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Oxyfresh Dental

Fresh Breath Lemon Mint Toothpaste | 24 Hr Protection | Fluoride Free

Destined to be your new main squeeze, this is our most powerful formula in the lineup. Infused with zesty lemon mint essential oils plus zinc and Oxygene, this gel really packs a punch.



  • ALL DAY FRESH BREATH – Nothing works better. Unlike other bad breath toothpastes that simply mask bad breath with artificial flavors, our lemon mint toothpaste completely neutralizes it at the source, giving you all-day fresh breath.
  • CLEANS TEETH & HELPS PROTECTS ENAMEL – Keep your pearly whites shining bright with our low abrasive toothpaste. Our fluoride free toothpaste gently cleans teeth and helps remove tartar to give you that fresh, clean feeling that lasts all day.
  • INFUSED WITH NATURAL ESSENTIAL OILS – Smile with confidence when you choose Oxyfresh sls free, anti-plaque toothpaste. You’ll love the light, refreshing burst of our hydrating essential oil blend, leaving smiles feeling completely fresh and clean without an aftertaste. No harsh artificial flavors, just a fresh and sparkly clean sensation.
  • CLINICALLY PROVEN TO SUPPORT GUMS – Gain peace of mind with our lemon mint toothpaste. Backed by an independent 12-month clinical study published in the International Journal of Biomedical and Advance Research, Fresh Breath Lemon Mint toothpaste has shown better long-term results at helping to reduce plaque and helping to strengthen gum tissue.
  • IT’S SAFE, NON-TOXIC & IT WORKS – If you've tried everything else, you might as well try something that works! Trusted by dentists to freshen breath, and just like all Oxyfresh products, our toothpaste is made in the USA with the best of science and Mother Nature.


The Lemon Mint toothpaste makes my mouth feel so clean and completely eliminates the smell of onions.

Marjorie S.

woman slipping sock on her little girl's foot during their cheerful morning routine woman slipping sock on her little girl's foot during their cheerful morning routine

Morning routines made better

Oxyfresh formulas are a favorite of families everywhere. No harsh burn, just gently refreshing oral care that protects day and night.


Our Superpower

Go ahead, put it to the test.

From garlic and onions to coffee, no bad breath smell is too tough for our lemon-mint toothpaste. It works crazy-fast to freshen while also fighting plaque. Try it after your next lunch break, you'll be impressed.

It's even tough enough for bad breath from the throat. Learn More.

Got questions?

Product Questions

Nope, we're totally vegan. Our glycerin comes from palm plants.

Absolutely! One of the perks of Oxyfresh toothpaste is it's low abrasion to protect enamel and dental work. It has a RDA (Relative Dentin Abrasion) of only 80.

Many people have a sensitivity to sodium lauryl sulfate. SLS is also linked to recurrent canker sores.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 393 reviews
Elsie Yeung (Vancouver, BC)
The best!

We love the toothpaste, we’ve been using it for years!

...and we love you!!

Roni Gorgees (Turlock, CA)

excellent toothpaste.

...and an even better customer!! ❤

Glenda Ross (Kingsport, TN)
Best, toothpaste ever!

I've been using Oxyfresh toothpaste going on 25 years.. It was recommended to me due to having extreme teeth sensitivity.. From the first time I used it, I noticed a decline in sensitivity...I have used all the different types of toothpaste that they offer.. I really enjoy the lemon mint the best.. The texture is great.. My teeth feel extremely clean and brighter.. My mouth feels refreshed and minty for a good while afterwards..🙂

Gale Bell (Irmo, SC)
Lemon mint toothpaste

Leaves mouth feeling clean and refreshed.

Thank you for the positive review, we are happy to read that you are enjoying the Lemon Mint Toothpaste! Destined to be your new main squeeze, this is our most powerful formula in the lineup. Infused with zesty lemon mint essential oils plus zinc and Oxygene, this gel really packs a punch.

Desbiens Henri-Rosaire (Brossard, QC)

très satisfait. J'aime ce dentifrice.

ally (Keisterville, PA)
Healthy Matters

This is the best toothpaste ever! Cleans very well. Lasts long, and no more cavities. My dentist compliments how clean my mouth is every visit.

Marie H. (Delray Beach, FL)
Good, but…..

Ordered one & had it sent to a friend. Then ordered another for me. I’ve been using it for years. I was introduced to it originally by my dentist’s office. The toothpaste itself is good, but now that you’re providing toothpaste for pets, your website has gone to the dogs (literally). At first I had trouble finding the dental products for humans. It’s in another area. My friend hasn’t said anything about it, I wonder if she looked it up online and thought I sent her dog toothpaste! Then it came in a box that said “Bark, Woof, Meow”. Kinda makes a human afraid to use it! I think you should consider changing your website & when you send out the human kind, the box shouldn’t say Bark, Woof, Meow. Such a turnoff! Geez 🙄

katz (Lansing, IL)
Good stuff

Cleans teeth very well. Tastes great and refreshens the breath very nicely, just like the mouth rinse. A fine product.

Nikki Patterson (London, KY)

Absolutely loves this toothpaste!!

beverly palmreuter (Troy, MI)
great product

I was a distributor 30 years ago and loved the products and then moved on to other things and now I'm back to the great toothpaste for white teeth and healthier mouth.


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