The Secret of Oxygene® in Creating Loyal Customers for Life

Satisfy your curiosity. Find out exactly what Oxygene® is and how it’s revolutionizing the pet-odor game, creating legions of loyal pet parents.
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With busy schedules, a mountain of emails, figuring out dinner, and – eek, the dog still needs a walk! – your customers and clients are busier than ever.

So no surprise that when it comes to keeping their pets (and homes) fresh, they want ONE trusted solution to do it all. Enter Oxygene®. If you’re curious about what makes Oxyfresh’s star ingredient so popular among pet parents, keep reading ...

What Exactly Is Oxygene®?

For pets, it’s the best thing since the invention of the ball. (Freshness = more cuddles.) But to be more technical, Oxygene® is Oxyfresh’s proprietary blend of stabilized chlorine dioxide.

It acts as a powerful oxidizer to wipe out all kinds of offending odors right at the source, whether it’s bad pet breath, skunk smell or messes on the carpet.

That’s why pet parents are so crazy about it. Oxygene® creates a single, safe and trusted odor-fighting solution for their homes:

  • Cleaners & deodorizers to get rid of bad smells from crates, carpets and bedding
  • Grooming products to freshen and clean their pets’ ears and fur
  • Pet dental products for clean teeth and unbelievably fresh breath

Got Science? How Oxygene® Stops Odors.

First, it’s important to know what most odors are made of. If you’ve ever visited the geysers at Yellowstone, you can probably guess: sulfur compounds.

Oxygene® rapidly oxidizes stinky sulfur bonds, completely neutralizing the smell. If you’re a science aficionado, here’s the chemical reaction:

H2S + 2NaClO2 = 2NaCl + SO4 + 2H+

Keep in mind, the end products of this oxidation process are all completely safe. There is no formation of free chlorine, free chlorine dioxide, chlorinated organics or free hydroxyl radicals. Because freshness, paws-down, should not come at the price of harmful byproducts for our pets or the planet.

How Does Oxygene® Get Activated?

It seems like magic, but it’s really just great science. The Oxygene® inside your favorite Oxyfresh product gets activated when it’s introduced to an environment with a lower pH.

For example, when a pet drinks our Pet Dental Water Additive, the acidity in their saliva activates the solution. The lower the pH of the saliva, the more activated the solution becomes. (The greater the presence of bacteria, the more acidic the environment.)

When activated, Oxygene® oxidizes the sulfur bonds, rendering them inactive. In other words, no more stink!

Is Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide Safe for Dogs?

Absolutely! Only if it’s good enough for our own pets is it good enough for everyone else’s!

In fact, stabilized chlorine dioxide got its start in water purification decades ago to eliminate harmful bacteria and odors. And, good things last! Chlorine dioxide is still used today to disinfect many public drinking water systems.

Neutralizing harmful bacteria goes way beyond freshness. In Oxyfresh dental products, it’s the key to fighting plaque, the starting point of periodontal disease in pets.

Oxyfresh’s just-right blend of Oxygene® is neutral pH, proven safe and effective, and formulated with the highest quality standards in the USA. Plus, it’s tasteless and odorless so even the pickiest pets won’t have a problem with it.

Your Customers Will Love Oxyfresh

Everyone wants to save time these days and not have to spend hours shopping and comparing products online. Most of all, they want products that will give them the results they’re looking for. And when their expectations are exceeded again and again, you’ll have a loyal customer for life!

So go the extra mile for your customers and clients by offering them a one-stop solution for all their pet odor problems. Cleaning, dental, grooming ... Oxyfresh has it all!