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oxyfresh pet ear cleaner with cotton balls and the words "science + nature. Hypoallergenic formula. With Oxygene. Perfect for itchy ears, stinky ears, swimmers ear, irritated ears, red ears"
oxyfresh pet ear cleaner woman using dog ear cleaner solution on her bulldog with the words "Sting-free and gentle on ears."
oxyfresh pet ear cleaner with the words healthy paws pick by modern dog magazine, and featured in pets+ and moderncat magazine
oxyfresh pet ear cleaner graphic that says pet ear cleaning made easy. add 10-15 drops into each ear. massage ears at the base for 30 seconds, let pet shake their head, wipe away-no need to rinse!
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oxyfresh pet ear cleaner woman smiling using cat ear wash on a cotton ball for her cats ears with words that say perfect for dogs and cats
video of woman squirting oxyfresh pet ear cleaner on a cotton ball to be used

Oxyfresh Pet

Advanced Pet Ear Cleaner | Fast Ear Itch Relief | Removes Dirt & Pet Ear Wax

Sale price$15.95

A must-have for cleaning delicate dog & cat ears. Our gentle, hypoallergenic ear wash soothes itching & irritation without the burning effects of alcohol. And that stinky smelling brown stuff? It gets rid of that too.

alcohol free peroxide free made in the usa cruelty free
  • FINALLY, IMMEDIATE RELIEF – Our fast-acting, gentle formula stops cat and dog ear itching right in its tracks, so your pet can enjoy fresh, clean ears. Formulated to promote healing inside delicate ears while gently cleansing away irritants.
  • REMOVES BUILDUP – Keeping your pet's ears clean is your best defense against costly ear infections. Gentle plant-based surfactants power through ear wax, dirt & gunk like magic ... no oily residue left behind.
  • ELIMINATES EAR ODORS – Yeast only smells good when it's baking in bread. But in your pet's ears? Gross. Our proprietary odor-eliminating ingredient Oxygene® freshens dog & cat ears, fast! No other ear cleaner has it!
  • HYPOALLERGENIC FORMULA – Worried that your pet will bolt when you bust out the bottle of ear cleaner? Not with our sting-free formula! It’s incredibly gentle with no burning alcohol, irritating parabens, bubbling peroxides, or weird antiseptic fragrances or oils
  • IT WORKS – If you’ve tried everything else, you might as well try something that works! Trusted by pet parents to easily clean dog and cat ears, and just like all Oxyfresh products, it’s made in the USA with only the highest-quality ingredients.