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Easy Ways to Brush Your Dog's Teeth

People often neglect to brush their dog’s teeth, but oral hygiene is just as critical for canines as it is for humans.

Just like their owners, dogs are susceptible to plaque, halitosis, gum disease, tooth decay, and tooth loss.

An article in the “Journal of Veterinary Dentistry” demonstrated that dogs with periodontal disease often suffered from numerous subsequent health problems, such as kidney disease. Committing to a regular cleaning schedule will eliminate your dog’s bad breath and promote their health.

Brushing a Dog’s Teeth

Brushing a dog’s teeth isn’t complicated. However, you’ll want to go about the process with care and patience.

Ideally, a tooth cleaning regimen should start when a dog is young. Older dogs may become confused, nervous, or even bite when a person approaches or touches their mouth.

Best Way to Clean a Dog’s Teeth

A gentle nylon brush and the right toothpaste can quickly remove plaque and bacteria from a dog’s mouth.

However, a clean cotton cloth or Q-tip can also be used to apply a gel directly to the gum lining.

Pick a time and place where your pet will be comfortable. Use patience and caution when first attempting to get at those pearly whites!

What to Use to Brush a Dog’s Teeth

It is important to carefully choose a toothpaste for your pet.

Many manufacturers cut corners and use inferior, artificial ingredients when creating products for animals. Since animals aren’t inclined to gargle and rinse after brushing, a toothpaste needs to be safe to ingest.

Avoid products with lengthy ingredient lists. You should be able to identify the substances you are administering to your pet.

>>> Oxyfresh’s Pet Dental Gel is an odorless, tasteless toothpaste and oral gel that utilizes the cleaning and deodorizing power of Oxygene® to safely and effectively clean your furry friend’s teeth!

Best Way to Keep a Dog’s Teeth Clean

The best way to brush your dog’s teeth is by positioning yourself at their level.

Invest in an odorless, tasteless product that will not upset or stimulate your pet. Use appropriate tools that are designed for canines in particular.

Frequent cleanings can fight bacteria in periodontally diseased animals. Stick to a cleaning schedule for the sake of your pet’s health and longevity!

How to Brush a Dog’s Teeth Without Toothpaste

Some dogs struggle to adjust to having their teeth brushed.

If this sounds like your dog, consider using a pet-safe oral gel instead of a toothpaste. A gel can be easily and quickly applied to a dog’s gum line to fight off harmful bacteria or to soothe sensitive, swollen gums.

If your dog isn’t taking well to having their teeth brushed, it may be due to their oral sensitivity. Take in account their diet and the condition of their teeth.

Several studies over the past decades have demonstrated that certain foods, such as dry vs. wet, were better for oral health.

Never Brush Dog’s Teeth With Human Toothpaste

You should never use a human toothpaste on your dog. Many popular toothpaste ingredients are toxic to your pet!

According to a recent study produced by the University of Saskatchewan, small doses of fluoride are toxic to animals and can bring about a succession of adverse health conditions.

>>> Human toothpaste is often made with ingredients that can poison dogs. Stick with a product such as Oxyfresh’s Pet Dental Gel, which is specially formulated with natural, pet-friendly ingredients, such as Oxygene®, Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice, and Matricaria extract.

Guide to Brushing a Dog’s Teeth

1. Prepare Your Supplies

Invest in an appropriately sized dog toothbrush and a dog toothpaste or oral gel. If this is the first time you’re brushing your dog’s teeth, allow your dog to test the toothpaste before applying it directly to their teeth.

You want to assure that this is a positive experience for both of you!

2. Brush the Outer Surface

• Carefully lift your dog’s upper lip to reveal their gum line.

• Using a brush, apply a thin layer of toothpaste to the surface of the teeth.

• Rotate the brush in a circular motion, moving from the front to back.

3. Brush the Gums

Angle the brush upwards and work the toothpaste or gel into the crevices of the gum lining. This is where the bacteria-rich plaque is likely to accumulate. Continue this method throughout the entire mouth until any noticeable plaque is removed.

4. Repeat

Develop a cleaning schedule for your dog. While it is ideal to brush your dog’s teeth once a day, this is not always realistic. It helps to establish a consistent routine, such as mornings or evenings.

5. See a Professional

Consider scheduling your dog regular dental exams and cleanings, just as you would for yourself. Oxyfresh’s Pet Dental Gel includes all-natural ingredients, such as Oxygene®, Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice, and Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) extract to soothe, deodorize, heal, and effectively clean your dog’s mouth. Think you’re ready to master cleaning your pup’s teeth? Give Oxyfresh Pet Dental Gel a try today!