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Oxyfresh Dental

Pro Formula Fresh Mint Mouthwash | Cosmetic Formula | Fluoride Free

When you want to keep your smile shining bright and protect the cosmetic work you paid a pretty penny for, our Pro Formula Fresh Mint Mouthwash is the best choice.



  • PERFECT FOR COSMETIC WORK – If you've invested in your white, glowing smile with whitening products, veneers, etc., our Pro Formula, fluoride free mouthwash is a must-have to help protect your teeth and gums.
  • ULTIMATE PROTECTION – Nothing works better to help protect your pearly whites than our unique and gentle bad breath professional mouthwash. Plus it is naturally sweetened with xylitol, which has been shown to fight the formation of plaque, which causes tooth decay.
  • ESSENTIAL OIL – Our unique formula is pH balanced, dye free, alcohol free, fluoride free and infused with natural essential oil, leaving smiles feeling completely fresh and clean without an aftertaste.
  • FRESH BREATH – Gently say goodbye to bad breath with our fast-acting Oxyfresh Pro Formula fluoride free mouthwash. Unlike other mouthwashes that simply mask bad breath, our patented zinc mouthwash formula gently neutralizes bad breath, giving you all-day fresh breath.
  • JUST TRY IT – If you've tried everything else, you might as well try something that works! Trusted by dental professionals, and just like all Oxyfresh products, our mouthwash is made in the USA with the best of science and Mother Nature.


Enamel-Friendly Smile Care



Pro Formula Fresh Mint Mouthwash

When you want to keep your smile shining bright and protect the cosmetic work you paid a pretty penny for, our Pro Formula Fresh Mint Mouthwash is the best choice.


Whiter and Brighter Smiles.


You'll Love It

  • Instant fresh breath
  • Gentle on gums & enamel
  • Helps reduce plaque & tartar

Perfect 1-Minute Solution

  • Gentle, fresh taste
  • Helps protect enamel with zinc, Oxygene®, and xylitol
  • Powerful bad breather fighter

Dentists Trust It

  • Made in the USA
  • Dye free & alcohol free
  • Trusted brand since 1984


Protect Your Investment

Sure, you love your dentist, but wouldn't you rather hang on to your extra cash? To protect your teeth whitening results, veneers and other delicate dental work, you need a gentle, dye-free mouthwash specially formulated for cosmetic use - ahem, like ours!

Safe. Simple. Trusted.

A Few of Our Fans :)


Got questions?

Product Questions

Zinc, proven safe and effective in oral care products, along with our exclusive bad-breath neutralizer Oxygene®, deliver a knockout punch to bad breath. We don't believe in just masking bad breath – we have to eliminate it completely!

That is correct. This product is designed for people only. Oxyfresh has two completely separate dental lines: one for people, one for pets! None of our pet products contain xylitol or any other ingredients that are harmful to them.

Some people simply don’t want fluoride in their dental products. If you’re looking for a fluoride mouthwash, we recommend our Cavity Protection Mouthwash.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 287 reviews
Kathleen Kuss (Osprey, FL)
Love it

Have used this for years, and give it regularly as gifts! Everyone loves it!

...and we love you!!

Heather Vasquez (Denver, CO)
Great Product

I love it! It tastes good and I know I'm protecting my teeth!

We are so very glad to hear. Thank YOU for your business!

Catherine Lowe - Louisville, KY / Customer since the 80's (La Grange, KY)
Best Oxyfresh Products for Our Teeth

Oxyfresh products use Oxygene & Zinc
that is gentle on our smiles and tough on bad breath. It has lemon mint that makes a good smell.
It also helps to use the solution for 1 minute in the morning and after each meal. Gives you a smile!!!
Best Dental Products that keep you smiling. Place an order and enjoy if you haven’t tried them yet.
Keeps your teeth and gums in great shape.
You’ll love Oxyfresh Products!
As a Hygienist I found them beginning the Company. I wouldn’t give them up for any other mouth products. Oxyfresh is BEST!

You're too sweet! Thank you Catherine for such a lovely review.

Doris Lew (La Jolla, CA)
Best Mouthwash

I've been using the Oxfresh Pro Formula Mint Mouth for over 35 years. I love how it does not taste like typical mouthwash. Your breath feels clean and natural. It doesn't burn or have that alcohol taste. It makes me feel confident that my breath is clean and fresh. I'm a makeup artist and have to be up close with people while doing their makeup, Oxyfresh has given me the confidence to talk up close to their faces. I also use to get canker sores all the time and ever since I been using the mouthwash, I never got another canker sore. I highly recommend the Pro formula mint mouthwash.

Thanks for the 5 stars! We love to hear stories like yours. All day freshness in just 1 minute! Unlike other mouthwashes that simply mask bad breath, our non-toxic Pro Formula mouthwash gently neutralizes odors.

David Gunter (Pittsfield, MA)
Still waiting

I am still waiting for this shipment to arrive. Although, having used this product for years, I can say it is excellent when used with the toothpaste. I have not found another product like it.

Anthony Navarro (Wellington, FL)
Tony(Wellington, Florida)

Been using Oxyfresh for over 30 years or longer. I would not use anything else. It's the best tooth paste & mouth wash I have ever tried.I even buy the dog additive.It does work.

Thank you for your long standing loyalty to our brand and for sharing your feedback. :)

Mary Torrence (Pullman, WA)

I have been buying this product since a nurse at a hospital I volunteered in told me about it. I had canker sores in my mouth often. I started using this product in 2003. It keeps my breath fresh and my mouth healthy.

Yippee!! It's a win.

Henry (Matthews, NC)
Fresh breath

After I use the product my mouth feels clean and fresh. No complaints from others re bad breath.

douglas easker (La Crosse, WI)
good product

I feel this product works and makes my mouth feel better. I've been using it for some time.

Linda Valladares (Daytona Beach, FL)
Fresh Breath

I feel like the ingredients in this mouthwash made my mouth feel fresher all day even through eating and afterwards. I could feel the ingredients lasting by the feel in my mouth and it seemed my breath was still ok. I am looking forward to continuing use to be sure I’m getting the results I want. So far, I think I may be on to the best
results I’ve ever had with any breath product.