The Ultimate Wish List for National Pet Dental Health Month

The Ultimate Wish List for National Pet Dental Health Month

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During National Pet Dental Health Month, thousands of pet parents get inspired to have their pets’ teeth cleaned. Afterward, they’re looking to YOU as the expert in how to maintain their pets’ results at home.

Oxyfresh can help! We have pet dental care solutions for every kind of client you have ... yes, even the most non-compliant ones! Let us fulfill your wish list and get you ready for the busy February.

Wish #1: Product for Pet Parents Who Are More "Paws-Off"

OK, we need to address the elephant in the room. (Um, not literally, unless you happen to be a vet who’s out on safari.) We’re talking about pet tooth brushing. Less than 10% of pet parents ever brush their pets’ teeth ... and that includes many dental professionals!

People love the path of least resistance, so if pet home dental care is deemed too difficult or time-consuming, it goes right out the window. This is clearly not in the best interest of our sweet furballs, considering that periodontal disease can decrease their lifespans by one to three years.

That’s why Oxyfresh’s Pet Dental Water Additive is a must-have. It delivers similar benefits to brushing without all the hassle: just add to pet’s water and call it good!

  • Picky-pet approved: 100% free of scents and flavors
  • No brushing needed: add straight to pet’s water bowl or fountain
  • Fights plaque and tartar: essential in the fight against gum disease
  • Fresh pet breath: proprietary Oxygene® stops bad breath bacteria on contact

Wish #2: Product for Pet Parents Who Want to Brush

For all the overachievers in the house (they know who they are!), Oxyfresh Pet Dental Gel Toothpaste makes the brushing experience so much better ... for pets AND their people.

This premium toothpaste is uniquely free of flavors so pets will actually sit still and not try to chew up the brush ... or run away! Plus, only Oxyfresh has proprietary Oxygene® for unrivaled fresh pet breath and plaque control.

  • Healthier teeth & gums: neutralizes the bacteria that cause pet plaque & tartar
  • Fresh pet breath: no other toothpaste has the power of Oxygene® to stop bad breath
  • Flavor free: no masking agents with fake chicken, mint or other odd flavors
  • Versatile toothpaste: brush or rub along the gum line to help deodorize & strengthen gums

Wish #3: Product for Pet Parents Who Want Options

Some pet parents may not be sure which dental routine will work best for them. And some want to brush a few days a week and then supplement with a water additive. (Smart choice.) That’s why our mini Pet Dental Kit is so popular.

It features mini sizes of our top-selling Pet Dental Water Additive (3 oz.) and Pet Dental Gel Toothpaste (1 oz.), plus it comes with 3 easy-to-use silicone finger brushes. (Full size kits are available too.)

  • Flavor & scent free: even the pickiest pets approve of our toothpaste & water additive
  • Fights plaque & tartar: proprietary Oxygene® proactively supports teeth & gum health
  • Freshens pet breath: we’re talking molecular-level breath control that works on contact

Oxyfresh is proud to be your partner in supporting the mission of Pet Dental Health Month. We wish you and all the furry friends you serve a happy and healthy year.