Oxygene Molecule

Our exclusive odor-fighting ingredient, Oxygene® is a safe, non-toxic formulation that literally dissolves odor-causing molecules. Fast-acting and proven to wipe out bad smells, you won’t find this ingredient anywhere else. No wonder Oxygene®-based products are enthusiastically recommended by dentists, veterinarians and customers. Find out more about Oxygene by clicking here.


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I love the Patented Zinc Mouthrinse. I've had to have my dental implants replaced 4 times, costing me more than I ever thought imaginable. I've suffered from dry mouth and infections in the implants. I've started using the Patented Zinc Mouthrinse and already have noticed a significant improvement in the dry-mouth condition I suffer with. I'm looking forward to using the Lemon Mint Power Rinse, as well.

Mary MarshallHouston, TX

Our practice loves the Whitening Gel. The results are significantly better than the other brand we were using. I can truthfully say this is a superior product that I have tried out. Our patients do not complain, and they just love it.

Ron ZokolVancouver, BC

I love Oxyfresh Fluoride Mouthrinse because it's alcohol free and I've been told by many that it's not good to have alcohol in rinse. It does what it says, keeping my mouth feeling fresh.

Dorothy CarrAvalon, NJ

Thank you for the new tube for Oxyfresh Power Paste. I love this product and am so pleased that it is now in a larger tube for the same price. This is fantastic.

Jeanette HarkinsReedsburg, WI

My vet said my 1 year old cat would need dental work. I asked if we could wait awhile as she was so young. My breeder introduced me to Pet Oral Hygiene and 12 years later my cat has never needed dental work. The Pet Oral Hygiene Solution works!

Elise CooperBernalillo, NM
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