The Best Odor Eliminators for Dogs This Hunting Season

The Best Odor Eliminators for Dogs This Hunting Season

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If you’re a sustainable hunter, there’s nothing better than a day in the Great Outdoors with your faithful, four-legged hunting buddy by your side. But … there’s nothing WORSE than all those stinky dog odors that seem to linger forever!

In your quest for an odor-free dog, you’ve likely encountered pet odor eliminators that are either toxic or flat-out ineffective (or both), only camouflaging odors with strong artificial fragrances. When the scent wears off, BOOM, the odor is back! Fortunately, we have solutions that WORK and are completely non-toxic. So check out our two best odor eliminators for dogs this hunting season, and start breathing easy again.

#1. Oxyfresh Pet Deodorizer
Smells Happen. Always Be Ready.

From wet dog smell to odors from rolling in things (the worst!), stubborn smells can be a real downer after a day of ethical hunting. But with Oxyfresh Pet Deodorizer, all those tough odor problems can be gone … in just 60 seconds!

Our fast-acting, non-toxic pet odor eliminator safely neutralizes dog smells right at the source instead of covering them up with toxic fragrances.

Fragrances Are Not So "Scentsational for Dogs"

You can use this versatile spray anywhere odors are a problem: crates, the car, bedding, carpets and more. It’s so safe, it can even be sprayed directly on your dog when there’s no time for a bath. (Psst … when it IS time to hit the tub, try this non-toxic Pet Shampoo.)

  • Solves Toughest Odors: Eliminates odors with our exclusive non-toxic ingredient Oxygene®.
  • Fast-Acting: Give us 60 seconds to unleash some serious freshness as we stop odors without harsh chemicals.
  • Fragrance-Free Odor Eliminator: Neutralizes odors at the source, instead of covering them up with artificial fragrances.
  • Safe & Non-Toxic: We use only the best non-toxic ingredients that are safe for the entire pack.
  • Award-Winning: Winner of a 2019 Pet Innovation Award & 2020 Family Choice Award.

#2. Oxyfresh Pet Crate & Cage Cleaner
Goodbye Messes, Hello Fresh & Clean

Our groundbreaking, non-toxic Pet Crate & Cage Cleaner makes deodorizing and cleaning dog crates, bird cages and more so simple and easy. Rather than smearing pesky messes all around, it cleans them away like magic without fragrances, ammonia or harsh chemicals. It’s so safe, you don’t even need to rinse the areas you’ve cleaned!

This unique formula is a fantastic alternative to bleach, which can cause dizziness, upset stomach and respiratory issues for both people and pets. Dogs are even more sensitive to bleach, and because they may lick surfaces that have been cleaned with bleach, or lick their paws after walking in areas cleaned with bleach, it increases their exposure.

  • Unscented Formula: No dangerous chemicals; just a scent-free formula you can trust.
  • Awesome Crate/Kennel Cleaner: This cleaner loves to multi-task. From small crates to large kennels, keep ’em smelling great all day!
  • Quickly Eliminates Odors: Just spray and say goodbye to unwanted odors, fast.
  • Safe & Non-Toxic: Our trusted cruelty-free formula has no bleach, alcohol, dyes or fragrance.
  • Bye, Bye Scrubbing: Just spray and wipe away! No need to rinse, as we don’t use dyes, perfumes or harsh chemicals.

With these 2 odor eliminators for dogs, now a great day hunting will be even better. And if you want to know how to tackle your dog’s bad breath, we can help there too! Check out our full line of safe, environmentally friendly pet dental products at

Perfect Duo to Stop Stubborn Dog Odors