Better Than Vinegar: The Best Cleaner for Dog Kennels

Better Than Vinegar: The Best Cleaner for Dog Kennels

Vinegar is one of the most popular natural DIY cleaners. And definitely a better option for cleaning dog kennel odor and grime away versus disinfectants that use bleach, harsh fragrances or ammonia. Those ingredients can harm dogs’ respiratory systems and upset their stomachs if they inhale fumes or lick an area that hasn’t been thoroughly rinsed.

But let’s get real: do any of us really like the smell of vinegar in such large amounts? What if there was a non-toxic kennel cleaning alternative that was just as effective without the nasty smell? Well spoiler alert, there is! So keep reading to find out the best cleaner for dog kennels that you can actually feel good about using around your dog.

Wait, Do Dogs Even Mind the Smell of Vinegar … Or Is it Just Us?

Consider this: dogs have 300 million olfactory receptors in their noses versus us humans who have six million, making their sense of smell 40 times greater than ours. So if WE don’t like the smell of vinegar, it’s even worse for our pets. Vinegar is even listed as a “Top 10 Smell That Dogs Hate,” according to Daily Dog Stuff.

If you do use vinegar as a dog kennel cleaner disinfectant, just make sure your pet can be outside or in a different area while you’re cleaning. And, of course, you’ll want to rinse the area thoroughly to remove the offending odor so they can feel cozy and comfy when you’re all done.

Non-Toxic Dog Kennel Cleaner That’s Better Than Vinegar

If you don’t want to deal with the smell of vinegar or have to spend all that time rinsing the kennel after you’ve disinfected it, save the vinegar for your salad dressing and give Oxyfresh Cate & Crate Cleaner a try.

This groundbreaking dog kennel cleaner loves to multi-task. It’s fantastic at removing stubborn grime while neutralizing stinky odors at the same time. Rather than covering up odors with harsh fragrances like other products often do, our unique formula gets rid of odors completely with our exclusive non-toxic ingredient, Oxygene®.

There’s no bleach, no ammonia, no harsh chemicals – and no rinsing required! Just spray and wipe away. It’s so easy, and it’s the only dog kennel cleaning equipment you’ll need besides a towel or rag!

Dog Kennel Cleaning in 4 Easy Steps

When it comes to dog kennel cleaners, choose Oxyfresh non-toxic and safe-for-pets Cage & Crate Cleaner. It’s fast, effective, and makes kennel cleaning a breeze. No nasty smells, and you just spray and wipe away!

P.S. Want more ways to pamper your pet – while helping the earth at the same time? Then check out these 5 best eco-friendly pet products.

oxyfresh cage & crate cleaner makes cleaning a breeze

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