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Premium Pet Cage and Crate Cleaner - Streak-free & Eliminates Odors

Designed with the most sensitive immune systems in mind, our Cage & Crate cleaner quickly breaks down stuck-on bird & small animal messes. No solvents, harsh chemicals, or fragrances needed, just simple and safe cleaning power.

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  • YES! BYE, BYE SCRUBBING – Our wipe off, non-toxic Pet Cage and Crate Cleaner is so easy, just spray and wipe away. No need to rinse as we don't use harmful dyes, overpowering perfumes, or harsh chemicals.
  • QUICKLY ELIMINATES ODOR AND BUILDUP – Just spray and say goodbye to urine, poop, and any other cage and crate odors with our fast-acting cage spray that cleans and deodorizes ... and really works.
  • PERFECT FOR SMALL ANIMALS & BIRDS – These guys have sensitive immune systems and our innovative bird poop remover is specially formulated to be safe for bunnies, birds, hamsters, and you name it.
  • AWESOME CRATE CLEANER – It's a pet odor eliminator spray and heavy duty cleaner that loves to multi-task. From small crates to large kennels — keep 'em clean and smelling great all day every day!
  • SAFE, NON-TOXIC FORMULA YOU CAN TRUST – Gentle, tough and it works. Our safe formula is bleach-free, alcohol-free, dye-free, fragrance-free and cruelty-free. Just cleaning that you can trust.


I've been using this for my Guinea Pig's cage. It cleans the urine stains quickly. I also love that there is no scent to bother him or me.

Lily T.

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A fresh you can trust

Crafted with only the safest and most effective ingredients to give you peace of mind. You can breathe easy knowing that our non-toxic cleaners and deodorizers are purrrfectly gentle.



Little pets sure can make big smells

Small animals and birds are notorious for their "unique" odors, and just like room spray, the combo of foul odors and perfume isn't much better. That's where our non-toxic odor-eliminator Oxygene® shines. It completely neutralizes odors right at the source within minutes. No other bird cage cleaner has it!

Got questions?

Product Questions

Yes, it can! Our cage cleaner can be used on everything from vinyl to acrylic to glass and more!

Absolutely. It's a great cage cleaner for small animals of all kinds: birds, ferrets, guinea pigs, rabbits, chinchillas ... you get the point.

Oxygene® oxidizes sulfur compounds (sulfur = stinky) and turns them into sulfite (non-stinky) compounds. With its purifying power, it makes for an excellent small animal and birdcage cleaner.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Dee (Lakehead, CA)
Pretty good for small pet cages

I wanted a safe, non toxic cage cleaner for my pet rats. Overall, this is a good cage cleaner, but not necessarily easy to use. I have a double level Critter Nation cage, and spraying and rinsing a habitat this large is not practical. So I spray the Oxyfresh cleaner on a damp cloth and clean the cage this way, which doesn’t seem to completely eliminate all the odor but it does clean the surfaces well. The best part for me is that it’s a safe product with no fragrance or other irritating chemicals to harm my little buddies. I’ll still continue to use it to clean their cages.

Philip (Portland, OR)
Great product!

After doing some research I found oxyfresh. I just cleaned the terrarium for my corn snakes, for the first time, and it was a great experience. Easy to use. Smells are gone and cleaned everything easily. I will be using th8s from now on!

Blink & Betty (Kent, WA)
Great Bunny-Safe Cleaner

I was gifted this cleaner to test out in my bunny room and was legitimately impressed with its effectiveness. I have been cleaning the hard surfaces and bunny litter boxes in their room with it and it really cuts through the dirt! The best part is that it is completely odorless which is great since bunnies can be very sensitive to smell. I will definitely come back for more of this cleaner in the future!

Melissa (Grove City, OH)

I am super sensitive to smells. This cleaner is the only one I've found that works great and does NOT have a strong unpleasant scent. I use it on my ferret cages and it doesn't bother them either.

Seth Neustein
Best bird sanitizer on the market

I've been using Oxyfresh for years. It's the best bird safe sanitizer on the market. My best friend is the head vet technician at the National Aviary and this is now her go to sanitizer as well. For years I purchased their cleansing gele (now renamed something else, which is super great for handwashing and body wash) and used it in my own sprayer. Now there's a more effective formula geared specifically for cleaning and sanitizing harder bird and human mess alike in this product. I purchase a dozen of these bottles at a time and use them for everything now. I just wish they came in a larger size!

Valerie Hastings

Excellent stuff. Much better than any of the other cleaners on the market.

Isabel Orozco
Best cage cleaner for guinea pigs

This is the best cage cleaner I've ever bought. I use it to clean my guinea pigs cage, it is safe and no strong chemical scent. It leaves the Coloplast to the C&C cage spotless. It takes the bad odors away from the cage. I highly recommend if you have any small animals

Beckah Rink
LOVE this stuff!

I absolutely LOVE this stuff! It works in NO TIME! There's been NO effort to clean things with the Pet Cage Cleaner! I've used it on hardwood floors, jute scratching matts, furniture, etc. I wish it came in a concentrate, some of us have more than just one dog/cat we care for. I'd like to try it on the basement floor and at the shelter I volunteer at (if life ever gets "normal" again)!! I'll keep you posted.

Marcelle Adams
Removed Smell

Great so far. Removed all the bad smell of the cage

caelyn dallman

Works perfect for my rats :)


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