How to Foolproof Your Tub Against Grime

How to Foolproof Your Tub Against Grime

Cleaning the bathtub. It’s the household chore that no one in your family wants to do! Well, if you’ve drawn the short end of the sponge, relax!

We’re going to show you how easy it can be to get rid of bathtub mold, bathtub stains, and everything in between without using harsh chemicals. (Of course, go ahead and make it seem like you toiled away all day on the tub. Your secret is safe with us!)

How to Clean Hard Water Bathtub Stains

Hard water stains, lime scale, mineral deposits … whatever you call it, one thing is certain: these stains can be annoying and hard to remove. Well, here’s a pantry staple to remove the stubborn buildup without using harsh chemicals: White Vinegar.
  • For the tub: Run the tub with hot water from the tap and pour in 3 cups of white vinegar. Let it soak for 4 hours, drain, and then scrub off the stains like a champ! So easy.
  • For the showerhead: Fill up a plastic bag with white vinegar, then secure it to your showerhead with a rubber band. (The showerhead should be submerged.) Let it sit for 12 hours, remove the bag and scrub the showerhead with a toothbrush. Voila!
  • For the faucets: Soak a cleaning rag in vinegar. Wrap it around the part of the faucet that has the lime scale. Let sit for 1 hour, adding more vinegar if the rag dries out. Remove the rags and wipe clean with a towel.

Don’t like the smell of vinegar? Not a problem!

You can use non-toxic Oxyfresh Unscented Face & Body Wash to remove stubborn water scale. Just mix a few drops of this liquid hand soap with water in a spray bottle, apply to the mineral deposit, sit for a while (both you and the solution, tee hee) then scrub clean. It’s so gentle on your hands you won’t want to wear gloves! And … this liquid soap also prevents buildup from forming in the first place!

How to Remove Grout Stains or Bathroom Mold

You can use Oxyfresh Unscented Face & Body Wash to remove grout stains by mixing 1 t. of liquid hand soap with warm water in a spray bottle. Let it sit for 10 minutes and then scrub with a toothbrush. This solution will also remove mold and mildew.

How to Clean the Bathroom Drain:

Drain cleaner is one of the worst household products you can inhale. So ditch the chemicals and do this instead to clean and unclog your drains:
  • Pour ½ cup baking soda down the drain
  • Next, add ½ cup white vinegar (don’t be alarmed by the foaming action)
  • 5 minutes later, pour boiling water down the drain to free up any clogs

6 Hacks to Keep Your Tub Grime-Free

1. Kick Your Bar Soap to The Curb

Why let soap scum form in the first place? This yucky white or gray substance forms when the ingredients in bar soap mix with hard water. What you can do: replace your bar soap with Oxyfresh Unscented Face & Body Wash. This versatile liquid soap cleans and deodorizes without leaving a bathtub ring or soap scum behind.

2. Always Squeegee Post-Shower

We can all run late in the morning, but don’t skip the all-important step of using a squeegee on your shower wall or glass door. This will remove moisture, grime and keep you from having to scrub as often.

3. Open or Closed Shower Curtain?

This is a controversial subject for many families, but here’s the definitive answer: closed. Close your shower curtain to prevent water from hanging out in the folds of the liner and causing mildew growth. Besides, do you really want guests peering into your shower when they use the bathroom?

4. Turn on the Fan

To decrease moisture and prevent mold and mildew in the bathroom, always run the fan when you shower and keep running it for about 20 minutes after.

5. Clean Your Kiddo’s Bath Toys

Bath toys can be a favorite spot for bacteria and mildew to build up, which can spread through the tub every time your kiddos take a bath. What you can do: Soak the bath toys for 15 minutes in 1 gallon of water mixed with 2 T Oxyfresh Unscented Face & Body Wash. Then scrub with a sponge and air dry.

6. Keep a Regular Cleaning Schedule

The best way to prevent grime buildup is with routine cleaning of your bathtub. Rule of thumb is to give the tub a scrub once a week. Of course, this will depend on frequency of use and the products you’re using in the tub. Did you know? People who use Oxyfresh Unscented Face & Body Wash in the tub often feel like it’s self-cleaning! Wondering what to clean the bathtub with? Make your own bathtub cleaner with Oxyfresh products. In a spray bottle, combine 2 T Unscented Face & Body Wash with 8 oz. Oxyfresh All-Purpose Deodorizer. It’s a great way to clean and deodorize any surface without harsh chemicals or perfumes.

Happy Cleaning!

Get your bathroom sparkling clean without harsh chemicals. Oxyfresh is here to help! While we won’t send someone to your house to do the actually scrubbing, we will give you USA-made, toxin-free products you can always feel good about. Shop now at

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