I use and recommend it for minor skin scrapes or burns to promote rapid healing.

Thank you Dr. Conrad! We are so very glad to hear. Thank YOU for your business all these years!

Great product

I have been using Oxyfresh for many years for myself and my dog. The product is excellent.My dogs breath is so fresh & clean smelling. Keep up this excellent product.

Yay! Thanks for the 5 star review!

The best!

We love the toothpaste, we’ve been using it for years!

...and we love you!!

Clean and Fresh

This stain remover works wonders and smells so fresh! Our go to for clean up messes on all surfaces.

Awesome! Or shall I say, PAWsome!!

Best you can get!

This is a must-have! I used to clean the "oops" from my couch with a carpet steamer; however, the smell was never pleasant. This product helps to remove tough stains and has a great fresh scent! It comes highly recommended by my mischievous puppies!

We love to hear it! Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

Great Product

I love it! It tastes good and I know I'm protecting my teeth!

We are so very glad to hear. Thank YOU for your business!

Best Ear Cleaner

One of my cats was constantly scratching her ears due to some dust/waxy build up. I tried other ear cleaners but they had a scent that she did not like plus they did not clean her ears too well. I decided to try Oxyfresh Ear Cleaner and with one application her ears were cleaned out.

Awesome product!!!!

We are so very glad to hear. Thank YOU for your business!

We love oxyfresh!

We have been so happy with their dental mouthwash and toothpaste for our little Honey, we had to try their stain remover! And it does not disappoint! Perfect for getting out all of our little girl’s oopsies!

We love to hear it! Thanks for sharing your experience with us!


Love this soothing gel.

...and we love you!!

Super easy to use

We love how easily it took the stain in our carpet and that it's pet safe!

Awesome!! Thanks for sharing.

Oxyfresh Pet Stain & Odor Remover

This bottle contains magic! Really does remove any trace of pet “oopsies.” And smells really great too. Pet friendly cleaner too is of upmost importance in a multi-cat household & this cleaner checks all the boxes! Highly recommended!

Sweet! Thanks for the 5 stars!

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