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How to Improve Perio Outcomes By Over 50% in Just 30 Days

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As a dental professional, you know ... sometimes the most challenging part of the job is getting patients with periodontal disease into the chair for scaling & root planing (SRP).

Whether they have dental anxiety, concerns about cost, or a history of blowing off their dental care, it’s a major win for their teeth and gums to get those deep cleans!

Unfortunately, many patients drop their jaws when they realize it’s not a one-and-done situation: that periodontal disease requires more frequent care, for life.

But that doesn’t mean they can’t experience SIGNIFICANTLY BETTER RESULTS through the products they use at home.

Oxyfresh Pro Relief Del Gel Is Proven to Reduce Pocket Depths By Over 50%

In a 30-day published randomized study (NOT sponsored by Oxyfresh) of 36 periodontitis patients, the test group who used Oxyfresh Pro Relief Dental Gel twice a day at home, starting on day 10 post-SRP, saw a decrease in periodontal pocket depths of more than 50%. SRP alone reduced pocket depths by just 27% in the same time period.

Additionally, the use of Pro Relief Dental Gel reduced the Papillary Bleeding Index by 88%, while SRP alone reduced it by 51%.

This groundbreaking study speaks volumes about the healing nature of Oxyfresh Pro Relief Dental Gel and how effective it is as an adjunct to scaling & root planing, nearly doubling the results!

It’s formulated with proprietary Oxygene® and zinc to help fight bacteria and volatile sulfur compounds, so patients can be confident in having fresh breath as their gums recover. Plus, it’s infused with soothing, gum-friendly ingredients like aloe vera, chamomile and folic acid.

Happy Patients, Better Compliance

Oxyfresh Pro Relief Dental Gel does more than improve pocket depth following scaling & root planing. It actually improves patient compliance (yes!) because unlike some other gels on the market who shall remain nameless, it doesn’t sting or have a weird medicine-like, antiseptic taste. It’s free of alcohol and has a just-right amount of mild spearmint essential oil.

Bottom line: your patients will love it, for both the taste and the results!

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Nothing works better to help soothe patients’ smiles

Oxyfresh Pro Relief Dental Gel is just what the dentist ordered to support patients’ gums following dental procedures, braces, or run-ins with hot pizza slices.
  • HELPS SOOTHE SORE GUMS – Our fluoride-free gel with soothing aloe & chamomile will get your patients smiling again, fast.
  • ULTRA-HYDRATING – No one likes to feel like their mouth is full of wool – that’s baaad. Seriously though, patients will love how hydrated their gums feel.
  • PROVEN PERIO CARE – A gamechanger for home perio care, our gel is clinically proven to reduce periodontal pocket depths by over 50% post-deep clean.
  • MOTHER NATURE APPROVED – Nature’s natural soothers like aloe, spearmint leaf oil & chamomile are so fresh and pampering, it’s like a spa day for the gums!
  • KEEPS BREATH FRESH – Breath can get stinky with gum issues, but our special ingredient Oxygene® makes bad breath compounds disappear like magic.