Why Kids Should Use Fluoride Dental Products

Why Kids Should Use Fluoride Dental Products

Did you know that 20% of kids ages 5–11 have at least one untreated cavity, according to the CDC? This can cause discomfort, child bad breath and even interfere with their learning, eating and playing. Prevention is the best measure when it comes to kids and cavities, making kids fluoride dental products a must for healthy smiles.

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month, the perfect time to brush up on the benefits of fluoride for kids. So keep reading … we’ll even tell you which fluoride dental products for kids we recommend for the entire family.

How Fluoride Toothpaste for Kids Can Stop Cavities

Fluoride toothpaste for kids is safe, effective and recommended by both the American Dental Association and American Academy of Pediatrics for cavity protection.

By brushing your child’s teeth two times daily with a fluoride toothpaste, you’re giving them stronger, more resilient teeth to defend against acid, the culprit behind cavities. Teeth are in a constant battle against enamel-eroding acid, which is produced when bacteria in the mouth mingles with sugar in the foods we eat and drink.

Keep in mind, fluoride for kids doesn’t just affect their smiles today, but also down the road, as kids with cavities in their baby teeth are at higher risk of cavities in their adult teeth.

Fluoride can even reverse early decay – yeah, how amazing is that?

Brush Up On Fluoride for Kids

Check out these guidelines for incorporating fluoride into your child’s dental routine. And, of course, your child’s own dentist and pediatrician are fantastic resources too.

  • Infants: – When the first tooth erupts, use a grain-of-rice-size amount of fluoride toothpaste on a soft, child-size toothbrush. You may even use a wet washcloth or finger brush if that’s more convenient.
  • Kids ages 3–6: – Parents should still be brushing their kids’ teeth at this age and showing them how to spit out the toothpaste. Use a pea-size amount of fluoride toothpaste.
  • Kids age 7+: – At this age, most kids will have the manual dexterity to brush their own teeth. A good rule is that if they can tie their own shoes, they can brush their teeth. You’ll still want to supervise them, however, to make sure they’re using the right amount of toothpaste (pea-size) and brushing for 2 minutes (No wetting-the-brush-under-the-faucet trick under your watchful eye!)

What About Fluoride Mouthwash? This is recommended for ages 6 and up, when kids can spit out the mouthwash (mouthwash has a higher concentration of fluoride vs. toothpaste). TIP: Practice swishing and spitting with water first to make sure they’ve mastered this skill before introducing mouthwash.

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Which Fluoride Dental Products for Kids Get an A+?

Cavity Protection Fluoride Toothpaste

Your whole family will love this gentle, dentist-recommended fluoride toothpaste. Oxyfresh Cavity Protection Fluoride Toothpaste is low abrasion for added TLC for the enamel, delivers essential protection from cavities, and is a great guard against tooth sensitivity because it strengthens the enamel.

  • Ultimate cavity protection
  • No-stain fluoride toothpaste for kids and adults
  • Dye-free to keep pearly whites shining bright
  • Infused with natural peppermint oil
  • With Oxygene® and zinc for lasting fresh breath

Cavity Protection Fluoride Mouthwash

While other anticavity mouthwashes often use stannous fluoride, which can cause yellow teeth stains, Oxyfresh’s Cavity Protection Fluoride Mouthwash is brilliantly formulated with a safe and effective concentration of non-staining, neutral sodium fluoride to provide cavity protection without compromising bright smiles. No dyes or artificial flavors!

  • Non-staining fluoride
  • All-day fresh breath
  • No alcohol for a sting-free swish
  • Essential peppermint oil for a mild, refreshing taste
  • Naturally sweetened with xylitol to help stop plaque

We love helping ALL smiles. If you’re curious to learn more about Oxyfresh’s entire line of dental products for people and pets, head on over to Oxyfresh.com!

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