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Cavity Fighting System | With Fluoride

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Our exclusive Cavity Fighting System is like a beefed-up bodyguard for your smile. It protects against sensitivity, decay and bad breath, but still has a softer side with no dyes, harsh abrasives or alcohol.

  • ALL-IN-ONE-KIT – It's everything you need for a bright cavity-free smile: our low-abrasion Cavity Protection Toothpaste (5 oz.), dye-free Cavity Protection Mouthwash (16 oz.) & top-rated tongue cleaner.
  • A MUST FOR SENSITIVE TEETH – To strengthen & soothe enamel, we picked what the pros use: non-staining neutral sodium fluoride. Because happier teeth shouldn’t come at the price of yellow stains.
  • ALL-DAY FRESH BREATH – Our exclusive bad-breath fighter Oxygene® will instantly freshen your breath ... and keep it that way all day! No coverups or mask jobs like the other guys.
  • MILD & REFRESHING – No artificial flavors or alcohol here, just pure mint essential oils delivered in just the right amount. Goldilocks approved.
  • IT WORKS – If you've tried everything else, you might as well try something that works! Trusted worldwide to gently clean teeth and just like all of Oxyfresh products, it is made in the U.S.A. with only the highest quality ingredients.