Oxyfresh - Where Does Your Body Get Energy?

Where Does Your Body Get Energy?

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The Krebs Cycle. Huh? Don't worry, most of us are unfamiliar with how our body turns food into energy. Sit tight and we'll give you the keys to maximizing your energy levels and how to avoid energy frauds! In 1937 Hans Adolf Krebs discovered the citric acid cycle (since named the Krebs Cycle). He discovered how cells convert food into energy and then share this energy throughout the body. Hans won a Nobel Prize for his discovery. Now before we get too technical, let’s define a few terms.
  1. Krebs Cycle or Citric Acid Cycle is the mechanism each cell uses to create energy.
  2. Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is the name of the energy produced in the Krebs Cycle.
  3. Electron Transport System (ETS) is the pathway cells use to disperse ATP after it’s produced.
The Krebs Cycle requires fats, proteins and carbohydrates to start. This makes sense because we all know how low energy we get if we go long periods without eating. The second major component required is vitamins and minerals. Think of the food (fats, proteins, carbs) as the fuel the Krebs Cycle uses, and the vitamins and minerals are the sparks that ignite the fuel and keep the cycle running. As the Krebs Cycle runs it is producing energy, ATP. Ok that's great! So I just need to eat and this cycle will crank out all the energy I need, right? The vitamins and minerals are in the food I already eat, right? Wrong. Most of us are running at an energy deficit no matter how much we eat. The Krebs Cycle requires a healthy balanced diet and supplementation of vitamins and minerals. Otherwise, it cannot run efficiently and produce maximum ATP. Today's food isn't what it used to be! Processed foods are nearly void of all vitamins and minerals yet they make up 70% of the grocery store! Fresh produce is better but it’s still deficient due to over farming and other practices. Our food has created an inefficient Krebs Cycle. This energy deficit leads us to a caffeine fix! Caffeine is fake energy. It artificially boosts our perceived energy level and quickly sends us crashing. Our body doesn't require caffeine, ever! I know, some of you may claim caffeine is required in your daily routine. It's not, and this is a way out of it! Vitality is built around saturating the body with the key vitamins and minerals to keep the Krebs Cycle producing maximum ATP. VIBE is built as an elite meal replacement (fats, proteins, carbs). These two products combine to help maximize your natural energy and keep you going all day strong, without caffeine! Take the challenge and see for yourself. Use Vitality and VIBE every day for a month. You'll experience increased stamina, improved alertness, better mental focus and restful sleep. You'll love your new normal and forget about your old caffeine habits!

Here Are Some Vitality Testimonials

“Having been a slave to caffeine for years with a 5+ 20oz. habit per day. I was able to quit with complete ease and zero suffering! I could not be more delighted with the product and the results! Thank you Vitality!” Stephanie Reed Austin, TX Felt the effects on day 5 “As a Naturopathic Doctor, I have tried MANY supplements. I have been looking for an all-natural performance enhancing energy drink that I can recommend to my patients for over 10 years. Vitality is the first and only energy supplement I can completely endorse and recommend to my patients. Personally, after using Vitality for only 2 days, I noticed improved focus, better energy, improved mood, and enhanced exercise performance. I am so thankful I found this product! ” John Nowicki Issaquah, WA Felt the effects on day 2 “What an amazing product, it has literally changed my life! I feel super-charged everyday compared to the lethargy I used to feel. It would literally take me hours to feel awake and a full pot of coffee! Not any more, I am sleeping great and feel awesome, I will never miss a day of Vitality! Thank you for a life changing product!” Scott Perciful Tulsa, OK Felt the effects on day 3 “I'm loving Vitality! After just a few days I noticed the benefits. It was such a treat to still have energy after a long day of work! When a friend called for an impromptu dinner I was excited to go. Then, I forgot my Vitality for just one day. THAT is when I truly realized all of the benefits! Now I have packets in my purse, on my desk, etc.” Emily Ramsey Houston, TX Felt the effects on day 3

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