Cleansing Gelé Limited Edition Unscented Face & Body Wash | Ultra Gentle | Fragrance Free
Cleansing Gelé Limited Edition Unscented Face & Body Wash | Ultra Gentle | Fragrance Free
Cleansing Gelé Limited Edition Unscented Face & Body Wash | Ultra Gentle | Fragrance Free
Cleansing Gelé Limited Edition Unscented Face & Body Wash | Ultra Gentle | Fragrance Free

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Cleansing Gelé Limited Edition Unscented Face & Body Wash | Ultra Gentle | Fragrance Free

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This magical bottle will grant all of your shower wishes: moisturized skin, a purely natural clean, and a happy, fresh-faced glow. No genie (or fragrances) required. This product has sold out.

  • HEALTHY GLOW – Experience the Fountain of Youth every time you shower. Nourishing aloe & vitamins A, C, D & E will help brighten your skin, stimulate collagen & reduce the signs of aging.
  • PERFECT FOR SENSITIVE SKIN – We ditched the harsh detergents, fragrances & dyes to bring you an unscented shower gel that’s so gentle and hydrating, you can use it on both your body and face.
  • FRESH & CLEAN – BO is nothing to brag about ... but if yours is pretty epic, put it to the test against our exclusive odor-neutralizer Oxygene®. It works instantly to keep you fresh all day. #Science
  • LUXURIOUS LATHER – Even though our body wash is super gentle, there’s nothing wimpy about its lather. Plus it rinses clean like a dream – no residue left behind on you or your shower tiles.
  • KITCHEN ESSENTIAL – Why cry over "onion hands"? You’ll want an extra bottle for your kitchen sink, as it quickly removes potent cooking odors without drying out your hands.

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Product Questions

No, the Cleansing Gelé comes with a disc cap which can be pressed down on one side to open the other for dispensing.

We love our red, white and blue and manufacture all of our formulas here in the USA.

Always! We're proud to be Leaping Bunny Certified, the gold standard of ensuring that no ingredients were tested on animals, at any stage of product development.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 227 reviews
Nikki Jacobs (Huntington Beach, CA)
Best body wash in USA

I was introduced to your Body wash perhaps over 25 to 30 yrs.ago by using it while visiting overnight with a friend. As soon as I returned home, I contacted Oxyfresh and ordered a couple of bottles and haven't used any other wash unless I accidentally ran out, much to my horror.
It is truly a amazing product; luxurious, skin softening, long-lasting and skin deodorant product on the market. It is marvelous. I have talked it up for years. So you can imagine my devastation when I went to order it and after having given my last bottle to my daughter found out that you had discontinued it. I spoke for quite a while with your friendly and helpful service rep and she told me it would come back in Dec. for a brief time. Since Dec. I have ordered eight bottles and next month hope to order more. I want to stock up.
In these times it's hard to find anything that companies offer that that
consistently performs as stated in your literature. It's the best product in your line so you know I will be missing it terribly when I won't be able to get it anymore. I wish you'd reconsider your decision and bring it permanently back. A more than satisfied customer, Nikki Jacobs.

Anna Gray (Columbus, GA)
Excellent product

This is my favorite skin-cleansing product for my very sensitive skin. I've tried nearly everything available--this is the best. I have not been able to find another cleanser that is also deodorizing. It works. Thoroughly. There is no residual odor, no dryness, no skin reactions/irritations. I know from past use that it is highly effective on other surfaces, but I do not want to use it for any purpose other than face and body cleansing, as a future supply is uncertain.
I've read the given reasons from Oxyfresh as to cause for discontinuing, but it's hard to believe that the product doesn't sell sufficiently with all of us long-time dedicated users. I sincerely hope that Oxyfresh will continue to provide us with the cleansing gel, at least in limited runs. Some of us have no other options.

Shirley Meserole (Walnut Creek, CA)
Cleanings Gele

My entire family was eagerly waiting for the new shipment of Cleansing Gele to drop - we cannot live without it. Hopefully you will do a run once or twice a year. The shower does not need to be cleaned as often and have found that it a necessity in the kitchen for hand soap and hand those hand wash dishes.

Lauretta Barmon (Monroe, WA)
The best unscented body wash

The Oxyfresh Cleansing Gele is the best unscented body wash I have ever used. It is great for sensitive skin and does not dry my skin. I hope you will continue to make it as it really is an excellent product!

Karen Yoshikawa (Granite Bay, CA)

Love it but why is this a limited edition. I am sorely disappointed! Should I stop using it now?

Thanks for the review! Unfortunately we have had to make some tough business decisions recently, but it was not without heavy hearts and tremendous thought. After this limited edition batch of Cleansing Gele, we do not have any future plans for the product so make sure you stock up while supplies last. Thank you for your continued support! We love to hear from our customers.

Shawn Lane (Ellenton, FL)
My Go To for 27 years!

I was devastated when I found out they discontinued this product! I called to ask them what am I supposed to use after 27 years of only using the Oxyfresh Cleansing Gele and thank goodness they did a special run. I ordered a total of 25 bottles! No kidding.
I've never used anything else on my face or body and I'm convinced that's why at my age I have such great skin. And I was a beach baby growing up! Not only do i use it on my skin and with all of my babies and pets, but people don't realize how many other uses it offers. As gentle as it is, it removes most stains, it's safe on furniture and carpet. I've even used it when I ran out of laundry detergent for my delicates.

Amazing story! Thanks for sharing and for your continued patronage. We love to hear from our long-time customers. :)

Ron (Peoria, IL)
Body Wash

Thank you SO much for re-introducing your body wash!!! There is simply nothing else like it on the market I especially like that it’s unscented. We’ve been using it for so many years. I can’t remember when we started. Back then it was called Cleansing Gele. We use it not only as a body wash, but also do our dishes with it - definitely helps keep our hands from getting dry! Please, please, please keep offering it!

Thank you for letting us know! We value your feedback. Since we currently don't have future plans for the Gele after it sells out, make sure you stock up while supplies last!

k.t. (Levis, QC)

It’s the best soap, specialy when your allergy parfum… Mayby its time to show this way for the people …. Thanks to read…

Thanks for the feedback! Make sure to stock up while supplies last.

David Luff (Manchester, NH)
Love the Gele!

Love this product. I am lobbying you do not drop it from your products.

Thank you for the feedback. We really do value our customer's opinions. Unfortunately, after this limited edition product drop, we currently do not have any future plans for the Cleansing Gele, so make sure to stock up while you can! :)

Barbara S. (Fall Branch, TN)

I was sooo glad to get email that the cleansing gele was available again. I LOVE this soap!!!

Thank you for letting us know! Make sure to stock up while supplies last! :)

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