Only Eating Food? Beware!

Only Eating Food? Beware!

Food today is not what it used to be. The calories have increased and the nutrition has decreased. We are a nation that is overfed and undernourished. It's led to an obesity pandemic.

What's happened to our food?

  • Nutrient depleted soils - over farming of soils without replacing nutrients
  • Processed foods - 70 percent of grocery store items
  • Convenience foods - empty calories without nutrients
  • Crop Harvesting - picked prior to fully ripening. They ship better this way!
  • Reduced variety - 93 percent of seed variety has been eliminated in favor of more profitable varieties

What's happened to our lifestyles?

  • Fast Food - cheap, high calorie, low nutrient content
  • Microwaves - standard in all homes and has dramatically increased processed food consumption
  • Instant gratification
    • Processed foods
      • Frozen Foods/Prepackaged Foods - calorie dense, nutrient deficient
      • Food additives - over 3,000 approved ingredients, many are not food
    • Liquid calories - excessive consumption of calorie dense and nutrient deficient beverages
    • Increased portions
      • 30 percent larger plates, bowls and cups
      • 2x-3x bigger - soda, coffee, etc.
Our food supply nutrient content is at its lowest. We've increased our calorie consumption, deprived ourselves of vitamins and minerals, and set ourselves up for poor health. Years of poor nutrition have compounded. Our life expectancy is decreasing compared to prior generations. Dr. Bill Misner proved we cannot obtain all nutrients on a daily basis from food alone. We must take high quality supplements to fill in the gap. His study was published in the 2006 Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition. Click here to read his study.

So how do we fill the gap?

Oxyfresh nutritional products are scientifically designed to fill in the nutrient gaps. These cutting edge supplements create a noticeable benefit in a few short days. A benefit that you can feel! The human body is incredible, and when you provide it with the nutrients it was designed to use, incredible results happen. You will love your new normal after using Oxyfresh products! Without health, nothing else matters.