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Pro Formula Zinc Dental System | Fluoride Free

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For extra teeth-whitening protection, skip the trends and trust what the pros use! Our Pro Formula System features all the favorites to maintain your bright smile and pamper your gums. P.S. It's the best for fresh breath too!

  • ALL-IN-ONE KIT – With a patented zinc mouthwash (16 oz.), ultra-gentle toothpaste (5.5 oz.) & top-rated tongue cleaner, it's everything you need to take your smile pro.
  • GENTLE ON COSMETIC WORK – If you’ve invested in teeth whitening or veneers, don't let harsh dental products dull your results! Our pro toothpaste has one of the lowest abrasion ratings on the market & we're 100% dye free.
  • ALL-DAY FRESH BREATH – Our powerful combo of Oxygene® and zinc actively seeks out bad breath compounds and – poof! – makes them disappear, just like magic.
  • INFUSED WITH ESSENTIAL OILS – Just like our own moms, Mother Nature knows best. So ditch the fake flavors & alcohol burn and trade up for the mild, perfectly fresh taste of natural mint oils.
  • IT WORKS – If you've tried everything else, you might as well try something that works! Trusted worldwide to gently clean teeth and just like all of Oxyfresh products, it is made in the U.S.A. with only the highest quality ingredients.
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Morning routines made better

Oxyfresh formulas are a favorite of families everywhere. No harsh burn, just gently refreshing oral care that protects day and night.



The pros love it ... and you will too!

Keep your veneers and white, bright smile looking like new. Our low-abrasion toothpaste protects delicate enamel and cosmetic work, so you don’t have to worry about tooth & gum sensitivity or losing your luster.

Got questions?

Product Questions

Absolutely! Pro Formula is our gentlest toothpaste (RDA 45) and our Pro Formula mouthwash is free of dyes, making them a great choice if you have veneers or like to whiten your teeth.

Some people opt to go fluoride-free, and we want everybody to enjoy our amazing products. If you want fluoride, try our Cavity Protection Mouthwash & Cavity Protection Toothpaste.

Zinc, proven safe and effective in oral care products, along with our exclusive ingredient Oxygene®, deliver a knockout punch to bad breath. We don't believe in just masking bad breath – we have to eliminate it completely!


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Customer Reviews

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Leanne Gallegos (Coeur d'Alene, ID)
Love this toothpaste!

Although it tends to be more runny than regular toothpaste, I love the taste and feel of my teeth after brushing.

We are so very glad to hear. Thank YOU for your business!

Linda McDanel (Flint, TX)
Love Oxyfresh Toothpaste, but…

We’ve been using Oxyfresh toothpaste for years and love the taste and feel it’s healthiest for our teeth! The last shipment seemed to be runny and sunk down into the toothbrush instead of laying on the top. I’m hoping that was a fluke and the next batch will be ‘pastier’!

Raynald Viger - Quebec, QC / Customer since 2017 (Québec, QC)
Great service

I appreciated the promptness in resolving the delivery problem of my order.
Thank you also for the gift included with my order.
I’m very satisfied of your service. I love your product, I can’t leave without them…😹😂😂😂 no kidding I really love them👏👏👏

We are always happy to help! Reading this review just made my day. :') We look forward to serving you again soon! Thanks for the 5 stars. <3

raquel confesor (Redwood City, CA)
great product

it's amazing that it leaves your mouth feeling fresh for hours!

Cindy Epps (Fort Mill, SC)
Really helps with sensitive areas and mouth sores

I love the gel, mouthwash. I use it especially when my gums are sensitive or I have developed a sore place in my gum.

Glenda Ross (Johnson City, TN)
Sensitivity gone..

I've been using Oxyfesh toothpaste going on about 25 years now.. I had a lot of tooth sensitivity on my top teeth.. Prior to using Oxyfresh I had had two gum graphings to help with sensitivity to my top teeth.. To this day I have never used any other toothpaste than Oxyfresh.. I make sure I don't run out by buying two or three at a time.. I have used all of the varieties of toothpaste they offer, but this is my preferred one..😀

Joan Valor (Los Angeles, CA)

We have been using Oxyfresh products for more than 20 years! All of the products are spectacular. We especially like the toothpaste. It keeps our mouths fresh and dental bill low

Catherine McGraw (Cincinnati, OH)
Excellent toothpaste

I have used Oxyfresh toothpaste exclusively since my dentist suggested I try it many years ago. I was happy to discover that I could buy “trial 1 oz” size on the Oxyfresh website. I don’t need a trial but this is a TRAVEL size that I can carryon when flying. Oxyfresh is missing a marketing opportunity if this use is not promoted.

Jacquelyn Brewer (Springfield, OH)
Pro Formula Fresh Mint Toothpaste

I’ve been using this toothpaste for more than 10 years. I wouldn’t use any other. My teeth and gums are healthy. I was scheduled for gum surgery then I started with this toothpaste. I never had the surgery!

Rita Simmons (Charlotte, NC)

Pro Formula Fresh Mint Toothpaste | Brighter Smiles & Refreshing Breath | Fluoride Free

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Your Smile Matters

So does the planet. Oxyfresh is committed to a brighter future for generations to come. Our formulas combine the best of science and nature to deliver the safest and most effective oral care in the market.

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Meet Oxygene®

It's our brilliant, game changing ingredient. It seems like magic ... but it's just really great science. Learn more.

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