Trending Dental: Is Chlorine Dioxide Mouthwash Worth the Hype?

Just a fad or here to stay? Why more fresh-breath fans are trying chlorine dioxide mouthwash.
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Some trends just aren’t made to last (as evidenced by my hair circa 1987). But there IS a trend that’s revolutionizing dentistry as we know it: chlorine dioxide mouthwash.

Not to toot our own horn, but we’ve been working with our unique, patented version of Chlorine Dioxide—known as Oxygene®—for over 40 years. And let me tell you, both we and our customers have seen some pretty amazing results!

Keep reading to get the full swish on why more dentists and fresh-breath fans are making the switch to mouthwash with chlorine dioxide. Then decide for yourself: is it worth the hype?

Hey, What’s Wrong With My Old Mouthwash?

The typical store-brand mouthwash is made with alcohol – and lots of it, with some formulas over 26% alcohol. This is a problem for a few reasons.

  • Drying Effect: Anyone who’s ever gone hog-wild at Happy Hour can attest to the fact that alcohol dries out the mouth. Well, alcohol in mouthwash is no different. It dries out our saliva, often leading to a sore throat, uncomfortable mouth-feel, and thick, stringy saliva. (Eww.)
  • Even Worse Breath: Because alcohol dries out the mouth, it ironically makes our breath worse soon after swishing. Volatile Sulfur Compounds (the compounds that cause bad breath) multiply quickly in a dry environment. Saliva not only stifles sulfur compounds but helps remove food particles. Without enough of it, it’s destination Bad Breath City.
  • Peeling Tissue: Alcohol mouthwash really burns, so it’s no surprise that it can cause the tissue along our gums or inner cheeks to peel off. Not "a-peeling" in the least!

What About Mouthwash With Chlorhexidine?

Chlorhexidine (CHX) mouthwashes are often prescribed by dentists to decrease bacteria in the mouth for patients with gum disease. Not surprisingly, though, you can find a few OTC formulas online. This is concerning, as CHX mouthwashes are not meant to be used long term.

According to a dental study by the National Institute for Oral Health, people who used chlorhexidine mouthwash for longer than four weeks had significant teeth staining and tartar levels.

Key Benefits of Mouthwash With Chlorine Dioxide

OK, so what exactly is chlorine dioxide and why should you use a mouthwash with this ingredient?

Chlorine dioxide is an oxidizing gas that dissolves in water. If you passed notes in science class versus actually TAKING notes, not to worry. Oxidizing simply means it’s reactive. It reacts with bacteria and fungi, rendering them inactive. That’s why chlorine dioxide is often used as a purifier in public drinking water.

Similar to how it purifies water, mouthwash with chlorine dioxide eliminates harmful bacteria that cause plaque and bad breath, helping to keep our smiles healthy and our breath fresh. And it stacks up beautifully versus those other mouthwashes ...

  • Same disinfecting power as chlorhexidine. Chlorine dioxide reduces the bacteria that cause plaque and bad breath but without the nasty side effects of CHX like teeth staining and bitterness. (It’s tasteless and scent free.) More dentists are now using chlorine dioxide for pre-procedural rinses instead of CHX because patients enjoy it so much more and it's just as effective at reducing bioaerosols.
  • Works better than alcohol. Unlike alcohol that dries out the mouth and causes worsened breath later on, mouthwash with chlorine dioxide oxidizes sulfur compounds, leaving you with long-lasting freshness and no dryness.
  • Great for long-term use: Mouthwash with chlorine dioxide is safe and non-toxic and can be used long-term with no unwanted side effects like tissue sloughing, teeth staining or tartar buildup.

Why Oxyfresh Is the Clear Choice for Chlorine Dioxide Mouthwash

Savvy swishers are making Oxyfresh their new favorite mouthwash. Not only are these mouthwash formulas ultra-effective, but they’re non-burning and taste amazing with natural essential oils. (Don’t worry, there’s an unflavored formula too.)

And, they stand the test of time. In fact, we formulated our first bottle of chlorine dioxide mouthwash, later filing a patent for the compound and calling it Oxygene®, all the way back in 1984, the good old hair days!

But enough about us (sheesh). Here’s why YOU’LL love ‘em ...

#1. All-Day Fresh Breath

Only Oxyfresh contains a patented, perfect blend of chlorine dioxide called Oxygene®. In just 60 seconds, it stops stinky sulfur compounds, giving you fresh breath that lasts all day – yep, even if you load up on coffee! For even more freshening power, pair with a chlorine dioxide toothpaste.

#2. Protects Pearly Whites – Dye Free

Dyes are often added to mouthwashes to make them prettier and more appealing in the bottle. But we’d rather preserve our teeth color, thank you very much.

#3. Backed By Science

In a double-blind clinical study of 50 periodontal patients, Oxyfresh Lemon Mint Mouthwash and Toothpaste went up against the leading store brands with alcohol and scored higher in every category:

  • Less Plaque
  • Healthier Gum Tissue
  • Fewer Bad Breath Compounds

#4. Lots of Options

Oxyfresh has all the mouthwash options you’re looking for: fluoride and fluoride free, max-strength formula for halitosis, various essential oil blends, and even an unflavored mouthwash for those who don’t like mint. 5 options in all!

So why not make all your swishes come true? Shop now and see why chlorine dioxide is a dental trend that’s here to stay.

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