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Oxyfresh Dental

Cavity Protection Toothpaste | For Sensitive Teeth With Fluoride

This cadillac of toothpastes comes standard with everything you need for superior cavity prevention, everyday whitening, and off-the-charts fresh breath.



  • ULTIMATE CAVITY PROTECTION – Better dental health starts at home, so give your dentist a break with our powerful cavity protection toothpaste. It's uniquely pH balanced to help break the cycle of decay and is fortified with non-staining fluoride to help fight plaque and strengthen enamel.
  • HELPS WITH TOOTH SENSITIVITY – Whether from teeth whitening, poor gum health, or hot and cold food/drinks, our fresh mint with fluoride toothpaste helps soothe sensitive teeth and gums and helps remineralize enamel. It's dye free, non gritty and clinically proven to have a low abrasion rate to protect your pearly whites.
  • FIGHTS PLAQUE & TARTAR BUILDUP – Fluoride is essential to help stop plaque and tartar from overtaking your smile (and your wallet) ... but that doesn't mean the color of your teeth should pay the price! While some brands use stannous fluoride, which can cause yellow teeth stains, our brilliant formula uses neutral sodium fluoride so you can maintain your white, bright smile.
  • LONG-LASTING FRESH BREATH – Unlike toothpastes that simply mask bad breath through artificial flavors, Oxyfresh uses an exclusive ingredient called Oxygene that eliminates bad breath (volatile sulfur compounds) directly at the source for true fresh breath that lasts all day.
  • JUST TRY IT – If you've tried everything else, you might as well try something that works. Our premium formula is trusted by dentists to help prevent tooth decay and help with remineralization for tooth sensitivity, and just like all Oxyfresh oral care products, our anti-cavity toothpaste is made in the USA with the best of science and Mother Nature.


This toothpaste was recommended by my dentist and it is by far the best I’ve ever used. My mouth is so healthy!


woman slipping sock on her little girl's foot during their cheerful morning routine woman slipping sock on her little girl's foot during their cheerful morning routine

Morning routines made better

Oxyfresh formulas are a favorite of families everywhere. No harsh burn, just gently refreshing oral care that protects day and night.


best remineralizing toothpaste

See ya later, tooth sensitivity

Now you can have your (ice cream) cake and eat it too! This is the best remineralizing toothpaste for sensitivity, as we use sodium fluoride vs. stannous fluoride, which is notorious for tooth stains.

Read more about the benefits of fluoride.

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Product Questions

Our RDA (Relative Dentin Abrasivity) is 95, which means it's gentle on enamel while still getting your teeth clean of surface stains.

Our level of 0.235% sodium fluoride in our Cavity Protection toothpaste is proven to be effective at fighting cavities, and safe for daily use without causing teeth stains.

Our fluoride toothpaste packs a little more punch than other formulas with peppermint oil.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 456 reviews
Ray (Duluth, MN)
The best

Love everything about this toothpaste. I use this and the fresh breath mouthwash and feel confident.

Violetrose (Bluffton, SC)
Great Product

I really like the Cavity Protection Toothpaste and Mouth Wash. I wish they were available in travel sizes.

Lisa (Brookline, MO)
Tooth paste

My tooth paste is great!The cavity protection formula is Not to strong on flavor,just right. It Whitens my teeth and helps prevent cavities. I'm pleased with the tooth paste.

Beth Z (Clarksville, TN)
No more pain!

I’ve used sensitive toothpaste before and well known brands. Yes those brands worked too BUT it took awhile before I felt relief. Oxyfresh Cavity Protection / Sensitive Teeth formula provided me instant relief on the second evening brushing. I use this particular product at night while I still enjoy their Fresh Breath lemon mint toothpaste upon awakening in the morning. Love this brand. It works!

Judith Smith

I’m a very big advocate of all things Oxyfresh… ii fill in (hygienist) in offices everywhere in OKC area and never fail to take my Oxyfresh products and recommend them with handwritten name, products website and MANY patients follow thru with the orders.
I have noticed the toothpaste seems to be getting more thin and actually ‘runny’ now… and patients have brought it to my attention as well. It has come to the point that it is ‘messy’. I wish you would reconsider the makeup of the consistency as some patients have actually tried to get off of it because of that issue. I’m sure I’m not the only one that has noticed this issue.

Thank you for the attention to this problem.
Judith E Smith RDH

r.m. (New York, NY)
Since 1998

I’ve been using oxyfresh toothpaste and mouthwash for 25 years or so. I haven’t had a cavity since using it. Genetics and oxyfresh is the reason for this.

The town in Idaho where these guys are from is great too.

Thanks oxyfresh.

Lowell Price (Arlington, TX)

Have used this for years & pleased with how it keeps my teeth & mouth.

Danelle Kelly (Boca Raton, FL)
The best toothpaste

Over my 70 years I have used different toothpastes. By far, Oxyfresh is my toothpaste of choice and will be for the rest of my life!!

Stephanie Carr (Sycamore, IL)

Cavity Protection Toothpaste | For Sensitive Teeth With Fluoride

Marian Padgett (Montgomery, AL)

Cavity Protection Toothpaste | For Sensitive Teeth With Fluoride


Your Home Matters

So does our shared home – the planet. Oxyfresh is committed to a brighter future for generations to come. Our formulas combine the best of science & nature to bring you the safest, most effective products on the market.

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It's our brilliant, game-changing ingredient that seems like magic, but it's really just great science. Learn more.

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