Top Dog! 3 Reasons You'll Love Oxyfresh Dog Water Additive

Top Dog! 3 Reasons You'll Love Oxyfresh Dog Water Additive.

If you’re a pet parent who doesn’t want to fuss with brushing your dog’s teeth (we hear you!), that doesn’t mean you have to deal with stinky dog breath, yellow teeth and periodontal disease. You can still get your dog’s smile sparkly clean and their breath fresh with the convenience of a daily dog water additive.

There are many brands to choose from, but only one that’s top dog: Oxyfresh Pet Dental Water Additive. Named a 2020 Family Choice Award Winner, here are 3 reasons it’s paws-down the best dog water additive out there.

#1. It’s Tasteless & Odorless

Boring old kibble treat? Pass. Chicken straight out of your soup bowl? Yes please. If you already have a pooch who’s picky about food, imagine messing with their water dish! Many dog formula water additives contain flavors and scents, from green tea to beef brisket, that dogs simply turn their noses up at.

Oxyfresh’s dog dental water additive is refreshingly different. It’s 100% non-toxic and completely free of flavors and scents. Just add 1 capful a day to their water bowl, and your otherwise brilliant dog won’t even know it’s in there!

#2. Uniquely Formulated to Stop Dog Plaque

For a healthy smile, removing plaque from your dog’s teeth is key. Plaque is the root of nearly all dog dental problems, from bad breath to gingivitis to periodontal disease. And a plaque problem can easily spiral out of control. Within just 24 hours, plaque – a gummy substance that’s easy to remove – can start to harden into tartar, a yellowish-brown, rock-hard substance that’s NOT easy to remove and requires a professional cleaning.

#3. Dog Water Additive That Freshens Instantly

You love snuggling with your dog, but when they exhale a big whiff of bad breath right in your face, it’s game over! Well, not anymore. Our fast-acting, USA-made dog breath water additive provides instant fresh pet breath without harmful masking agents like mint, clove and tea tree oils. Our secret is Oxygene®, a gentle, non-toxic ingredient that safely neutralizes bad breath-causing bacteria on contact, giving your dog fresher breath with every sip. Veterinarians recommend it and you and your dog will love it!

P.S. Now that you’ve discovered our exclusive water additive for dogs’ tartar control – the easy way to care for your dog’s smile – why not pamper your pooch from head to tail? Check out our full line of safe, gentle and always eco-friendly pet grooming products at