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Pro Formula Zinc Dental System | Fluoride Free

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For extra teeth-whitening protection, skip the trends and trust what the pros use! Our Pro Formula System features all the favorites to maintain your bright smile and pamper your gums. P.S. It's the best for fresh breath too!

  • ALL-IN-ONE KIT – With a patented zinc mouthwash (16 oz.), ultra-gentle toothpaste (5.5 oz.) & top-rated tongue cleaner, it's everything you need to take your smile pro.
  • GENTLE ON COSMETIC WORK – If you’ve invested in teeth whitening or veneers, don't let harsh dental products dull your results! Our pro toothpaste has one of the lowest abrasion ratings on the market & we're 100% dye free.
  • ALL-DAY FRESH BREATH – Our powerful combo of Oxygene® and zinc actively seeks out bad breath compounds and – poof! – makes them disappear, just like magic.
  • INFUSED WITH ESSENTIAL OILS – Just like our own moms, Mother Nature knows best. So ditch the fake flavors & alcohol burn and trade up for the mild, perfectly fresh taste of natural mint oils.
  • IT WORKS – If you've tried everything else, you might as well try something that works! Trusted worldwide to gently clean teeth and just like all of Oxyfresh products, it is made in the U.S.A. with only the highest quality ingredients.