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Due to a compromised immune system because of Lupus, I often suffer from mouth sores. I would be in dire straights if I couldn't get Oxyfresh Super Relief Dental Gel. I probably wouldn't be able to wear my dentures and would remain indoors!

Lois MeierSaskatoon, SK

Oxyfresh Super Relief Dental Gel is great stuff. It's very soothing on the gums.

Brenda WelchCushing, OK

I love Oxyfresh Fresh Mint Mouthrinse because it has no alcohol to burn my mouth and I can use it several times a day.

Laura Lee FrenchHenderson, NV

I love the refreshing, powerful sensation of the new Power Rinse. The pleasant taste with the added power leaves me with confidence of having ultimate freshness and maximum breath control all day.

Velma GilLantana, FL

Oxyfresh Fluoride Toothpaste is fabulous. My dentist said my gums are much healthier.

Georgiana LiquoriBelleville, NJ
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