Premium Pet Dental Spray - Fastest Way to Eliminate Pet Bad Breath
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Premium Pet Dental Spray - Fastest Way to Eliminate Pet Bad Breath

Fast, easy, and it works ... what more could you ask for? Our dental spray is the most convenient way to stay on top of your pet's daily oral care routine. Just spritz away the bad breath and plaque with ease.



cruelty free scent free flavor free made in the usa
  • FINALLY, ELIMATE DOG BAD BREATH – Finally say goodbye to pet bad breath with our innovative pet breath spray. Simply spray on each side of your pet's teeth or just spray into their water bowl.
  • CLEAN TEETH AND HEALTHY GUMS – Easiest no-brush solution to clean pet’s teeth, help remove pet plaque, fight periodontal issues, and strengthen pet gum tissue.
  • SAFE FOR CATS AND DOGS – The safest way to freshen pet breath without harsh chemicals, xylitol, mints, tea tree or clove oils, alcohol, etc. Only ingredients that matter for pet dental solutions and fresh breath and are 100% non-toxic.
  • PETS LOVE IT BECAUSE IT IS ODORLESS AND TASTELESS – Our Pet Dental Spray is undetectable so even the pickiest pets love it.
  • IT WORKS – Trusted by pet parents and veterinarians because it works better than anything else at solving the toughest pet bad breath issues.


Our little dog’s breath went from nasty to fresh immediately. Unbelievable! It’s much more enjoyable to hold and love on him now!

Rozwell B.

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Healthy teeth, happy pets

Oxyfresh pet formulas are crafted with only the safest and most effective ingredients to give you peace of mind. You can feel good knowing that our pet dental products are purrrfectly safe for your bestie.


Cat and Dog Breath Spray

For the cost of two coffees ...

You could keep your sidekick's smile in tip-top shape for a month! Just a couple spritzes a day are enough to prevent cavities, irritated gums, and foul breath. Paired with our Pet Dental Water Additive, it's a match made in heaven.

Read 1-Step Solution for Clean Cat Teeth: No Brushing Required.

Got questions?

Product Questions

We do not participate in animal testing, which is required by the VOHC, so we have not sought out their approval. Our products have been in vet offices and used by consumers for more than 30 years.

Absolutely! This cat breath freshener can be used on all pets, of any age.

Tooth brushing is still the gold standard in pet dental care, but our Pet Dental Spray does help fight plaque, which is the starting point of gum issues. Ideally, use this as an add-on to your pet's dental routine. It's especially great when you're crunched for time.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Kathy Ressler (Rockford, IL)
works for us

i have two dogs that do not like their teeth brushed. it's hard enough to get their mouths open but the spray is so much easier. thank you

Alfonso ugalde (Chino, CA)

I had used the water additive with no results than had dental work done on her
tried again with the water additive and spray so far not working, oh well

Raquel Phinney
Effective product

Both my dogs used to have unpleasant breath smell before and after a week of constantly drinking their water w this solution, their breath smell has significantly improved; does not smell anything at all anymore. A whole bottle even lasts for 6 weeks!

Lisa (Hollister, MO)

Gives my dog better smelling breath. I haven't used it long enough to know if it helps tarter control yet. My dog isn't used to the spray part and jumps, or trys to get away from me. Hopefully she gets used to it.

Donna Egerton
Good lookin teeth!

Love LOVE this stuff! I use it faithfully every day! My dog is almost 14 and her teeth look great! Her breath is soooo much better too. I will use this always.

Diane Jones
Like the taste

Dog's didn't like the spray sound, but love the taste

Mary Patterson

My dauschund is very ill and too old to have teeth cleaned at vet so this helps with bad breath.

Mary Gjullin
No more bad breath!

After using Oxyfresh products for one week our dog no longer has bad breath! She tolerates the Oxyfresh products without any side effects and we are all loving the results so far!

Carmen Martinez
Life saver

After the second day using the toothpaste and the spray on my little Lilly I noticed the difference I love it we give her more kisses before Oxyfresh her breath was terrible and today it smells great thank you Oxyfresh

New customer

I've been using the water and I also bought the spray and it has improved her breath in less than a week! It's wonderful and I will be buying more. Great product and safe to use as well. Thank you Oxyfresh