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Pro Formula Cosmetic Toothpaste

For People
Hello, Smile. Gentle Yet Powerful Cosmetic Formula Toothpaste
Nothing works better to protect enamel and that pearly white smile.
Dental pros love this toothpaste. With one of the lowest abrasion ratings on the market, it’s perfect for anyone who uses whitening products or has veneers or sensitive teeth and gums.

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Oxyfresh - Pro Formula Cosmetic Toothpaste is with essential oil Oxyfresh - Pro Formula Cosmetic Toothpaste is low abrasion Oxyfresh - Pro Formula Cosmetic Toothpaste is dentist approved Oxyfresh - Pro Formula Cosmetic Toothpaste is made in the USA Oxyfresh - Pro Formula Cosmetic Toothpaste is alcohol free Oxyfresh - Pro Formula Cosmetic Toothpaste is gluten free Oxyfresh - Pro Formula Cosmetic Toothpaste is fluoride free Oxyfresh - Pro Formula Cosmetic Toothpaste is dye free



  • ULTIMATE PROTECTION - Formulated to protect and support delicate cosmetic dental work and pearly whites.
  • INSTANT ALL-DAY FRESH BREATH - Finally say goodbye to bad breath with fast-acting ingredient Oxygene®.
  • LOW ABRASION - The best smiles are healthy ones! That’s why we’re serious about protecting delicate enamel.
  • pH BALANCED - All of our products are pH balanced, as this is key to healthy teeth and gums. Low pH can cause tooth decay.
  • ESSENTIAL OIL - Infused with natural essential oil, leaving smiles feeling completely fresh and clean without an aftertaste.
  • ALCOHOL FREE - We didn't just jump on this bandwagon; we pioneered it. Our formula protects your smile without burning or dehydrating your tissues.
  • DYE FREE - Non-staining to keep your pearly whites shining bright.
  • NON-TOXIC - The safest way to protect smiles is to do it without harsh chemicals, additives, artificial sweeteners, alcohol, masking agents, etc. We use only ingredients that matter for true dental health and are safe for the entire family.
  • DENTIST APPROVED - For over 34 years, dental professionals have loved and recommended our innovative dental care products.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - We believe in our products, hands down. Our dental products are unmatched for excellence and effectiveness and are backed by a 30-day 100% money back guarantee (minus the cost of shipping).



In a world where smiles are key to a first impression, people are investing in their dental care, whether it’s the latest trends in whitening, straightening, veneers, etc. Protecting cosmetic dental work with a gentle, cutting-edge at-home system is crucial.

Our innovative Pro Formula Toothpaste delivers that protection. We don't use harsh alcohol, artificial dyes or highly abrasive ingredients that can stain or harm dental cosmetic work.

This oh-so-gentle, minty-fresh cosmetic toothpaste has one of the lowest abrasion ratings on the market with a Relative Dentin Abrasivity (RDA) rating of only 45 (average store-bought toothpastes have 100+). Combined with our exclusive Oxygene® and essential mint oil, nothing works better to protect bright pearly whites and deliver a completely fresh, clean feeling.


Oxyfresh - Eliminate Bad Breath - Low Abrasion Pro Formula Toothpaste Reviews


  • Protecting areas of erosion and root surface exposure
  • Those who want fresh breath
  • Cosmetic support
  • Those who can’t or prefer not to use fluoride


  • Use as a prophy paste, especially around cosmetic restorations – no gritty texture and maintains the luster of porcelain and resins
  • Use on a rubber cup to safely polish acrylic-based appliances, removable prosthetics or temporary crowns


Born from the idea that real dental care doesn't need to cut corners, our products are made with only the best ingredients that science and Mother Nature have to offer.

We don't use harsh alcohol or artificial dyes that can stain teeth. Just ingredients you can always feel good about. That's our promise.

It was time to reinvent fresh breath. We knew there had to be a better way ...

Some might say it’s “one ingredient to rule them all.” We just think it’s great science. Why cover up bad breath or use harsh alcohol when we can safely neutralize it? Introducing our unique and exclusive Oxygene®: a brilliant, safe-for-families, non-toxic ingredient that neutralizes bad breath on a molecular level.

Plus, it not only effectively eliminates bad breath, it helps reduce plaque and tartar formation. This safe, non-toxic formula is the first line of defense against periodontal disease. Help keep breath fresh and smiles healthy with our innovative dental care products.

