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Bird Cage Cleaning Advice - 3 Things To Know

What’s your least favorite chore? If bird cage cleaning tops the list, check out 3 tips to make it easier ... on you AND your bird!

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Cleaning our own homes can be a real chore. While it’s no big deal to save scrubbing the toilet until company’s coming over (eek!), for our birds, blowing off their cage cleaning can have big consequences. A dirty bird cage can cause our feathered friends to become sick, stressed or downright unhappy.

If you’re not yet a pro at bird cage cleaning, it can feel overwhelming. But don’t worry. Just follow this sage bird cleaning advice and it will soon be smooth sailing!

3 Things to Know About Bird Cage Cleaning

#1. You Can Save Lots of Time With the Right Cleaner

With most bird cage cleaners, you have to thoroughly rinse away the product. That’s because any toxic remnants left behind can be harmful for birds to breathe in or ingest.

Even everyone’s favorite DIY cleaner – vinegar – has to be thoroughly rinsed because birds hate the smell of it (bird's got the word!) and it can irritate their airways.

No doubt rinsing can be cumbersome and time intensive. And if you’re using your shower or the sink to clean your bird cage, then you have to clean THAT when you’re all done. Our hands and backs could definitely use a break, right?

That’s why savvy bird parents are making Oxyfresh Cage & Crate Cleaner their go-to product. It makes cleaning bird cages easier for one key reason. YOU DON’T HAVE TO RINSE.

It’s true! Because this premium cleaner is 100% non-toxic and free of fragrances, bleach, and parabens, you don’t have to fuss with the extra step of rinsing. Just spray it on, let it sit for three minutes, then wipe the solution away. That’s it!

The secret to its cleaning power is Oxygene®, a safe, proprietary oxidizer that neutralizes harmful and odorous bacteria on contact. Gentle yet effective, this ingredient even has roots as a water purifier!

#2. Go Double to Avoid Trouble

Yes, it will be pricier upfront, but having two of certain items will save you from unwanted stress as you clean your bird’s cage. We’re talking items that need to be thoroughly washed and dried daily, like food dishes and the water bottle.

It’s also smart to have an extra perch. Wood perches in particular can take a while to dry, and putting wet items into a bird cage can encourage bacteria growth. Having a second cage to put your bird in while you’re doing a deeper cage clean will also come in handy.

A note about bird toys: don’t double up on the SAME toys, but rather, make sure you have extra toys and rotate them often, like once a week. Just like toddlers can get bored playing with the same toys all the time, so can birds! Toys are essential for their happiness and mental stimulation. (Read up on how to choose a safe bird toy.)

#3. Stick to a Bird Cage Cleaning Schedule

One of the most common FAQs to keep your bird cage clean is, "How often do I clean the bird cage?"

While it can vary a bit based on how many birds you have, the size of your bird, and the type of cage you have, one thing is sure: stick to a schedule versus cleaning the cage on a lark. That way it will be less overwhelming and you can help avoid common health conditions in pet birds.

Here’s a general guide for keeping the bird cage clean ...

  • Change the cage liner: This will go a long way in stopping bird cage odors. Be sure to avoid colored ink in paper liners, as the dyes can be toxic.
  • Wash and dry dishes & water bottle: Hot soapy water with an unscented dish soap is best for birds. For water bottles, make sure you have a bristle brush that will get all the way in to clean it.
  • Spot clean your bird’s belongings: This includes perches, toys, bars, etc. You can use a damp cloth for this, or to really neutralize bacteria, spray and wipe away with Oxyfresh Cage & Crate Cleaner.
  • Clean the floor: Sweep or vacuum up any debris that’s landed outside the cage.

This is a deeper clean of the cage where the bird should be moved to a separate room (ideally in a spare cage). The cage and all its components should be thoroughly sprayed down with your bird cleaner of choice and left to sit for a few minutes.

Remember – if you roll with Oxyfresh Cage & Crate Cleaner, you can just spray and wipe away because the cleaner is non-toxic and fragrance free. If you choose to use bleach, vinegar, or scented products, you’ll need to thoroughly rinse the solution away to avoid upsetting your bird’s sensitive respiratory system.

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The weekly clean is a great time to change out your bird’s toys too. This will give them something to look forward to and they won’t mind being moved for the weekly clean. Wash the toys coming out of the cage in hot soapy water with unscented soap and then let them air dry.

Happy Bird Cage Cleaning! Being a bird parent can bring you a lot of joy. And when you keep your bird’s cage squeaky clean, they’ll be happy too! So follow the advice we outlined and see just how easy it can be.

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