Exam Cram? We have the Solution!

Exam Cram? We have the Solution!

Across the country school is back in session. Homework, projects and exams, oh my!

The attention and stress after a long relaxing summer vacation are a shock to any student's system. Going from binge watching Netflix to doing calculus homework would nearly kill off any of us.

The struggle is real. How can students cruise through the transition and excel in the classroom? Should they develop an addiction to caffeinated drinks to keep their eyes pried open while cramming more information into their brain?


The practice of late night cram sessions with Red Bull or (insert any wicked high caffeine energy drink name here) doesn't result in better grades or better memory.In fact, it leads to caffeine dependency, lower memory retention and increased stress levels. It will eventually lead to burn out.

The solution is in nutrition. Key nutrients fuel our brains.

Nutrients like citicoline are used to create neurotransmitters our brain uses to communicate with our body's system. Citicoline has a direct link to improving cognitive performance without side effects. Studies have show better awareness, critical thinking and memory recall in people who supplement with it. Another key nutrient is aceytl-L carnitine. It's been repeatedly shown to improve cognitive performance by reducing mental fatigue and improving learning.*

When our brain is fueled by these nutrients, it performs better and doesn't have side effects.

When we shock our brain to attention by the overuse of caffeine, we eventually crash and don't retain the information we were cramming.

Choose the right fuel and the anxiety of an exam will be replaced with confidence.

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