Bunnies With Bad Breath

Bunnies With Bad Breath

Cute, long eared, big footed, has a small tail and playful. These are just some of the great characteristics that owners love about pet bunnies. Bunnies or rabbits are fun to have as pets, but just like other pets, bunnies can also have bad breath. And for pet owners of bunnies, having bunnies with breath that smell like a garbage can makes cuddling and playing with them not so much fun.

Causes of bad breath to bunnies

There are several factors that cause bad breath in bunnies, but just like to other animals, dental diseases is the most common reason. In fact, many research studies estimate that up to 100% of all domesticated bunnies experience dental disease at various stages of their lives. Pet bunnies are no exception.

Treatment of dental diseases

The good news is, pet bunny owners have certain measures to make in order to prevent and treat dental diseases to prevent bad breath.

Watch your bunny’s diet

Everything starts in the mouth. Everything your bunny eats has great impact on its dental health and overall health. This is why feeding him the right kind of foods is one great way to prevent dental diseases.

The good thing about bunnies is that they have a long list of foods that they can eat. They eat fruits like apple, blueberries, melons, peaches, pears, and pineapples. And vegetables like celery, cilantro, clover, wheat grass, and of course, carrots. It is very important to remember that bunnies also need a supply of fresh hay and water every day.

As we know, hay is the most important part of a bunny’s diet, not only because of the necessary fiber content that keeps the gut functioning properly, but also because it requires a great deal of chewing. Chewing helps keep those ever-growing elodont teeth, meaning they grow continuously, worn down naturally. When it’s teeth are healthy, your bunny will have a greater chance of not developing bad breath.

Regular veterinary checkup

No one can assure you of your bunny’s health more than a veterinarian. Bringing your bunny to them will help you determine what’s causing your bunny to have bad breath, how you can fight it and give you tips on how to take good care of your bunny so it will stay healthy and active.