From Coffee to Cola: 5 Tips to Avoid Teeth Stains

From Coffee to Cola: 5 Tips to Avoid Teeth Stains

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We all want a white, bright smile. But here’s the problem: we also want our coffee, cola and the occasional glass of Cabernet.

Is it really possible to enjoy our favorite drinks without the worry of unsightly teeth stains? Yes! So keep reading because these 5 tips will show you how!

Tip #1: Brush Before

It may feel like a natural instinct to brush right away after your cups of coffee or if you have a reddish smile from that glass of wine. Try to resist and wait for a little bit. Brushing right after can damage your tooth enamel, as the high acidity content in these drinks makes your teeth ultra sensitive to abrasion.

Instead, brush beforehand. Tannins in these staining drinks latch onto plaque, so if it’s not there, it can’t cling to it!

Tip #2: Sip with a Straw

Embrace your inner child and start drinking through a straw. If the staining liquids don’t have contact with your teeth, they can’t stain them! Aim the straw at the back of your tongue to avoid contact with your teeth. This may feel a bit awkward at first, but you’ll get the hang of it in no time!

Love contributing to a healthy planet? There are a number of reusable, eco-friendly straws on the market!

Tip #3: Make H20 Your BFF

Whatever teeth-staining beverage you’re enjoying, always have a glass of water right alongside it. Swish and then swallow throughout. This will reduce the damaging contact on your teeth and flush out all those staining compounds. This one simple step can make a huge difference for your smile. And bonus, drinking more water is just plain good for you!

Tip #4: Rethink the Cream

Many people think that “lightening” up their coffee with creamers and milk means they’re minimizing the staining impact on their teeth. This is actually a myth. The same amount of teeth-staining tannins in that cup of coffee will still be there even if you’re lightening it. Plus, sugar and cream can work against you because of their sugar content. It ups the amount of plaque and gives the tannins something sticky to hang onto.

Tip #5: Get Swishing

Swishing with mouthwash is one of the best ways to remove plaque and clean the teeth. But … for some people, mouthwash is actually working against their white, bright smiles. Many store-brand mouthwashes have ingredients and dyes that can stain the teeth a dull grey. Not OK! Be choosy and make sure your mouthwash is working FOR your smile.

Wish for a stain-free swish? Look no further than Oxyfresh Mouthwash. Our 5 unique formulas are dye-free and contain no ingredients that can stain your teeth. Plus, no alcohol means no sting or burn!

Oxyfresh mouthwashes are naturally sweetened with xylitol, a natural ingredient in fruits and veggies shown to fight plaque.

Which One Is Calling Your Name?

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