FAQ to Keep Your Bird Cages Clean

FAQ to Keep Your Bird Cages Clean

When it comes to keeping your bird cages clean and odor-free, don’t try to wing it! When you have the essentials of bird cage cleaning down pat – and the commitment to stick to a regular cleaning schedule – you can ensure that your fine-feathered friend is happy, healthy and living the good life. So check out these FAQ about bird cage cleaning, and let’s get to work!

Q: How Often Should I Clean My Bird Cage?

A: Bird cage cleaning IS a time commitment, and there are tasks that should be done every day to help ensure your bird’s best health. While it may seem overwhelming at first, once you get into a routine, you’ll find that it’s pretty smooth sailing.

Note: these are general guidelines and you may need to clean more or less depending on the size of your bird cage, number of birds, etc.

bird cage cleaning schedule

Tip: After cleaning, move toys around or rotate them to mentally stimulate your bird.

Q: What Should I Use to Line the Bottom of My Bird Cage?

A: Avoid corn cob, litter, pine and walnut beddings, which can kick up dust and make it hard for your bird to breathe. These types of beddings can also encourage bacteria growth. Also steer clear of gravel, as many birds like to pick at it (and therefore their own droppings). Avoid colored paper as well because the dyes can be toxic to birds.

Instead, opt for white butcher paper, newspaper or paper towels.

TIME SAVER: Line several layers at a time, so you can just roll up and discard with the new set of paper ready to go underneath.

Q: Can I Make a DIY Bird Cage Cleaner?

A: Vinegar is everyone’s favorite staple in DIY cleaning solutions, but it should be grounded around your bird. Birds are extremely sensitive to odors, and vinegar can harm their tissues and irritate their airways. Another popular DIY sanitizing ingredient is tea tree essential oil, which can be toxic to birds and other animals.

Here’s a good rule: If you can smell it, don’t use it around your bird. When it comes to bird cage cleaners, unscented is always the way to go.

Q: Can I Use a Regular Household Disinfectant?

A: Your standard household cleaning sprays can harm birds’ sensitive respiratory systems. You’ll want a safe, non-toxic spray designed for pets to wipe down and deodorize their cage, and if you’re washing toys and dishes, a mild liquid soap and hot water will do the trick.

Q: Which Cage Cleaner for Birds Is Best?

A: Go with what veterinarians and bird lovers recommend: Oxyfresh’s unscented Crate & Cage Cleaner. This no-rinse cage cleaner for birds is uniquely formulated without harsh chemicals, bleach or fragrances that can irritate your bird’s respiratory system. We use only the best, most trusted ingredients for our feathered friends.

Our secret to neutralizing harmful bacteria and odors is Oxygene®, our exclusive ingredient that’s tough on bacteria and odors, while being gentle on birds. It’s tasteless, odorless and 100% non-toxic with no byproducts so as not to ruffle any feathers!

  • Unscented Birdcage Cleaner – Safe, scent-free formula so you and your bird can always breathe easy.
  • No Rinsing – Just spray and wipe away! No need to rinse because we don’t use harmful fragrance or chemicals. This is a huge time saver!
  • Safe & Non-Toxic – Our brilliant formula is tough on bird odors and stuck-on gunk without harmful bleach, dyes, alcohol or fragrance.
  • Perfect for the Whole Pack – Use anywhere pet odors are a problem, from carpets to crates to litter boxes.

Here’s to quick, hassle-free bird cage cleaning with a little help from Oxyfresh. To check out our complete line of pet care products, fly on over to oxyfresh.com.

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