3 Little-Known Ingredients That Can Change Your Mood in Hours

3 Little-Known Ingredients That Can Change Your Mood in Hours

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“Ugh, I’m in such a bad mood!” How often do you find yourself thinking, muttering … or even screaming those words? Sometimes it’s obvious why we’re in a bad mood: a fight with our partner, a bad day at work, or an unexpected car repair. But more often than not, it’s hard to pinpoint. Our bad mood JUST IS ... and it’s keeping us from being happy.

Too Much Facebook

Too much time on Facebook can put us in a seriously bad mood. All those pics of “perfect couples,” “perfect meals” and “perfect vacations” can make us feel jealous and inadequate … definitely not good for our mood.

Did You Know? A study done by the Happiness Research Institute showed that people who gave up Facebook for 1 week had happier moods than those who continued to get on Social Media … by almost 40%!

Negative Nancys

You know how when you see someone else yawn, it makes you yawn too? Well, studies suggest that bad moods are just as contagious as other people’s germs or “yawns.” When your partner, colleagues, and friends have a bad mood or Negative Nancy mentality, it can land smack dab onto you.


A study by researchers at Kansas State University revealed that people who work more than 50 hours a week aren’t just physically more unhealthy than they’re “easygoing” counterparts … they have reduced mental well-being too.

You’re Slouched Over

Mom was right when she harped on you to sit up straight. Having good posture can actually improve your mood and energy levels.

You’re Not Getting “Food for Your Mood”

The relationship between food and mood is a powerful one, yet it’s often overlooked when it comes to our happiness. If you’re not fueling your body with mood-boosting nutrients, a chronic bad mood can follow you around like a storm cloud over your head.

3 Little-Known Ingredients That Can Change Your Mood in Hours:

1. GanedenBC30® Probiotic

You already know that probiotics (“good” bacteria) are essential for a healthy gut and immune system. But here’s some food for thought: probiotics are also good for your mood. It’s true! Our brains and digestive systems are so closely linked that scientists often refer to the gut as our “second brain.” That “second brain” has a huge influence on your actual brain, affecting your mood, behavior and overall mental health. GanedenBC30® is the best probiotic you can take for better health and a happier mood. This powerful, patented and clinically proven probiotic has the highest survivability of a probiotic on the market. That means it can survive the acidic environment of the stomach. Why this matters: If a probiotic can’t survive the journey to your intestines, it cannot benefit you … or your mood! Studies prove it. An independent lab study found that GanedenBC30® had a 78% survival rate passing through the acidic stomach.Compare that to the leading yogurt brand with probiotics … it has less than 1% survivability.

2. Citicoline

Did you know? Science shows that our brainpower starts to decline at age 40. This is troubling for a number of reasons … one of them being the connection between mental performance and mood. If you want to protect yourself from mental decline, moodiness and that annoying brain fog – Citicoline is a must-have brain supplement. Citicoline is a naturally occurring compound that’s only found in a few foods like liver and brain … things we don’t often eat in western diets. That’s why supplementation is vital for better brain health and a happier mood. (See the Citicoline study on women ages 40-60.) Citicoline slows down cellular aging in the brain, fuels your neurotransmitters, and gives you sustained mental performance.

3. Vitamin D

You know that feeling you get on a warm, carefree summer day? There’s science behind it. Vitamin D is known as the “sunshine” vitamin because of its ability to naturally boost our mood. Our skin makes this essential vitamin when we’re exposed to the sun. (Not many foods naturally contain vitamin D). There’s just one problem: most of the U.S. is covered in clouds and stormy skies this time of year. And even when it is sunny, we’re slathered up in so much sunscreen that we can’t get the sun rays needed to make this natural mood-boosting vitamin. No wonder 50% of the entire American population is deficient in vitamin D … and this is making for a society of major Cranky Pants. That’s why supplementing this sunshine vitamin is so important. When supplementing, the type of vitamin D matters. Look for D3 … that’s the same form of Vitamin D that your body produces naturally from sun exposure. D3 is preferred over D2 (found in many other supplements) because it’s more effective in delivering your body all those mood-boosting benefits.