Summer Odors? Oxygene® to the Rescue!

Summer Odors? Oxygene® to the Rescue!

With outdoor adventures calling, summer can be a fun – yet stinky – time of year with our furry friends. Whether it’s from rolling in things, water play, or run-ins with the wildlife (aka skunks), when stinky pet smells happen, your customers want quick and easy solutions!

Enter Oxyfresh.

We can help you tackle all your customers’ summer pet odor problems, thanks to our exclusive odor-neutralizing ingredient Oxygene®. This proprietary blend of chlorine dioxide gently and completely eliminates stinky odors right at the source via the gentle process of oxidation. No covering up bad odors through artificial fragrances like other products often do! Oxygene® is proven to stop odors and is completely safe and non-toxic. No other pet line has it!

Oxygene® Keeps Everything Fresh

EARS. If odors and itchy ears are plaguing your customers’ pets, Oxyfresh Pet Ear Cleaner is the answer. This gentle, sting-free ear cleaner is formulated without alcohol or fragrance, making it perfect for even the most sensitive pet ears.

FUR. To stop stinky fur, Oxyfresh Pet Shampoo delivers every time – even when taking on skunk smell! Everyone will love how soft and shiny their pets’ coats are, and their pets will love having a fresh, itch-free coat.

HOME. For odors in the home, from bedding to litter boxes and beyond, look no further than Oxyfresh Pet Deodorizer. Just spray and Oxygene® will get right to work at neutralizing the toughest odors … no breezy fragrances!

CAGES & CRATES. Oxyfresh Crate & Cage Cleaner makes cage cleaning a breeze (no scrubbing or rinsing) and works like magic to stop pesky odors. No fragrance, bleach or harsh chemicals, so it’s safe for the most sensitive immune systems.

Stock up on these Oxyfresh products today and help your customers have a fun, STINK-FREE summer with their pets.