How Do You Keep a Bird Cage from Smelling?

Smell ya later, bird odors! Find out all the easy tricks to keep your bird cage clean and smelling fresh ... no toxic fragrances required.
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3 Easy Steps

What’s your favorite smell in the world? Homemade bread baking in the oven? Freshly mowed grass? Coffee brewing? Bird cage smell? (Um, said no one ever.)

Yep, that dirty bird cage is one of the necessary evils we must face as bird parents. But fear not! We’ve got the scoop on how to keep a bird cage clean and smelling good ... without breaking a sweat.

How to Keep a Bird Cage From Smelling

Spoiler alert: when it comes to bird cage cleaning advice, it’s all about that daily clean.

Even though these daily steps may seem like a chore at first, just keep at it. They’ll soon be second nature. (Brainiac fact: it takes as little as 18 days to form a habit, and you’ll feel good knowing you’re doing the best for your bird's health.)

#1. Clean Up After Meals

Just like in our own homes, one day of neglecting dishes, and, bam, it’s Reek City! (We’re talking to you, crusty scrambled egg pan.) To keep things fresh, wash seed dishes and bottles once a day in hot, soapy water. Birds don’t like scents, so be sure to use an unscented dish soap. Everything should be dry before going back in the cage. Also, remove any wet bird food after meals so it doesn’t get moldy and smelly.

#2. Change the Bird Cage Liner

Cage liners should be changed every day to stop the bird cage from smelling. To save yourself time, line the cage with several layers once a week and then just remove the top layer each day. (Check the layer underneath to make sure it’s dry.)

#3. Make a Clean Sweep

Rather than sweep things under the metaphorical (and literal) rug, make your vacuum cleaner or broom your new BFF and clean up stray seeds, feathers and other nasties that escape the bird cage daily. If you have a mat under the cage to catch stray debris, this can make it easier.

In addition to your daily bird cage cleaning steps, you’ll want to do a deeper clean approximately once a week, where all the nooks and crannies of the cage, toys, perches, etc. are sprayed down and cleaned. And, of course, spot-clean as often as needed.

What NOT to Use to Make a Bird Cage Smell Good

Scented cleaning products, candles, plug-ins, air fresheners and even perfumes we wear can be highly toxic to a bird’s delicate respiratory system. Their lungs simply don’t operate the same as humans’ or even other pets’ lungs.

Birds transfer more oxygen with each breath, which in turn means toxins in the air can be transported more efficiently.

Fragrances are made of chemicals and they can travel down a bird’s air pipes and be absorbed into their system, causing them to get sick or worse.

(This is not meant as a scare tactic; many well-meaning bird parents simply aren’t aware of how toxic fragrances are to birds.)

So rule #1 for how to make a bird cage smell good is to avoid harsh fragrance-filled cleaning products. You’ll want a cage cleaner specifically designed for birds and their sensitive lungs.

The Bird Cage Cleaner You’ll Be "Cuckoo" For ...

To keep your bird cage fresh and clean – without polluting the air your birdie breathes – roll with Oxyfresh Cage & Crate Cleaner.

This vet-approved bird cage cleaner-and-deodorizer-in-one is free of bleach, ammonia, and ALL fragrances to keep your bird cheerfully chirping.

And, unlike other bird cage cleaners, it makes spot cleaning and weekly deep-cleans a breeze because there’s no need to scrub or rinse. Just spray and wipe away!

bird cage cleaning made easy infographic

What’s our secret for easy bird cage cleaning? Oxygene®. This powerful, proprietary ingredient neutralizes bacteria and odors on contact and removes stuck-on bird poo like magic. Best of all, it’s non-toxic and safe for everyone in your flock.

We could tweet about it all day, but why not try it for yourself? You're sure to see why it’s the EASIEST solution for how to keep a bird cage from smelling.

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