Pet Goat With Bad Breath

Pet Goat With Bad Breath

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Some people like cats, bunnies and dogs as pets, and not as popular, but there are also people who like to keep goats as pets. Goats are one of the oldest domesticated species, and have been used for their milk, meat, hair, and skins over much of the world. We know goats as livestock animals so some people find it strange that there are people who keep goats as pets, especially with their natural not-so-pleasant smell due to their fear of getting wet and being prone to having bad breath. But other than this, goats are extremely curious and intelligent animals.

Like most animals, goats are subject to a number of diseases and among these diseases, respiratory diseases and mouth infections are some of the most common concerns of almost every pet goat owner. Not only because these diseases make goats terribly sick and weak, but they also cause bad breath to them and having a pet goat with a bad breath can be downright awful.

Cause of bad breath to pet goats

Aside from the diseases that were mentioned above, a poor dental health also causes bad breath on pet goats. In fact, poor dental health is one of the most common problems affecting cats, dogs, and other group of animals today. In humans, tartar builds up if we do not remove it by brushing. Same with the goats. Goats need teeth cleaning though not by brushing.

Get rid of your pet goats’ bad breath

  1. Feed them the right goat foods.
    What you can do as a pet owner to help your goats get rid of their bad breath is to feed them healthy foods to keep their teeth healthy. Feed them with goat oats, barley or goat pellets.
  2. Give them salt block.
    Another thing you can do is to give your goats salt block. Not only salt block is good for their diet. It is also good for their teeth. This helps in a way that your goat will take chunks off with its teeth instead of licking the block. It’s a small act, but does help keeping your goat’s teeth clean.
  3. Give them plenty of water.
    One of the things that cause bad breath is a dry mouth. Avoid this by giving your goats plenty of water to drink. Water keeps the mouth hydrated.
  4. Give them hay.
    Goats do not brush their teeth. But chewing of hay is one way to get rid of excess hard food off of their teeth.
  5. Veterinarian visit.
    Like all pet animals, pet goats need to be looked at by a professional veterinarian. A veterinarian will help you determine what causing your pet’s bad breath and help you fix it.

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