Oxygene®: The Answer to Stinky, Stubborn Pet Odors

Pee-yew! For all those stubborn pet odors, from litter box to skunk smells, you don’t need magic pixie dust to make them disappear ... only Oxygene®.

As cute as they are, pets can cause a pretty big stink. (Seriously, that dog bed can be smelled a mile away!) And despite all their cool tricks, it’s doubtful we’ll see Tigger scooping out his own litter box any time soon.

Fortunately, with Oxyfresh’s line of non-toxic, cruelty-free cleaners, you and your customers can quickly and easily say goodbye to stubborn pet odors ... in just 60 seconds!

Oxygene® Stops Pet Odors Like Magic

Eliminating odors in just 60 seconds. While it DOES sound like magic, it’s really just great science, courtesy of Oxyfresh’s proprietary ingredient, Oxygene®.

What exactly IS Oxygene®? It’s an exclusive blend of stabilized chlorine dioxide. Chlorine dioxide has been used as a purifier in public drinking water systems for decades, neutralizing harmful bacteria and other nasty stuff we don't want to drink!

In Oxyfresh cleaners and deodorizers, Oxygene® has the same purifying effect. It gets crates, cages, tanks, litter boxes, carpets and more sparkling clean and free of bacteria that can make pets sick.

And it’s odor-control power? Let’s just say it’s pretty pawsome.

Odors can run, but they can’t hide.

Chlorine dioxide has phenomenal distribution, penetration and sterilization abilities, which means it’s far-reaching, fast, and effective. Best of all, it works every time. In fact, the stinkier the smell, the more active our Oxygene® ingredient becomes. That’s why even the most stubborn smells like litter box and skunk are no match for Oxygene®.

How Does Oxygene® (Chlorine Dioxide) Work?

Organic compounds like sulfur cause pet odors. Oxygene® searches out these compounds and oxidizes them, changing them molecularly so they’re rendered inactive. No byproducts are produced in the oxidation process, which means pets and everyone in your pack can breathe easy.

Fresh Vibes Without Fragrance Coverups

Oxyfresh is unique in the odor-control world because our non-toxic Oxygene® stops odors at the source instead of MASKING odors through strong fragrances.

More people are starting to understand just how toxic fragrance-filled cleaners and air fresheners are, and they want products they can use with confidence around their kids and pets. (Curious to know more? Check out 5 reasons fragranced air fresheners are bad for you.)

Help Your Customers Enjoy an Odor-Free Home

Every pet parent needs a leg up when it comes to keeping their homes clean, fresh and smelling like they DON’T have pets.

Where to start?

  • A must-have for every home is Oxyfresh Pet Deodorizer. When we say, "Spray anywhere odors are a problem," we mean it! In fact, it’s so safe and non-toxic, it can be sprayed directly on pets’ fur when there’s no time for a bath. It’s perfect for neutralizing the stubborn odors of litter boxes, garbage cans, carpets, couches, dog bedding, and buckets used for "poop patrol." No fragrance coverups, just true freshness!
  • For pet parents who have crates, tanks or bird cages in the home, they’ll need Oxyfresh Cage & Crate Cleaner or Oxyfresh Terrarium Cleaner. Both products stop pesky odors and make cleaning up messes a breeze. No scrubbing – just a few sprays and the gunk comes right up. Best of all, they’re free of fragrance and bleach for pets like birds who have the most sensitive respiratory systems.

Bottom line: for every kind of pet odor, Oxyfresh with Oxygene® is on it. Your customers will notice and love the difference.