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Can I Take My Dog Into Home Depot 2022?

How Doers (With Dogs) Get More Done. What you need to know before taking your dog to Home Depot.
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Know before you go

Our faithful four-legged friends follow us everywhere. (Seriously, can’t we just go to the bathroom in peace?!) So no surprise that when we’re putting on our shoes to go to Home Depot – you know, to replace the sprinkler head Fido just chewed up – the dog wants to come too! But are dogs actually allowed in Home Depot? Keep reading so you can know before you go.

Are Dogs Allowed in Home Depot?

When shopping at my local Home Depot, you’d never guess that the official corporate policy is service animals only. (Emotional support animals do not count as service animals, btw.)

That’s not to say that my Home Depot looks like a dog park. On any given day, you’ll see a few well-behaved, leashed dogs minding their own beeswax while helping their pet parents shop for plumbing parts.

This is true of many Home Depot locations across America. So reading between the lines, whether or not dogs are allowed in Home Depot really depends on each location and their own manager’s discretion.

One thing’s for sure: you don’t want to drive to the store, find a parking spot (finally!), and head inside just to find out that it’s no dogs allowed. So simply call beforehand to see what the dog policy is at your nearest Home Depot.

How Doers (With Dogs) Get More Done

As we can all attest to, running into Home Depot for "just one little thing" is never how it goes! Before we know it, we’re enticed by the shiny gleam of all the nuts and bolts, and hey, why not shop for some plants since we’re already here?

That’s why it pays to be prepared before you go shopping with your dog, so you can get more done ...

  • Gooood Boy (Or Girl): This isn’t a time to determine if those training lessons for your unruly pup have paid off. As a courtesy to the store and your fellow shoppers, dogs should be leashed at all times and have a track record for being well-behaved. (No one wants to be head-butted when leaning down to pet a dog, after all.)
  • Potty Time: The reason dogs aren’t allowed in restaurants (besides the patio area at some places) or grocery stores is because it’s deemed unsanitary. So to avoid a 10-year-old’s favorite emoji in a pile in the aisle, make sure your dog goes beforehand (and carry an eco-friendly dog poop baggie just in case).
  • Treats: Whether it’s to reward positive behavior or to provide a distraction when needed, make sure you have some treats on hand for your pooch.

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Here's to happy shopping, fresh pet breath, and rocking all your home improvement projects!

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