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34 Pet Products That Reviewers Say Are "Lifesavers" – BuzzFeed

Oxyfresh Water Additive featured in BuzzFeed article on how to make life easier for pet parents!

Let’s be honest: as adorable as they are, our four-legged children can be astonishingly messy and high maintenance.

But fear not! Life as a pet parent CAN be easier, especially in the arena of their dental care, thanks to Oxyfresh Water Additive, which was recently highlighted in the BuzzFeed article: 34 Pet Products That Reviewers Say Are "Lifesavers."

Oxyfresh Water Additive makes it possible to give pets the ultimate fresh breath and squeaky-clean teeth and gums without the toothbrushing drama or messes!

In the article, BuzzFeed staff member Gabriela Manjarrez writes, "With just a capful of this glorious plaque-fighting liquid to their water bowl or fountain, your pet’s teeth and gums will stay clean. Plus, it helps eliminate that stinky breath!"

What makes Oxyfresh Water Additive the alpha dog of water additives is it’s completely free of flavors and scents. That way, picky pets are none-the-wiser about how this solution is benefiting their oral health! With every drink of water, they’ll get essential protection against plaque, bad breath, and gum disease ... without even knowing it. (See? We are smarter than our pets!)

Customer Tania was quoted in the article as saying: We adopted our 8-year-old Maltipoo. The last time he had had a dental was 7 years ago! So our vet did a dental checkup, removed tartar, removed a few teeth, and still his breath was kickin’. I would gag just having him near me. But once we bought this water additive, his breath no longer bothers me at all! Huge lifesaver for my nose.

You work hard enough for your pets, so make their dental care EASY with Oxyfresh Water Additive. Order some today!

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