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Advanced Pet Deodorizer Spray - Eliminate Pet Odors in Just Seconds

Smells Happen. Always Be Ready. It's time to stop masking those pesky pet odors with our secret fast-acting formula with Oxygene®. It eliminates bad pet smells and helps keep homes fresh. Oh and did we mention ... no overpowering breezy fragrances.

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  • SOLVES TOUGHEST ODORS – Powerful pet-safe odor deodorizer eliminates urine, cat litter box and kennel odors, leaving everything smelling fresh and clean. No time to wash that stinky dog bed? Use as a dog bed spray and get it fresh, fast!
  • 100% NON-TOXIC – So safe and gentle, you can spray anywhere odors are a problem – even directly on your pet! No parabens, perfumes or harsh chemicals.
  • FAST-ACTING – Give us 60 seconds to unleash some serious freshness. Exclusive oxidizing formula completely breaks down organic odors, from urine to vomit and everything in between!
  • FRAGRANCE FREE – Oxyfresh unscented pet deodorizer safely eliminates odors on a molecular level, instead of covering them up with breezy overpowering fragrances.
  • AWARD-WINNING FORMULA – It works. Our exclusive deodorizing spray for pets was awarded a 2019 Pet Innovation Award and a 2019 Family Choice Award.


My male cat is in perfect health -- but his urine smells, and it is AWFUL. It is only when I spray the litter with Oxyfresh Pet Deodorizer that the odor goes away.

Marcia H.

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A fresh you can trust

Crafted with only the safest and most effective ingredients to give you peace of mind. You can breathe easy knowing that our non-toxic cleaners and deodorizers are purrrfectly gentle.


Pet Deodorizing Spray

Unleash some serious freshness ... in just 60 seconds

We all love having pets in the home, but that doesn't mean we want our homes to smell like pets! Problem solved with our fast-acting dog deodorizing spray. Spray anywhere odors are a problem and, boom, fresh air in just 60 seconds.

Read What You Need to Know About Pet Deodorizers.

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Product Questions

This is made specifically for pets and their sensitive noses. Our All-Purpose Deodorizer is non-toxic too, but has natural mint essential oils.

Oxygene® is a purifier that oxidizes stinky sulfur compounds into sulfite (non-stinky) compounds. No byproducts produced.

Yes! We've saved many-a-couch from pet urine smells!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
Linden Craig (Knoxville, TN)
Helps if you have a stinky dog

I have a dog who starts smelling just a few days after a bath. This spray helps keep his odor down so I don't have to bathe him as often.

Yippee!! It's a win.

Loretta Ziegler (Chapel Hill, TN)
Great product

I have been using the Pet deordorizer spray for several years and I am very happy with this product. It is a great product because it cleans and deodorizes cat vomit from floors and carpets. It is also great for those unexpected fur balls throw up and don't forget it works well on litter boxes too. Thanks Oxyfresh for a great product.

K.S. (Travelers Rest, SC)
Dog mom approved!!

We all know life can get messy with a dog, especially with a water-loving, mud-loving, and dirt-loving golden retriever. The oxyfresh pet deodorizer has definitely become an essential in our house. I love that it has no scent as I suffer from allergies and how quick and versatile it is.

Jessie Babcock (New Albany, OH)

We love Oxyfresh! Smells and works great!

Trina Wiley (Detroit, MI)

Purchased product for a client; he gives it a great rating.

Mary Zurney (Woodstock, GA)
It really worked!

My daughter and her cats live downstairs and whenever I walk thru the door, the litter and cat smells hit me in the face. But after just one use, the smell is gone! Great stuff! Going to order more for the laundry and the dog smell in the upstairs!

Laura Aiken (Taylors, SC)
good product

Great product for homes with pets.

Garrett Fruchtman (New York, NY)
Tried on collar, leash and puppy for skunk smell

Product doesn’t work for skunk as advertised. It masks the smell for 5-10 minutes while it is damp but once it dries the smell is back at full stench

Kathleen Golub (Traverse City, MI)
Advanced Pet Deodorizer Spray

Have to be honest, did not help with the skunk odor in our house after dogs got skunked!

J W Brooks (Whitsett, NC)
Works Great

Definitely kills smells quickly. Have used for skunk smells in past.


Your Pets Matter

So does the planet. Oxyfresh is committed to a brighter future for generations of tail-waggers to come. Our formulas combine the best of science and nature, bringing you the safest, most effective pet products on the market.

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