strawberry blond lady smiling brightly holding a tube of oxyfresh pro formula toothpaste which is gentle on her enamel to keep her teeth pearly white
strawberry blond lady smiling brightly holding a tube of oxyfresh pro formula toothpaste which is gentle on her enamel to keep her teeth pearly white

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Dental Care for people

Get ready to shine

You'll love the taste, the results, the experience ... because you deserve it all.

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Oxyfresh pet care

Head to tail clean.

Because pets deserve fresh breath and clean homes too!

Safe. Simple. Trusted.

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The Oxyfresh Difference

five stars

It's the Best on the Market

This mouthwash is exceptional. I’ve been using Oxyfresh for probably 15
years now & have found the product to be the best on the market.

- Donna M.

Lemon Mint Mouthwash
five stars

Lifetime of Healthy Teeth

I’ve been using Oxyfresh for more that 37 yrs! All their Dental Products are great! Keeps gums & teeth healthy. I Highly recommend them!

- Catherine L.

Lemon mint toothpaste
five stars

This Product Undeniably Works

I have been using the Water Additive for at least 20 Years - won’t be with out it- the Animals always have a fresh breath and no gum or teeth problems 💜

- Melady E.

Pet Water Additive
five stars

Results Are Priceless

I am so impressed and I don't impress very easily!! Thanks so much for this product that really works!! I also bought more for my daughter's older dog!

- Mark T

Pet Toothpaste
a pup, a young girl, and her mother at the counter smiling with an oxyfresh shipping box ready to be opened

Generations of healthy smiles.

Brightening everyday moments is what we do best. We want you to enjoy every minute of your daily routines.

From snuggling with your pet to cleaning your house, you should feel good about the products you use in your home. It's no wonder dentists, veterinarians, and families across the world trust Oxyfresh's solutions.

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Committed to a Brighter Future

Yep, we're tree huggers. We care about future generations and want to take part in our responsibility to the planet. We are fully recyclable, eco-friendly & sustainably sourced, and that's just the beginning.

Of course the pets are the cutest.

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