Oxygene® eliminates bad breath

A clearly confident smile

Oxyfresh has carefully formulated three unique professional-grade toothpastes. A little goes a long way! Our toothpastes are super concentrated and last up to 4x longer than store brands, saving you more green!

Oxyfresh toothpastes contain only the good stuff: no dyes, artificial flavors or colorings. And ... they're low-abrasion to protect your white, bright smile!

Oxyfresh beats store-brands in 12-month study!Oxyfresh beats store brands in 12-month study!

Our popular Oxyfresh Maximum Fresh Breath Lemon Mint Toothpaste and Oxyfresh Fresh Breath Lemon Mint Mouthwash went up against conventional store-brand toothpaste and mouthwash to see how they benefited the dental health of 50 periodontitis patients.

Oxyfresh was the clear winner for plaque reduction and better gum health! Better results. Fresher breath. Happier smiles. Click here to see the study for yourself.


Oxyfresh dental professionals have turned to our proprietary and patented formulas for safe and effective dental oral care, and that’s made us a trusted industry leader. With Oxyfresh, people with halitosis or chronic bad breath have a proven system that gives the exceptional home care experience they need and want.



Apply a pearl-sized drop and gently brush teeth along gum line in a circular motion. Most effective when paired with Oxyfresh Mouthwash.


Fresh Breath in 3 Steps - Step 1 - Scrape
Fresh Breath in 3 Steps - Step 2 - Brush
Fresh Breath in 3 Steps - Step 3 - Rinse


Active Ingredients

Oxygene® (Sodium Chlorite)
Oxygene® (Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide): Disrupts bacterial colonization, oxidizes volatile sulfur compounds, stops bad breath, and helps disinfect.
Essential Oil: Naturally flavored with soothing mint leaf oil.
Chondrus Crispus (Carrageenan)
Chondrus Crispus (Carrageenan):  For soothing comfort.

Ingredients: Calcium Carbonate, Water (Aqua), Glycerin, Sorbitol, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Chondrus Crispus (Carrageenan), Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide (Oxygene®), Natural Flavor, Mentha Arvensis (Mint) Leaf Oil, Menthol, Sucralose.

Oxyfresh - Eliminate Bad Breath - Low Abrasion Pro Formula Toothpaste Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 387 reviews
Heather Waters (Newmarket, ON)
Awesome Product!I

I have been a customer of Oxyfresh for a number of years, great company providing stellar customer service. Pro Formula toothpaste is an excellent product, one I have been using for years. I live in Ontario, Canada. Great delivery provided....much appreciated!

Nabil Elias (Charlotte, NC)
Great products

The Pro Formula is fluoride free. I tried all kinds of fluoride free toothpaste and I am happy to have found this product. My dentist now carries some Oxyfresh products!

Elizabeth Maldonado - Lewisville, TX / Customer since 2010 (Lewisville, TX)
Quality product

I have been using this product for years and have always had good results with my dentist visit!


Excellent service

Happy Gums!

I love it! Finally for the first time I found a toothpaste that is gentle on my gums and so cleansing even when using a soft toothbrush, My gums feel silky soft and my teeth and mouth is so clean. Feeling so blessed to of found Pro Formula.

Beth Kingsbury (Ludlow, MA)

Your service is always A-One!!!!! Receive my order very promptly and always packaged well. Could not ask for anything better!! Thanks !!!!

Customer (Anaheim, CA)
Number one tooth paste on the market

I’ve been using oxyfesh for 27 yrs now it’s the best I highly recommend to anyone

Wendy Morrow (Las Vegas, NV)
Best toothpaste ever

My husband and I have been using Oxyfresh toothpaste for many years. It is not sugary and you only need a small amount to brush with so it lasts. We love it.

Joan in North Carolina (Mebane, NC)

Many years ago my dentist told me that my toothpaste was ruining my gums. They were very swollen and sore. She recommended Oxyfresh toothpaste and I have had no more problems with my gums swelling or being sore. I use just a pearl size on my toothbrush, so it lasts and lasts. Best stuff ever.

G. MacIntosh (Toronto, ON)

Great product. I.have used it for some years now and love it.

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100% Money Back Guarantee

Oxyfresh has complete confidence in the excellence of its products.

That’s why we offer a 100% money-back guarantee (minus the cost of shipping) within 30 days of purchase if you’re not happy.