The Secret of Oxygene® in Creating Loyal Customers for Life

See ya later, teeth stains and alcohol burn! Discover how Oxygene, a proprietary blend of chlorine dioxide, is creating loyal dental fans for life.
Patients don't want to compromise for their smiles. If they need help for their inflamed gums, a chlorhexidine (CHX) rinse is often prescribed. But it comes at the price of teeth stains, not to mention a bitter taste. Or they "swish" for fresh breath only to be disappointed by the alcohol burn.

That’s why thousands of dental pros have switched to Oxyfresh dental products with Oxygene®. Keep reading to learn why this special ingredient is the secret to healthier smiles, a better chairside experience, and not a tooth stain in sight!

What Is Oxygene® ... And Why Do Patients & Providers Love It?

Oxygene® is Oxyfresh’s proprietary blend of stabilized chlorine dioxide, a much-buzzed-about trend in the dental world. This signature ingredient is inside every Oxyfresh dental formula.

Even though it may not have the warmest and fuzziest name, chlorine dioxide is a safe and non-toxic oxidizer. In fact, it’s been used for decades to purify public drinking water by eliminating harmful bacteria and viruses.

In dentistry, chlorine dioxide has the same purifying effect on smiles.

Oxyfresh’s Oxygene® is neutral pH, proven safe and effective, and formulated with the highest standards here in the U.S.

Plus, it’s tasteless (no bitterness!) so your patients can enjoy the amazing fresh taste of natural essential oils inside Oxyfresh dental formulas. (We also have a completely unflavored mouthwash, which is a great choice for patients undergoing cancer treatment.)

4 Reasons Oxyfresh Dental Products With Oxygene® Are Different

#1. No Teeth Staining

Patients can finally enjoy a better swish with Oxyfresh chlorine dioxide formula mouthwash. There’s absolutely no teeth staining involved like what happens with CHX rinses. This goes a long way in improving patient compliance post-dental visit.

Oxyfresh formulas are also dye-free for even more protection for white, bright smiles.

But does it work as well as CHX? Yes! A double-blind study proved that Oxyfresh mouthwash is just as effective as CHX at reducing bioaerosols before scaling.

#2. Amazing Taste

It’s no secret that alcohol rinses can burn, and CHX rinses taste bitter. One of the reasons Oxyfresh dental formulas are so popular is they taste amazing.

First off, there’s no alcohol burn, ever. All Oxyfresh products, from dental gels to toothpastes and mouthwashes, are alcohol free.

Second, people really love all the natural essential oils inside our formulas. We know that all taste buds are different, so we have light fresh-mint flavors (popular among families), and for those who want a little more zip, our Lemon Mint Mouthwash & Toothpaste with 7 different essential oils are consistent bestsellers.

Additionally, many formulas contain the natural sweetener xylitol, which not only enhances flavor, but helps provide additional protection against plaque.

#3. Freshens Breath Like Nothing Else

Fresh breath shouldn’t hurt. But rinsing with alcohol mouthwash often gives patients – especially those with gum disease – a terrible burning sensation. Alcohol can also dry out the tissue, making their smiles, ironically, more susceptible to decay and bad breath.

Oxygene® works by rapidly breaking sulfur bonds as they come into contact with Volatile Sulfur Compounds, the compounds responsible for halitosis. The end products of this oxidation process are completely safe, so patients can feel good about the health of their smiles AND the planet.

#4. Perfect for Long-Term Use

As you’re well aware, good oral habits at home are a key for those with periodontal disease. Oxyfresh chlorine dioxide formulas are safe for long-term use, as they don't cause tissue sloughing, teeth staining or tartar buildup like some of the other guys!

How Does Oxygene® (Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide) Get Activated?

It seems like magic, but it’s really just great science. The Oxygene® inside your favorite Oxyfresh dental product gets activated when it’s introduced to an environment with a lower pH ... aka the mouth!

For example, when a patient swishes with an Oxyfresh mouthwash, the acidity in their saliva activates the solution. The lower the pH of the saliva, the more activated the solution becomes. (The greater the presence of bacteria, the more acidic the environment.)

When activated, Oxygene® oxidizes the sulfur bonds, deactivating them. In other words, no more bad breath!

But better breath is just the (fresh) beginning. Because chlorine dioxide neutralizes harmful bacteria, it also helps fight off plaque, helping to improve gum health.

In fact, in a 12-month double-blind clinical study that looked at Oxyfresh Fresh Breath Lemon Mint mouthwash & toothpaste vs. a leading store brand, Oxyfresh was proven more effective in benefiting the oral health of periodontitis patients in every category:

  • 76% improvement Gingival Index
  • 79% plaque reduction
  • 44% less bad-breath bacteria

Your Patients Will Be Fans for Life

When it comes to choosing dental products, RESULTS rule the day. And when patient expectations are exceeded again and again, you’ll have loyalty for life. So go the extra mile for your patients by offering them a one-stop place for all their dental care needs.

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Tom Lunneborg is the Co-Chief Operating Officer & Chief Sales Officer for Oxyfresh. His favorite part of the job is hearing customers share their amazing results. When he’s not leading the team in reaching big goals, like landing us in nationwide stores, you’ll likely find him pulling some pretty epic office pranks, like his signature surprise confetti cannon blasts. Tom also enjoys boating, camping, fishing, and hanging out with his wife, three beautiful daughters, fur-boy Brodi, and standoffish goldfish Moola. To connect, email