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Aloe Is Not Just For Humans, It's Great For Dogs Too

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The Aloe vera plant has been used for thousands of years to treat a number of human ailments; however, scientists today have discovered that the same healing attributes can benefit dogs too.

The tropical plant is a safe and effective topical treatment for a number of adversities faced by canines.

According to a recent article in “Dogs Naturally Magazine,” Aloe is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal.

Dog wound cleaning and care at home

The majority of dog owners will find themselves caring for a dog wound at some point in their lifetimes. When this happens, it is important to gauge the severity of the wound and seek guidance from a reputable veterinarian when necessary.

If you have elected to care for the wound at home, the following step-by-step guide will help ensure that your pet receives the best care and remains comfortable during the healing process.

Natural, aloe-based creams can be used to soothe external wounds and oral lacerations in canines.

  1. Identify and Prepare: Identify the wound and gather the supplies you will need to properly treat it. Clean washcloths, warm water, an electric clipper, scissors, sterilizing ointment, antibacterial cream and bandages are some essential wound preparation supplies.
  2. Clean: In order to safely treat your dog’s wound, you may need to muzzle your dog. Animals often respond with aggression when they are in pain or discomfort. To prepare the wound site, wash the area with warm water and wipe it down with a cotton cloth. Shave or trim away excess fur.
  3. Bandage: Apply an antibacterial ointment to encourage quick, sanitary healing. Cover with sterile gauze and medical tape. Be aware: your dog may attempt to remove the bandages to lick the wound.
  4. Pay Attention: The wound will need continual attention until it is fully healed. Redress the area daily and apply soothing cream to ensure your pet is comfortable.

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Puppy teething relief

Puppies are an exciting and welcome asset to any family, but they come with their fair share of added responsibilities. Young dogs experience teething episodes similar to that of infant children.

Chew toys, ice, and soothing oral gels are a few of the simple solutions to this common puppy problem.

While many products sold in big-box stores offer promising results, they often consist of toxic, man-made chemicals. Consider using an all-natural alternative, such as Aloe vera, to treat your dog.

In a study published by the Food and Drug Administration of the United Nations, researchers asserted that Aloe vera cream demonstrated therapeutic abilities when used to treat canine wounds.

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Dog itch relief

Dogs itch for a variety of reasons. They may be experiencing dry skin, seeking relief from fleas, or having an adverse allergic reaction to something in the environment.

Whatever the reason, you can help soothe your pet with the help of Aloe vera leaf.

According to the Journal of Ethnopharmacology, Aloe has long been used to soothe itchy skin.

Dog sunburn treatment

It is not often that you hear people discuss sun safety for dogs. Nevertheless, dogs can experience sun damage in the form of sunburns and even skin cancer.

While Aloe is a common household sunburn treatment, people often don’t associate it with dog care. Companies are just beginning to market pet-friendly products containing the topical gel.

Recently, the World Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences recognized Aloe as a powerful skin- soothing commodity for humans, dogs, and cats.

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Dog eczema or rash treatment

Eczema is an adverse skin condition that often leads to irritation and inflammation. While common in people, dogs and cats are highly susceptible to this ailment too. When left untreated, the condition can become painful and spread.

Aloe vera can be applied topically to soothe the skin and provide antibacterial coverage.

A 2007 study published in the International Journal of Toxicology confirmed that Aloe Barbadensis leaf, or Aloe vera, is a safe and effective additive to topical eczema treatments.

Dog mosquito bites

Dogs enjoy spending time outside. Thus, they often find themselves the unfair target of hungry mosquitos.

Provide your pet with soothing relief to itchy bites by treating them with a topical Aloe vera cream or gel.

According to the American Mosquito Control Association, mosquito bites can transmit a number of diseases to animals and also cause mild to severe skin infections.

Aloe vera can be applied to the skin to provide cooling relief and a nontoxic, antibacterial cover.

Dog stung by a bee or wasp

Our pets often find themselves in a series of losing battles with the earth’s littlest creatures. While wasps and bees may be small in stature, they trigger an uncomfortable reaction in our pets.

If your dog has been stung, remove the stinger, clean the wound, and apply a nontoxic soothing salve to promote healing and comfort.

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