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Pet Dental Water Additive
David Bernstein (Saint Michaels, MD)
It's For Our Cats

Have been using it for years. Seems to work

Pet Dental Water Additive
Mariann Barnhart (Crystal Lake, IL)
Awesome Product

I can’t believe how good this stuff works. My six year old Golden Retriever’s teeth look great! I have used this since she was a puppy. The vet is astonished how great her teeth and gums look!

Great product, great delivery response, Thank you

Cavity Protection Fluoride Mouthwash
Meredith Watson (Toronto, ON)
Best Mouthwash Ever!

Whether it’s this mouthwash or their toothpaste, Oxy fresh is the best we’ve ever found! My gums were irritated by generic toothpaste and Oxyfresh completely fixed that! 😉 😃 Absolutely love it!

Pro Relief Dental Gel Soothing Formula
Norma Payne (Bowmanville, ON)
No other Dental gel that soothes and heals like it.

Love this dental soothing gel. I have used it for many years for any irritation in my mouth. This gel is especially for anyone that has discomfort with dentures, partials or retainers it will help to heal those sore areas in just a few days. There is no other gel like it and my background had been in the dental field for almost 50 years. It really helps healing after any dental surgery. I even send it to my family in Europe as they love this product too.

Pet Dental Water Additive
Susan Eha (Edmonton, AB)
Great product

I’m really pleased with this water additive. My two dogs and two cats are both drinking the treated water and I’ve noticed a big improvement in my dogs teeth and breath. I recommend it.

Ultimate Pet Bad Breath Solution Kit
Diane Jones (Atlanta, GA)
Dogs love it

My dogs aren't fighting me with this new gel. And I have seen a vast improvement in their tartar control. The additive works great you can see particles in the water dish,
showing that it's working. I've tried a lot of products that never worked. I'm glad I found these products.

Vitality The Ultimate Vitamin Capsule
Joshua largent (Spokane, WA)

Great product

Pet Dental Water Additive
Ruth Callahan (Van Nuys, CA)

Excellent product

Ultimate Fresh Breath System
Diane Jones (Atlanta, GA)
everything I have bought is amazing

Love how clean my mouth feels. Bought dog toothpaste they love it. I can see the tartar coming off their teeth with every brush, same with the human toothpaste. The ear cleaner for dog is the best.

Pet Ear Cleaner
Sharon Hallam (Edmonton, AB)
Ear cleaner

My little dog has had ear problems forever! Yeast/bacterial infections, waxy, smelly ears! After one wash her ears looked and smelled great!

Ultimate Fresh Breath System
Lisa Asbury (Chattanooga, TN)
Great product. Love the Oxyfresh toothpaste and mouth rinse

Great product


My dogs don't fight me with this toothpaste, they love the taste. And in just a short time with the paste and water additive, I'm seeing better results than with any other product. So much that I purchased the Human brand, love paste and mouthwash. Not harsh tasting like other brands. Gentle refreshing and clean.

Vitality The Ultimate Vitamin Mix
Mary Hayes (Lodi, NY)

I was sent a free box of the Vitality Vitamin mix with my last order. I love this stuff. It's tasty and helps me start my day on the right foot. Thanks for sending me the trial and I'll purchase some the next time I order my awesome chocolate shake mix from you!

Pet Shampoo
Sharon Hallam (Edmonton, AB)
Shampoo and Ear Cleaner

My little dog has a terrible skin problem. She seems to sweat and gets flaky and smelly. I have tried all things the vet suggested but nothing has helped. I’ve researched and now have her on a special food and supplements with some improvements. A friend mentioned Oxyfresh so I thought, why not, nothing else is working! After the first bath, her skin was less red and flakiness decreased. I also cleaned her ears and they have never looked better! I still had to bath her every third day but I am hopeful with continued use her skin will continue to improve. She doesn’t scratch as much but still chews at her legs and feet.

Pet Dental Water Additive
Huszar, Sandra (Palmdale, CA)

Our cat has gingivitis and adding this to the water is really helping the problem.

Maximum Fresh Breath Lemon Mint Toothpaste
Luis Chavez (Los Angeles, CA)

I’m very happy with Oxifresh products!! Is a bless 🙏

Pet Crate and Cage Cleaner
Isabel Orozco (Apple Valley, CA)
Best cage cleaner for guinea pigs

This is the best cage cleaner I've ever bought. I use it to clean my guinea pigs cage, it is safe and no strong chemical scent. It leaves the Coloplast to the C&C cage spotless. It takes the bad odors away from the cage. I highly recommend if you have any small animals

Pro Relief Dental Gel Soothing Formula
Carlos Nogueras (Brooklyn, NY)
Very useful

Mouth pain disappeared

Pet Dental Water Additive
joan barton (Saint Paul, MN)
My cats love oxyfresh!

I wish I knew about this product years ago.

Pet Dental Water Additive
Kim McReynolds - Dallas, TX / Customer since 2017 (Austin, TX)
Always good!

I have been using Oxyfresh for years. Quality products that me and my dogs love. ❤️

Fresh Breath Lemon Mint Mouthwash
Teresa Amos (Sanford, FL)
Lemon Mouthrinse

Great product!

Pro Formula Cosmetic Toothpaste
Ann Betzold (Charlotte, NC)
Clean and not too minty

I have had head and neck radiation and have trouble finding a toothpaste that cleans and doesn’t burn my mouth. Pro Formula cleans and is not too minty. Great product.

Pet Dental Water Additive
Patricia Toth (Vista, CA)
Love it!!

I am so happy to find Oxyfresh! Within just a couple of days the dogs teeth are cleaner.
I am so happy with the dogs version I am going to get the people version next! I have recommended to family and they love it too! Definitely will continue to use Oxyfresh!!

Heavenly Face and Body Wash
Lisa Asbury (Chattanooga, TN)
Great product! Light fragrance which is very nice.

This is the first time I tried this product. Very nice, light fragrance!

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