Oxyfresh Water Additive Featured as a ‘Lifesaver’ Product on HuffPost

Oxyfresh Water Additive Featured as a ‘Lifesaver’ Product on HuffPost

Modern Cat magazine’s fall-winter 2023 edition features Oxyfresh Dental Spray as a picky-cat-approved solution.
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HuffPost article lists the lifesaver products every pet parent should own, based on popular reviews!

Pets are like our kids. They’re just as messy, cute, and let’s not forget PICKY, especially when it comes to their dental care.

So no surprise that Oxyfresh Water Additive was featured in the HuffPost article 34 Pet Products That Reviewers Say are ‘Lifesavers.’

Oxyfresh Water Additive saves pets (and their parents) from the drama of toothbrushing while delivering the same benefits. And it quite literally can be a lifesaver, as adopting a dental routine could add 2–5 years to a pet’s life!

Author Gabriela Manjarrez wrote: With just a capful of this glorious plaque-fighting liquid to their water bowl or fountain, your pet’s teeth and gums will stay clean. Plus, it helps eliminate that stinky breath!

One of the reviews in the article stated: Once we bought this water additive, our maltipoo’s breath no longer bothers me at all! Huge lifesaver for my nose.

Unlike water additives filled with flavors (no self-respecting pet wants their water to taste like mint, poultry or green tea), Oxyfresh Water Additive doesn’t rely on flavor coverups. Instead, its proprietary ingredient Oxygene® eliminates the bacteria that cause plaque and bad breath right at the source.

Thousands of reviewers can’t be wrong, so see for yourself why Oxyfresh Water Additive is a lifesaver and order some today!

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