Stock Up Now for National Pet Dental Health Month

Stock Up Now for National Pet Dental Health Month

Whoa! Time is flying and Pet Dental Health Month will be here before you know it. Now’s the time to stock your shelves with all the pet oral care essentials.

Fall is quickly flying by – Christmas decor at the stores already?! – and that means National Pet Dental Health Month will be here faster than we can say fa-la-la-la-la.

Don’t get caught scrambling! Now is the time to plan for this special month, from teeth cleaning specials to social media posts and, of course, stocking up on all the pet oral care products your customers will need most.

Oxyfresh Has Pet Dental Products for Every Kind of Customer

Oxyfresh is proud to be your partner in supporting the mission of Pet Dental Health Month: to shine the light on the importance of pet oral health and how it’s linked to longer lifespans and a better QUALITY of life – things we all want for our beloved pets.

Because many pet parents notice problems when their animals are already in the later stages of periodontal disease, pet pros have a vital role to play in client education and, in particular, how they can better care for their pets’ teeth at home.

Oxyfresh is here to help with proven, safe and gentle pet oral care products that will fit the needs of every kind of customer you have.

For Pet Parents Who Want a More "Paws-Off" Approach ...


Whatever the reason for not wanting to brush their pets’ teeth – a bad experience in the past, no time, or an attitude of "too much work!" – these folks can still give their pets the benefits of brushing, without all the fuss, thanks to Oxyfresh Pet Dental Water Additive. Simply add to pets’ water and call it good!

  • Picky pet approved: 100% free of scents and flavors
  • No brushing needed: add straight to pet’s water bowl or fountain
  • Fights plaque and tartar: essential in the fight against gum disease
  • Fresh pet breath: proprietary Oxygene® stops bad breath-causing bacteria on contact

For Pet Parents Who Want to Brush ...


Oxyfresh Pet Dental Gel Toothpaste makes the brushing experience so much better ... for pets AND their people. This premium toothpaste is uniquely free of flavors so pets will actually sit still and not try to chew up the brush. Plus, only Oxyfresh has proprietary Oxygene® for unrivaled fresh pet breath and plaque control.

  • Healthier teeth & gums: neutralizes the bacteria that cause pet plaque & tartar
  • Fresh pet breath: no other toothpaste has the power of Oxygene® to stop bad breath
  • Flavor free: no masking agents with fake chicken, mint or other odd flavors
  • Versatile toothpaste: can be rubbed right along the gum line to help strengthen gums

For Pet Parents Who Want Options ...

bulldog sitting next to table with oxyfresh pet dental kit including pet water additive and pet dental gel toothpaste with a water bowl next to him

Some pet parents may not be sure which dental routine will work best for them. And some want to brush a few days a week and then supplement with a water additive. (Smart choice.) That’s why our Pet Dental Kit is so popular. It features our top-selling Pet Dental Water Additive, Pet Dental Gel Toothpaste and 3 easy-to-use silicone pet toothbrushes.

  • Two kit options: Try Me Size Kit (mini sizes) and Best Value Size Kit (full sizes)
  • Flavor & scent free: even the pickiest pets approve of our toothpaste & water additive
  • Fights plaque & tartar: proprietary Oxygene® proactively supports teeth & gum health
  • Freshens pet breath: we’re talking molecular-level breath control that works on contact

Stock up on these Oxyfresh healthy smile essentials now and be ready for the holidays and Pet Dental Health Month.

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