Oxyfresh Dental Spray Named a Healthy Paws Pick

Oxyfresh Dental Spray Named a Healthy Paws Pick

Modern Cat magazine’s fall-winter 2023 edition features Oxyfresh Dental Spray as a picky-cat-approved solution.

As much as we love our feline friends, they can be frustratingly finicky about their dental care (and we have the claw marks to prove it).

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to take the hiss-terics out of cat dental care: Oxyfresh Dental Spray, named a Healthy Paws Pick in Modern Cat magazine’s fall-winter 2023 edition.

The author writes:

Oxyfresh’s flavour-free, picky-cat-approved dental spray helps prevent plaque buildup, reduce periodontal issues, and maintain healthy gum tissue with no hassle. Their proprietary bad breath-fighting ingredient, Oxygene, works on contact to safely eliminate odors caused by bacteria in your cat’s mouth.

This is the easy-peasy alternative to tooth brushing. Simply spray your cat’s plaque and bad breath away! And because it’s flavor free (cats hate minty sprays), they won’t run away or bat you in the face.

Even if you’re a cat parent who does brush Kitty’s teeth, Oxyfresh Dental Spray is a must-have for when you can’t brush every day or your furry friend needs an instant fresh breath pick-me-up, like after an extra fishy treat!

Discover how easy and effective cat dental care can be with the spray that veterinarians and modern cat people are crazy about!

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