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Sharper memory and focus? It’s a no-brainer for our powerful MIND® nootropic, formulated with a scientific blend of core nutrients, clinically proven to boost memory and concentration.
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Mind will be discontinued October 2024. We encourage you to stock up while supplies last.



Sometimes the economics of business do not match up with our passions. The Life Matters product line was certainly a passion project. We launched in 2010 without even a name so we called the first product, "So Cool It Hurts". Life Shotz followed and then came Vibe, Motion and Mind. We have always been very proud of these formulas.

In the last few years the demand for our products has radically shifted from human to pet care. We did not anticipate this but we made the decision to support it. Nutrition is now just a tiny piece of our business and the economics do not support us continuing to support it.

We are eternally grateful to you, our loyal customers. We know this may be frustrating for you. It is for us as well.

We encourage you to stock up while supplies last. Here are estimated discontinue dates:

VIBE Vanilla shakes: SOLD OUT
VIBE Chocolate shakes: SOLD OUT
MIND: October 2024

Thank you for your continued loyalty and friendship.

Richard & Kimmy Brooke, Chief Executive Officer
Tom Lunneborg, Chief Operations Officer
Melissa Gulbranson, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

  • BOOST BRAIN POWER – MIND's superstar brain booster is a proprietary form of choline – Cognizin® Citicoline – clinically proven to improve memory and motor speed.
  • GOODBYE, BRAIN FOG – From spacing on your PIN to forgetting names, brain fog can be embarrassing! MIND helps break through the fog, giving your brain the mental edge it needs to stay active & sharp.
  • PROTECT EYE HEALTH – Too much screen time? We hear ya! That's why MIND has FloraGLO Lutein to improve visual performance & help protect from blue light, eye strain & Age-Related Macular Degeneration.
  • IMPROVE MEMORY – Whether you have a big test or a big work presentation, MIND's got you covered with Bacopa monnieri, a natural Ayurvedic herb shown to improve memory and reduce stress & anxiety.
  • MAXIMIZE NEURO HEALTH –MIND is the ultimate nootropic brain food, with naturally occurring nutrients, amino acids & plant compounds to nourish your mind ... no jittery caffeine or stimulants.


See ya later, brain fog

Whether you have your mind on your money or your money on your mind, now you won’t forget it! MIND features the proprietary brain booster Cognizin Citicoline, clinically proven to boost memory and brain function.

Got questions?

Product Questions

This is a natural ingredient for vision supplements, and is the most studied and trusted lutein brand with over 100 human clinical trials. FloraGLO Lutein is an extract from marigold flowers, providing the same absorbable form of lutein found in foods.

While we have great taste in ingredients, this will not taste good if you bust open the capsules.

Nootropics (aka "smart drugs") encompass any drug or supplement known to boost mental performance and acuity.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 72 reviews
Eugene Backlund (Johnson City, TN)

It helps me to stay focused during my stressful workday.

Curtis (Seahurst, WA)

Noticed 0 results in almost 2 weeks now. Probably better products out there. Don’t waste your money on this one.

william rosenstein

I never expected the positive results from taking this supplement, but I've experienced a noticeable positive difference in my ability to focus. I'm nearly completely cynical when it comes to advertising claims, but taking a chance (of sorts) on this product is paying off. Bill

Val O.
Got My Sharpness Back

After not being able to get Prevagen during the lockdowns, I tried PQQ. PQQ didn't help one bit. Because I get Oxyfresh mouthwash and really like it, and I saw the high reviews for MIND®, I thought that I would give it a try. I only bought two months worth at first. I experienced a better improvement than from Prevagen. I have since ordered more. When I wake in the morning, I instantly know what day it is and the date, spelling has returned, less forgetting what was on my list without checking, really just better memory function overall. I definitely recommend MIND®. ?????

Nikki Gibson

MIND has worked really well for me. I have more focus and better concentration. I highly recommend this supplement.

Orville and Carole Ennis - Las Vegas, NV / Customer since the 80's
Great nutrition

My wife, Carole and I are both in our 70’s. We take MIND along with VITALITY to ensure that we will not suffer cognitive decline due to abuse and neglect of our nutritional needs. MIND and VITALITY give us that optimal brain nutrition we need.

John Bomarito
Mind & Oxyfresh Mouthwash

Great products that have nothing comparatively in retail stores. I can tell my focus and thinking are sharper and faster with Mind.

Audrey (Penny) Brooke
Thank You For My Order

My order was perfect!

Denise D.
Good Stuff

I'm really not sure if this stuff works or not. Sometimes I think it does, sometimes not. My focus comes and goes. I love your dental products, though. They're all I use.

Carmen S.
Carm’s Review

Super Excellent!!!! Love Mind!!! I have been off of Mind for a year and back on for a week at only 1 capsule a day and already feeling a HUGE significant difference!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!


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