What is Oxygene?

It seems like magic, but it's really just good science.

Our unique formulas are crafted with the best of science and nature ... the geeky science part is our incredible, non-toxic ingredient Oxygene®.


It all started with drinking water.

Renowned for its safety and effectiveness, a little-known oxidizer called chlorine dioxide has been used to gently purify public drinking water since the 1970s.

Like all great ideas...

One thing led to another.

As innovators, we got pretty excited wondering what this safe and effective ingredient could do for our smiles? For our pets’ smiles? Or even the messes and odors in our home?

We knew we were on to something. And before long, our proprietary Oxygene® was born.


Healthier Smiles, Pets & Homes.

With its unique ability to gently neutralize odor-causing bacteria, Oxygene® is a proven solution for supporting oral health and eliminating odors.

Blended with safe, trusted ingredients like natural essential oils and zinc, our proprietary and patented formulas are the recipe for a fresher life, every single day.  


Total smile protection.

Oxygene® does so much more than neutralize bad breath. It actually breaks through biofilm to provide a deeper clean and protection against plaque and tartar, giving both pets and people a healthier smile and a leg up against periodontal issues.

just for pets

Safe and simple.

Designed with sensitive pets in mind, our pet line incorporates Oxygene® into everything from pet dental care to grooming and cleaning. It's unique ability to safely eliminate pet odors and improve dental health has made it a favorite for pet parents for more than 30 years.


Redefining fresh.

Forget fragrance coverups and slow-acting enzymes. Oxygene® uses the non-toxic process of oxidation to completely break odor bonds in just 60 seconds, leaving everything in your home fresh, from kitchens to kiddo play spaces!


Let's talk about pH.

This is the secret to better dental health, skin health and even overall health.

What’s pH scale?

It measures how acidic or alkaline something is: 7 = neutral, below 7 = acidic, above 7 = alkaline.

Fight Acid Attacks

Acidic saliva raises the risk of decay. Lucky for you, Oxygene® is ultra activated in an acidic environment!

Reduce Biofilm

Think of biofilm as sticky tape for bacteria. By lowering the pH around it, plaque and tartar can't grip on as easily.

Itch-Free Pets

Our grooming formulas keep pets' delicate skin at a pH close to neutral ... just the way they like it!


Everything Dental

You'll find everything from our clinical studies to our detailed product fact sheets.

Oxygene® WORKS

That's why we (and our families) use it every day.