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Gentle Formula Unflavored Fresh Breath Mouthwash | Fluoride Free

It's fresh breath, plain and simple. Uniquely free of flavors, our 16oz. Gentle Mouthwash is perfect if you don’t like the taste of mint or sweeteners.

  • FRESH BREATH – The best gentle and unflavored mouthwash that neutralizes bad breath, giving you all-day fresh breath confidence.
  • ALCOHOL-FREE – Our mouthwash offers safe and effective oral care without any stinging or burning. Our alcohol-free formula is the most gentle & effective mouthwash on the market.
  • GENTLE & NO BURN – Perfect for those who have a sensitive mouth, or mint or sweetener allergies. You can still get all-day fresh breath protection with our Unflavored Mouthwash.
  • ULTIMATE PROTECTION – Nothing works better to help protect and soothe your pearly whites than our unique and gentle bad breath professional mouthwash.
  • JUST TRY IT – If you've tried everything else, you might as well try something that works! Trusted by dental professionals, and just like all Oxyfresh products, our mouthwash is made in the USA with the best of science and Mother Nature.


I'm sensitive to mint, so I went looking for an unflavored mouthwash. This stuff is the real deal, and it works! I highly recommend it.

Adina Y.

woman slipping sock on her little girl's foot during their cheerful morning routine woman slipping sock on her little girl's foot during their cheerful morning routine

Morning routines made better

Oxyfresh formulas are a favorite of families everywhere. No harsh burn, just gently refreshing oral care that protects day and night.



Fresh breath without the burn

Who says you need mint to keep bad breath away? Our powerful non-mint mouthwash stops even the worst bad breath, while protecting the health of your gums and keeping plaque and tartar at bay.

Not a fan of mint but like essential oils? Read: Is it healthy to brush with essential oils?

Got questions?

Product Questions

Yes, if gargled with daily, our Unflavored Mouthwash will help reduce odors coming from the sinuses.

Not that we know of – it's intentionally unflavored. Our Gentle Formula was designed for those with sensitivities to mint, peppermint, etc. We have other formulas with mint and lemon if you want flavor.

It's not possible for receding gums to grow back. But even though receding gums can’t be reversed, there are ways to stop the problem from getting worse, like stepping up your oral care. Talk to your dentist to develop a game plan.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 116 reviews
Jim McMartin (Rutland, VT)
Solution to a Problem

I have had a sore, burning mouth for many years. It became far worse upon being treated for tonsillar cancer—so much so that sometimes even swallowing water burns. My dentist, primary care physician, dermatologist, otolaryngologist, medical oncologist, and radiation oncologist all have been unable to find the cause or provide much relief. I suspect that the chemotherapy caused a permanent high sensitivity to mint flavoring that began with my cancer treatment. Unlike Oxyfresh fresh mint mouthwash the unflavored mouthwash does not burn my mouth. I wish that I had switched to the unflavored formula long ago.

Thank you for the feedback! We love to hear it. So happy to hear its helping with your situation!

Maria Rivero (Trenton, NJ)
Works great and no strong flavors or flouride

This mouthwash is the best I've ever used. It has no flavor which is great and no flouride which is also great. Just <3 <3 <3 this mouthwash.

Ashlee (Norton, MA)

Took a few time to get used to because it truly has no flavor. It works though! My mouth feels fresh and clean for hours, even after drinking or eating. Got my whole family into Oxyfresh products and we are all loving it!

Cooper (Dallas, TX)

I was skeptical at first. Most unflavored/unscented products have some sort of flavor/scent. This one truly has no flavor. It leaves my mouth clean and refreshed. I actually look forward to using it. I look forward to using it long-term to see the difference it makes. I can already tell my mouth is cleaner when using it.

Marilyn Goebel (San Diego, CA)
Love this mouthwash

I have been using this mouthwash for many years after first getting some from my dentist. There is nothing quite like it as all of the ones at the drugstore have strong, Unpleasant flavors.

Nina Yoshida (Rancho Palos Verdes, CA)

Gentle Formula Unflavored Fresh Breath Mouthwash | Fluoride Free

Linda Allison (Peru, IN)

Been using this product over 15 years

Susan Eha (Mission, BC)
The best mouthwash

I have allergies and sensitivities and this is the only mouthwash I can use. I’m so happy I found it. It does an excellent job without causing me any harm. Please never change your formula. This is wonderful.

Ken D. (Washington, DC)
Amazing mouthwash

I have struggled with finding a good mild-flavored, non-mint mouthwash for years that actually works. This is the best hands down. It works amazingly -- very grateful my dentist introduced me to it.

Carolyn Stonesifer (Phoenixville, PA)
Thumbs up!!

Finally found a mouthwash that my granddaughter loves to use. No burning, no mint flavor. Recommended by her dentist.


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