Oxyfresh - Everything You Should Know About Pet Deodorizers

Everything You Need to Know About Pet Deodorizers

What No One’s Told You About Pet Deodorizers

We’ve all been there: innocently walking into someone else’s house, when BAM! That wet dog, urine or litter box smell hits us like a ton of bricks.

Surely they can smell it too, we think, as we casually turn up our noses.

The fact is … it’s human nature to become immune to our own smells, including the smells in our house.

So even if you know you have pet odors in your home, the problem could be a lot worse than you stink – er, think.

Before you rush out to buy a pet deodorizer spray or head to Pinterest to make your own, here’s what you need to know about pet deodorizers for your house.

The Problem with Store-Brand Pet Deodorizers

Consider the word “fragrance” or “perfume” on the labels of pet deodorizer sprays. Sounds innocent enough, right? What could be wrong with a bountiful mountain breeze mixed with blueberries?

Here’s the stinky truth behind fragrances and perfumes: they’re really just chemical concoctions.

The Environmental Working Group reported that the average fragrance contains 14 chemicals not listed on the label. How is this possible? The fragrance formula is protected under trade secret law.

Of particular concern are phthalates, chemicals linked to allergies, headaches, hormonal problems, reproductive issues and more.

So why are they in pet deodorizing sprays? The claim is they make the “fresh” scent last longer.

Avoiding the DIY Disasters

Considering a DIY pet deodorizer?

We love the cleaning power of vinegar, but sometimes the smell is way too overbearing.

Baking soda = messy.

What about essential oils? They’re all the rage these days for homemade air fresheners and sprays.

Turns out, our pets aren’t as wild about aromatherapy as we are, especially our feline friends.

Essential oils can cause toxins to slowly build up in your cat’s liver, which can lead to liver failure. A cat’s liver can’t metabolize the various compounds in essential oils like a human’s liver can.

Cats and dogs also have a keener sense of smell than we do, and the strong scent of essential oils can irritate them. Birds have sensitive respiratory tracts and shouldn’t be around strong scents either.

While there are definite benefits of using oils, do your homework (and keep it away from the dog) before diving into the world of essential oils.

Get Your Tail Wagging with this Non-Toxic Pet Deodorizer

Did you know that the air quality inside the average person’s home is 2–5 times more polluted than the outside air? That’s courtesy of all the harsh chemicals and fragrances in the sprays and cleaning products we use.

Dare we say it … it’s time to stop being average!

Oxyfresh Pet Deodorizer is a safe, non-toxic pet deodorizer for your house that quickly dissolves nasty pet odors without polluting your indoor air.

Why Oxyfresh Pet Deodorizer is a breath of fresh air …

  • No fragrances or perfumes
  • Recommended by veterinarians & groomers
  • Quickly neutralizes odors with the power of Oxygene®
  • Tasteless, odorless & safe for ALL members of your pack
  • No harsh chemicals

Unlike commercial pet odor sprays that just mask odors, Oxyfresh Pet Deodorizer gets rid of pet odors completely.

Our secret is Oxygene®. This powerful, non-toxic ingredient oxides Volatile Sulfur Compounds (VSCs), the molecules responsible for bad odors. When Oxygene® makes contact with VSCs, it oxidizes them, turning them into sulfite (non-stinky) ions.

No other pet deodorizing spray has Oxygene®!

3 Ways to Turn Your “Home Stink Home” into Home Sweet Home … Without Harsh Chemicals

Oxyfresh Pet Deodorizer wears many hats when it comes to eliminating odors in your home. Check out 3 amazing ways to use this pet-safe deodorizing spray:

1. Pet urine deodorizer for your carpets

Pet urine smells on the carpet can make even the most mild-mannered pet owners want to pull their hair out. Commercial carpet cleaners come with a host of harsh chemicals, from formaldehyde to pesticides.

Oxyfresh Pet Deodorizer is the non-toxic alternative for getting rid of pet urine smells. This pet-safe carpet spray neutralizes pet urine odors completely to discourage “repeat performances” by your puppy.

2. Pet deodorizer for your furniture (and your pet’s furniture)

Bedding, chairs, crates, litter boxes, and the coveted spot on the couch … Oxyfresh Pet Deodorizer removes pet odors anywhere they’re a problem.

Just spray and let the power of Oxygene® quickly get to work. No messy DIY projects needed!

3. Pet deodorizer to spray directly on your pet

Pets give off odors no matter how much of a clean freak they (or you) are. And some pets are just naturally more stinky than others.

Oxyfresh Pet Deodorizer is so safe and gentle, it can be sprayed directly on your pet to get rid of offending odors. This pet odor spray is tasteless and odorless, so your pet won’t have sensitivities to it.

>>>Get a Fresh-Smelling Home without the Harsh Chemicals. Try Oxyfresh Pet Deodorizer now!

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