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I absolutely love Oxyfresh Fluoride Toothpaste and Fluoride Mouthrinse. I no longer wake up with that foul morning breath. I was going to order 6 more bottles and was thrilled to find out I could order a gallon at a savings. Thank you.

Sally FeinStaten Island, NY

It is easy to see which patients have used the Super Relief Gel when they come back in to be fitted for dentures. There is less bleeding and the gum tissue has healed much faster. The healing power of this product is incredible

Donald MillerRegina, SK

Oxyfresh is incredible! The lemon flavored power rinse is an answer to my prayers. I have battled shingles in my mouth for three years, on and off. Then when the power rinse arrived, I was so grateful. The soothing, refreshing, moisturizing effect is unbelievable! It has given me relief for the first time in months. I can't tell you how much the Power Rinse has helped me.

Bernice DitchfieldPinecraft, FL

My teeth feel so much cleaner throughout the whole day when I use Oxyfresh Original Toothpaste. My dentist comments on how clean my teeth are each time I see him and I tell him it's Oxyfresh!

Nancy MikeKitty Hawk, NC

I'm 62 years-old and have been using the Fluoride Mouthrinse and Fluoride Toothpaste for a couple of years now. These products have helped keep my teeth in good, working condition. I'm very pleased with your products.

Farris ForsytheColumbia, MD
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