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The mouth rinse is very gentle and our patients appreciate that. We hear from them all the time that there's no burning when they rinse.

Ken HashimotoSacramento, CA

I love the Brush Picks. I recommend them to anyone with food trap areas between their teeth.

David GlasscockCharlotte, NC

Oxyfresh Zinc Mouthrinse helps keep my teeth bright, and it soothes occasional mouth sores. Plus it gives me nice, fresh breath.

Joe MedellinSan Antonio, TX

My OxyCare 3000 has really helped with my dental health. I love it and cannot live without it. I will use it until I die.

Jackie SabbsLees Summit, MO

I am going through chemo therapy and I love Oxyfresh Patented Zinc mouthrinse. I have never had a problem with my mouth since I started chemo because of this stuff. I had to go to the hospital for a few days and I didn't have the rinse with me and I had these irritating sores in my mouth. I used the rinse a few times a day and they cleared up so fast. I am just so happy that this product is available to ship to my home.

Jean MilneVictoria, BC
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