3 Tips for Teenagers Dealing With Braces Sores

3 Tips for Teenagers Dealing With Braces Sores

The end result (hello, straight teeth!) will totally be worth it, but when you’re dealing with painful braces sores, it can be hard to see the glass as half full. While mouth ulcers from braces will usually go away on their own within a week or two, why play the waiting game? In addition to ruling out poky wires and using those packets of wax from your dental goodie bag, here are some additional tips for teenagers dealing with braces sores.

#1. Rinse Your Mouth

Bacteria can cause mouth brace sores AND make existing ones more painful. A tried-and-true method for drying them out and easing discomfort is to rinse for 30 seconds with a salt water solution (1/2 tsp salt to 8 oz warm water). However, this comes with one big drawback – that awful stinging sensation! What you can do instead: rinse with Gentle Formula Unflavored Mouthrinse. There’s no burning alcohol or flavors of any kind in this formula, making it a safe and gentle way to neutralize harmful bacteria in the mouth … and give you the added perk of fresh breath.

#2. Drink Lots of Water

Drinking lots of water (sorry, sodas and sports drinks don’t count!) is the key to producing enough saliva, which helps keep the abrasiveness of brackets at a minimum. Additionally, saliva has natural antibacterial properties that help prevent mouth ulcers from forming in the first place. (If you tend to lack enough saliva even when drinking water, check out how to get rid of dry mouth.)

If you do have mouth brace sores, try adding some ice cubes to your water and swish it around your mouth, as this may help numb away discomfort and reduce swelling. Need some H20 inspiration? Check out these 22 ways to drink more water.

#3. Watch What You Eat

Ack, we get it, so many rules about food with braces! You already know about no hard sticky candies, popcorn, etc. to avoid breaking your brackets, but if you’re prone to mouth sores from braces or dealing with one as we speak, there are more things to be mindful of.

Best and worst foods to eat with braces

Bonus Tip: Ease Braces Sores with a Topical Gel

If you have tender gums or mouth sores from braces, a topical oral gel can work wonders for your smile … especially when it’s Oxyfresh Pro Relief Dental Gel. This soothing, fast-acting topical oral gel is infused with the best of science and Mother Nature, including natural ingredients like aloe vera, essential mint oil and calming chamomile that strengthen gum tissue, help soothe mouth sores and promote healing. Plus Oxygene® and zinc keep bacteria and bad breath at bay. An essential for all brace wearers!

  • Helps soothe braces sores & tender gums
  • Recommended by dentists & oral surgeons
  • Provides essential hydration to oral tissue
  • Alcohol and dye-free for no sting or stain
  • Folic acid to help reduce inflammation and sore braces

Did you know? Oxyfresh has a complete dental line to solve the unique needs of everyone in your family, whether they’re prone to cavities, have sensitive teeth, mouth ulcers from braces or dry mouth, or a halitosis problem. Check them out at oxyfresh.com and get smiling!

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